How and where to get a Schengen visa yourself

Dresden visited on a Schengen visa

Without the Schengen “permission” it will not work to go on vacation to Europe. Therefore, I will tell you how to get a Schengen visa yourself and what you need for this.

Schengen visa - a pass to each of the countries located in the Schengen zone. In early 1995, seven European states, including France, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, signed an agreement.

From that moment on, visas have been issued allowing visitors to each country. Each of our compatriots has the opportunity celebrate the New Year abroad and spend the summer holidays there.

Two years later, the list of countries expanded by Austria, Italy and Greece, and four years later Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Norway joined them. Later, the Schengen area expanded due to the Baltic states, Malta, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Poland. At the end of 2008, Switzerland became a party to the agreement.

The Schengen visa gives the right to visit countries whose authorities have signed an agreement on unhindered movement with the participating countries. These are San Marino, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Greenland, Monaco, the Faroe Islands and the Vatican.

Having received a visa to one of the participating countries, it is allowed to visit any of the listed countries. One prerequisite is that the border of the state at the consulate of which the visa is received is crossed first. As for transit movement, this is an exception.

If the route involves visiting several countries, apply for a visa at the embassy of the state in whose territory you plan to stay longer. And do not forget about the rule of the first entry.

Each state has its own requirements in this regard. Therefore, the type and sequence of entry depends on the list of countries planned for visiting.

Types of Schengen Visas

Before submitting documents, decide on the type and check the box when filling out the questionnaire. Having received international passport back, check if you have the necessary visa.

  • Airport transit visa. Required by citizens of some states. Allows you to cross the international transit zone of airports. To get to the place of catching crucian carp to a European point, a transplant is needed in a particular state, although a person does not visit the country. This permission is required for a temporary stay at the airport.
  • Transit. The permit allows the holder to cross the territory of Schengen countries. Moreover, the duration of stay within the country does not exceed 5 days.
  • Tourist. A common variety. Allows you to visit countries to get acquainted with the sights. True, it has limitations. The holder is forbidden to get a job, get an education or conduct business. Everything except rest is forbidden.
  • National. Long term resolution. We need people who are not EU citizens who intend to live in one of the Schengen states for more than six months. The receipt involves contacting the embassy.

After obtaining a visa, be sure to study it. In the center, find the item that determines the number of allowed entries. Usually there is a single or the word "mult".

A unit allows you to enter the country only once. You can find a trick or three, but this is rare. Together these numbers is usually found the word "mult" - multivisa, allows entry many times.

Step-by-step visa action plan

Each embassy has its own requirements.Before collecting documents, be sure to contact the embassy for information.

  1. Select the state to whose embassy you submit documents. The list of countries that are part of the Schengen Union, you know.
  2. The most difficult thing is to get a visa to Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Austria and Germany. The last few years after the start of the tourist season, the authorities of Switzerland, Portugal and France have simplified the procedure for obtaining permits.
  3. Getting a pass to some countries is easier. Among them are Greece, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Poland and Hungary. Governments support the tourism industry.
  4. Often a person intends to visit several countries. Then you need to get a pass at the consulate of the country in whose territory the longest stop will be made.
  5. If you plan to stay the same in all countries, you need a visa from the state whose border you will be crossed first. If you plan to get acquainted with Polish, Czech and Slovak sights, it is recommended to apply for a Polish visa.
  6. Decide on the type of visa. The most popular tourist types, allowing to stay in the country for three months. In this case, the purpose of the trip does not play a role. It can be guest, cultural, sports, business or tourist.
  7. Check with the embassy for the rules for filing documents. Each consulate has its own rules, although the procedure for submitting papers is no different.
  8. You can submit documents yourself, through a travel and accredited agency. It takes at least a week to get a visa, but you can get permission urgently in three days.
  9. It remains to collect documents and take it to the embassy. This is a questionnaire, passport, photographs, medical insurance, ticket, hotel reservation, a copy of the passport, a certificate of employment and from the bank.

I hope the recommendations will help get permission to visit a Schengen country. The story does not end there. I will share my experience in getting a multivisa. This variety deserves the most attention.

How to get a Schengen multivisa

There are no rules guaranteeing receipt, but there are tips and experience from experienced travelers to help.

  • Visit as many forums and travel sites as possible. Many experienced travelers use resources to communicate and share experiences. Being careful, minimize the probability of failure.
  • Be sure to comply with the requirements of the embassy. It does not hurt to confirm visits to a particular state with valid reasons: professional activity, study or marital status.
  • Confirm solvency. Take help from the bank. When filling out papers, provide reliable information.
  • Past Schengen visas in the passport will increase the chance to get a multivisa. If you have a new identity document, attach the old passport to the package of documents.

These recommendations do not guarantee obtaining permission, because no one is safe from refusal. But if you listen, reduce the risk. Do not forget, only the consulate employee decides which type to issue. Sometimes even a dozen Schengen visas are not conducive to obtaining a multivisa. This is unfair, but nothing can be done about it.

See you soon!

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