Sokolova Svetlana

I can’t imagine life without traveling. And without a camera - nowhere (there are a lot of interesting works). I prefer active tourism without package tours: I bought a ticket, booked apartments, rented a car and the whole world at my feet. I help to book hotels and private apartments, I assist in the selection of package tours in various directions, purchase tickets, arrange insurance. There are social network accounts, pages and groups. I take an active part in public life.

Sports activities 7 days a week. I prefer crawl swimming. Fitness and aqua aerobics trainer, developer of personal training programs. I love music: classical music, jazz, electro and progressive house. I love to read: classic means a lot to me.

Punctual. I like to express my opinion. Self-sufficient. Analytical mind. Creative in absolutely all matters. Creative person. I am writing poetry (for myself). With any equipment on “YOU”. I navigate freely in many topics. I am constantly learning something new. Not a single bad habit.

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