How to stop burr

Stretch lips against burr

As practice shows, some people “swallow” the letter P, while others use the letter “l”. Be that as it may, speech from this does not improve. Therefore, the question arises: how to stop burr at home.

Burr is a common speech defect found in people of different ages. The essence of the defect is that a person cannot pronounce the sound "p".

Let's look at solutions to the problem. If you heed the advice, you will return to normal speech and you will no longer have to blush while communicating with other people. Undoubtedly, if possible, consult a speech therapist. A qualified doctor will determine the cause of the defect and tell you how to get rid of burr.

Adults are sometimes afraid to go to a speech therapist. They believe that he treats only children. This opinion is erroneous. Speech defects are eliminated at any age. True, the help of a good doctor is an expensive pleasure, and it will take a lot of energy and time for treatment. Nevertheless, it is worth it.

If you can’t go to the doctor, solve the problem on your own. You will have to perform a number of simple exercises that will help to stop burrs without the help of a doctor.

  1. To begin, stretch your lips in turn.
  2. Tongue reach the upper and lower palate.
  3. After that, move the tongue in different directions.
  4. Open your mouth and hold the tip of your tongue to the upper palate.
  5. Finally, press your tongue to the sky completely.

The set of exercises that I have listed is a warm-up before the main lesson. However, treat them responsibly and perform each exercise for two minutes. This will help you get closer to solving the problem.

  1. Lift your tongue up to the sky and feel for the small tubercles that are behind the upper teeth.
  2. With the tip of your tongue, tap the tubercles and at the same time say the sound “d”.
  3. Next, add the sound "p". In other words, try to imitate the sound of a car engine: "dr."
  4. After a moment, drop the first letter, leave only "p".

You have learned how to stop burr. Do not be discouraged if nothing happens at first. Giving exercise for half an hour daily, you will succeed. Having learned to pronounce "r", pronounce it with other letters. Poems and tongue twisters will help.

Exercise video

How I learned to pronounce the letter "P". My experience.

How to stop burr at home

Burr - when a person does not pronounce or incorrectly pronounces the letter "p". In most cases, the problem is solved with age, but sometimes adults are faced with incorrect pronunciation.

How to stop burr at home? Consider the answer to this question and a series of exercises that help eliminate the deficiency.

Many people who are unable to pronounce the letter "p" are not particularly worried. True, there are individuals who strive for excellence, and their own speech is no exception. If you belong to the second category of people, contact a speech therapist - to the doctorwhich treats speech disorders. With it, you will eliminate the pronunciation errors as soon as possible. The main thing is aspiration.

If you are a busy person and have a little free time, pay attention to independent studies, which include the implementation of simple exercises. A set of exercises will help to develop the speech apparatus, strengthen the muscles of the tongue and lips, develop pronunciation skills.

  1. Pull your lips alternately and smile. In this case, pronounce the sounds “u” and “and”. Take a few sets.
  2. Open your mouth, lower the tip of your tongue toward the sky, and then lift it up. Try to imitate brushing your teeth - pat your teeth with your tongue.
  3. Open your mouth, lift the tip of your tongue and hold for a few seconds. After that stick your tongue to the sky.
  4. Tongue hug your upper lip. To do this, imagine that a delicious jam remained on the lip.
  5. Take time to growl and vibrate. Open your mouth, tap your tongue on the tubercles adjacent to the upper teeth, pronounce the sound "d".
  6. After a few seconds add “d” or “t”. These sounds are auxiliary because it is extremely difficult to make a growl right away.
  7. After the growl, switch to reading poetry. The main thing is that they contain a combination of sounds "dr." Later read sentences where the letter "p" is combined with other letters.

To make it easier, remember how to pronounce p. In this case, you can reflexively repeat the movements of the speech apparatus, which will increase the effectiveness of exercises and help to stop burr.

How to stop burping an adult

Many adults do not pronounce the letter "p". It is noteworthy that even doctors can not say exactly how to stop burping an adult. While some experts say that it is impossible to get rid of burliness in adulthood, others are sure that this is real.

It is possible to defeat the disease, but patience and strength are required. The speech apparatus of adults is different from the children's. In adults, it is fully formed. Therefore, to get the changes, you have to train a lot.

Speech impaired people are well aware that he is a big obstacle in life. It is not only about finding a job, but also about family and relationships. So if you want to correct speech, be sure to do the exercises.

  1. Find a good speech therapist with specialized education and work experience. Since you will have to deal often, so take the time to visit the clinic. Of course, some doctors provide treatment at home or in the office, but their services are more expensive. If there is no time for a doctor, fight burr yourself.
  2. For two minutes, slowly repeat the sounds of "t-l-d". Then speed up the pace by 5 minutes. Make sure that the tip of the tongue touches the tubercles behind the teeth during pronunciation.
  3. Say "d-t-d". Pronounce the first “d” sound as usual, and the second should sound like an English sound. The duration of the exercise is 7 minutes.
  4. Practice pronunciation of words in which "p" is present. Among them are a blood clot, firewood, dart, wisely, shavings, joy, board and others.
  5. Perform these exercises daily three times a day.

Video experience of getting rid of burr at 30 years old

Speech defect! I got rid of almost 30 years!

If you make every effort, after about a week of classes you will see positive changes. Then you have to learn how to insert the sound "p" into words in communication.

How to stop burr at 13-14-15-16 years

Most people with burrs, regardless of age, do not pay attention to the defect. However, the flaw rarely disappears by itself. Over time, people think about how to get rid of it.

We talked about the fight against adversity in the case of adults. Now the conversation will focus on how to stop burr at 13-14-15-16 years. This topic is a must to consider, since adolescents suffer greatly from burr due to the fact that peers make fun of them.

To understand how to eliminate a speech impediment, we will understand why people burr.

  1. The most common cause of burr is the lack of speech practice in childhood. At a young age, the child simply did not use words with the pronunciation of which difficulties arose. In this case, solving the problem is not difficult. The main thing is zeal and patience.
  2. The cause of burr can be the pathology of the speech organs or a physiological feature. In this case, only treatment will help.

Consider in more detail the first case, because everyone hopes for the best. A practice involving the use of exercises will help get rid of burr.

  1. Try growling. Play a long p. If the attempt fails, add “t” to the sound. So much easier. When possible, exclude the auxiliary sound.
  2. Having mastered the art of growling, start pronouncing words with this letter. The main thing is that the letter "p" does not stand at the beginning of words.The fact is that such words are easier to say. Among them are a crow, a ship and others.
  3. With a little practice with simple words, move on to using more complex ones with the letter “p” at the end. In doing so, be guided by how these words are spoken by other people. This will help relatives or the next video.
Video tips
How to stop burr ✔ Watch and learn!

If there are no rare pathologies, and show due diligence, in the near future a speech defect will leave alone. From that moment, you can easily pronounce even words like a refrigerator.

I talked about how to stop burr at home. Of course, if a defect does not put you in an awkward position in front of friends and does not bring discomfort, you can ignore it. If you strive for perfect speech, listen to these tips.

Burr does not harm health, but if it interferes, fight. If the recommendations do not help, I advise you to consult a doctor. Sometimes it is possible to eliminate a speech defect only through surgical intervention.

It is possible that the cause of burr are the features of the articulating apparatus. Often they are hidden in psychology. Be that as it may, only a speech therapist can quickly resolve the issue.

Good luck and good health. See you soon!

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