How to improve memory and attention in adults - drugs, exercises, ways

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Let's talk about how to improve memory and attention in adults at home. I think many people notice that they do not remember information, phone numbers, dates of birth of relatives or names of acquaintances poorly. Often, memory fails at the wrong moment.

Human memory is characterized by unlimited volume. It is represented by an unthinkable number of cells for storing information. Only people do not know how to use them, but memory and attention, like muscle mass, can be trained.

Before sharing the subtleties of improving memory, I will consider the reason why it worsens.

  • Oncological diseases and traumatic brain injuries contribute to memory impairment. Damage to the brain leads to such consequences.
  • Often, memory is affected by the deterioration of the performance of other vital organs.
  • In the list of adverse factors there is poor sleep, constant stressful situations, depression, a sharp change in lifestyle, high loads on the brain.
  • Memory problems occur in people who drink alcohol, take drugs, or smoke. Often, memory impairment is a consequence of taking sedative medications.
  • Age-related changes.

Human memory is a fragile thing. Improper lifestyle, combined with other factors, has a huge impact on the state of memory. What can we say about old age, when the work of all body systems changes.

Folk remedies for improving memory and attention

The problem of forgetfulness and distraction is faced by many, regardless of age. To solve it, I recommend using traditional medicine recipes. They will help restore memory and improve attention without the help of pharmacy drugs.

  1. Calamus root. A teaspoon of raw materials is ground into powder and taken half an hour before meals, washed down with tea. The duration of the treatment course is a month. After one decade, the powder is taken for another two weeks, then take a break for 10 months and repeat the course. The drug is not recommended for inflammatory diseases and renal failure.
  2. Elecampane. A spoonful of crushed root is poured into 500 ml of vodka and insisted for a month. Strained medicine is taken in a spoon three times a day for one month. No more than one course is conducted per year. In pregnancy and heart disease, it is better not to take the medicine.
  3. Rowan bark. A glass of water is poured into a tablespoon of raw materials and boiled for about 10 minutes. After 6 hours, the broth is filtered and taken three times a day in a spoon for 30 days. Six months later, the course is repeated. The list of contraindications increased blood coagulation and pregnancy.
  4. Clover. A half-liter jar is filled up to half with raw materials and filled with vodka to the top. For two weeks, the medicine is kept in a cool, darkened place, after which it is taken for 20 days before bedtime. After two decades of break, the course is repeated. The tool eliminates tinnitus, normalizes intracranial pressure and has a positive effect on brain function. Not recommended for heart failure and pregnancy.
  5. Mint and Sage. On a spoonful of mint and sage leaves, pour 500 ml of boiling water and leave until morning. Take an infusion of 50 ml half an hour before meals for two weeks. After a month's pause, the course is repeated.The infusion increases efficiency and improves brain functioning.
  6. Pine buds. A spoonful of pine buds is poured with a glass of boiling water and boiled over low heat for about 10 minutes. Drink homemade medicine three times a day, two tablespoons after a meal.
  7. Mixture of healing herbs. First chop 1 spoon oregano, 4 tablespoons of incense and 3 tablespoons of raspberry leaves. A spoonful of the resulting mixture is poured into 500 ml of water and boiled for 10 minutes. After 2 hours, the product is filtered. Take the medicine for two decades twice a year. The tool is not recommended for pregnant women and people with stomach diseases.
How to improve memory and attention: folk recipes

Aromatherapy has a beneficial effect on memory and attention. To improve sleep and normalize brain function, it is recommended to put a collection of juniper, cedar and eucalyptus in the bedroom. There is an option for the workplace. This is a mixture of laurel, eucalyptus, coriander and cloves in a linen bag.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory and Attention

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Technologies are developing rapidly and help people to keep everything under control and remember everything. But in everyday life it is impossible to do without memory and attention. It helps to be realized in work, study and other areas of activity, but often fails. Consider simple ways and effective exercises to improve memory and attention.

  • "Unloading" of the brain. Do not memorize events that are not important. The organizer will help in this matter or a diary. The brain should have the opportunity to relax, and little things prevent it.
  • Reading. Involves visual and motor memory. In addition, the work of the departments of the brain that are responsible for logic, abstraction and association is activated.
  • Physical activity. With an active lifestyle, cells secrete more mitochondria, which have a beneficial effect on memorization and attention.
  • "Blind" walking. Neutrophin is a substance secreted by the brain that determines its vital activity. Performing routine actions with a blindfold accelerates the release of a substance, which contributes to the development of memory.
  • Good dream. During sleep, the brain filters the information received throughout the day and decides what to keep in mind. The level of memory depends on the duration of the phase of continuous night rest.
  • Crosswords. A simple and exciting exercise trains the brain. Finding a good crossword puzzle is easy and simple these days.
  • Hobby. An important role in the development of memory is played by new interests. Search for new hobbies.
  • Giving up cigarettes. The smoker's memory is 30% worse than that of a non-smoker. Giving up bad habits will contribute to the restoration of memory lost abilities, and in the form of a bonus will save health.
How to improve memory? Says EXPERT

An incredible effect on the state of memory has acupuncture massage. It activates blood circulation, which positively affects the body.

I recommend that you carry out the procedure to a specialist. He knows which points to act on correctly.

Drugs to improve memory and brain function

I present to you pharmaceutical preparations, the intake of which improves memory and normalizes brain function.

Remember that this is overview material. Only a doctor can choose the right medicine.

Pharmacies offer a variety of tools to improve memory. Some of them are on sale, others are sold exclusively by prescription. Consider several options from each category.

Without recipe

  1. Glycine. The most popular remedy in Russia for emotional stress, high nervous excitement and stress. The medicine increases mental performance and attention. Glycine is taken one tablet three times a day. Side effects are an allergic reaction.
  2. Bilobil. The medicine is prescribed for people with sleep problems or intellectual impairment. The drug improves blood circulation and helps to saturate the brain with oxygen.Drink a capsule three times a day throughout the quarter. The list of side effects includes insomnia, itching, redness, and headache. For patients under 18 years of age, the drug is contraindicated.
  3. Ginko Biloba. The medicine is recommended for distraction, forgetfulness, dizziness, and trouble sleeping. The drug improves metabolism and provides an antihypoxic effect. It is recommended to drink a capsule twice a day for 2 months. The drug is contraindicated in pregnant women and children. The medicine may cause an allergic reaction.

On prescription

  • Nootropil. The medicine improves memory, concentration and does not have a psychostimulating effect. For children under 3 years of age, the drug is contraindicated. Children are given with dyslexia. It is used in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. Side effects include irritability, nervousness, a burst of sexual activity, and abdominal pain.
  • Picamilon. Long-term use of the medicine improves mental abilities and attention, reduces feelings of anxiety, and normalizes sleep. Recommended for people with mental illness. Take 60 mg per day for 2 months. Pregnant medicine is contraindicated. May cause renal failure.
  • Cerebrolysin. The medicine minimizes the effect on the body of glutamate. Assign with ischemic disease and hyperactivity in children. Take 60 mg per day for two months. Side effects in the form of insomnia, loss of appetite, burning at the injection point are rare.
Before using any of these drugs, consult your doctor and think carefully. Medicines have side effects that are not always reflected externally, but sometimes badly affect the work of internal organs.

Ways to improve memory after 50 and after 60 years

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For many people in old age, memory is impaired and attention is scattered. This is due to an age-related decrease in brain activity. It is impossible to stop aging, but to maintain clarity of mind to a very old age is within the power of everyone.

How to achieve this? For the normal functioning of the brain, good blood circulation is required, therefore it is recommended to regularly exercise and maintain muscle tone in the body.

Scientists have proven that nutrition is a major contributor to brain function. They advise older people to include foods rich in omega-3 acids in their diets. Fish is rich in these substances. Blueberry juice is also recommended. The antioxidants that make up the drink have a beneficial effect on the brain.

No less important is glucose, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the memory. Since it is more difficult to absorb this component from food with age, doctors advise taking special medications.

What else is needed to improve memory and attention in old age at home?

  1. Uniform brain load. Crossword puzzles, solving logical problems, learning foreign languages - far from a complete list of activities that make the brain function. Any activity accompanied by the processing of a large amount of information is useful for memory.
  2. Recreation. Regardless of your activity, take short breaks regularly. So the brain often switches between activities, which positively affects its functions.
  3. Quiet life. Stress and anxiety burn nerve cells, resulting in decreased attention and memory impairment. The body of an elderly person perceives even chronic lack of sleep as stress. For the brain to rest, sleep well.
  4. Using Organizer. This little thing is incredibly useful in old age. Any store will offer notebooks in stock. An uncomplicated device unloads the head and helps to plan things and record important dates and events.
  5. Reading. When reading, visual memory is paired with motor memory. Additionally, abstract, associative and logical thinking is activated. To really improve memory, reading is recommended with a retelling, paying attention to the description of the characters of the heroes and their habits.
  6. Memorizing verses. In terms of improving memory, this simple exercise is incredibly effective regardless of age. Learn by heart the work of your favorite poet and train your memory at the same time.
  7. Music. Music lessons have a positive effect on the brain. In old age it is recommended to sing, learn to play musical instruments or combine both classes. Memorization of notes and texts along with regular rehearsals loads the brain and trains memory.
  8. Psychology. Positive attitudes help in any business. Old people are very susceptible to depression, which affects memory badly. Therefore, always tune in to positive. Even if youth is long behind, this does not mean that life is over.
How to improve memory. 5 simple tips - improving the work of the brain. {How to run BRAINS}

Regardless of age, I recommend to learn mnemonics. Receptions for simplifying memorization through associations or replacing facts and objects with familiar ideas and concepts will bring many benefits.

How to train memory in adults - effective exercises

I have already said that memory, in the likeness of muscles, is easy to train. If a person regularly visits the gym, his the figure becomes slim and proportionate. With memory and attention in exactly the same way.

The exercises that I will discuss below are effective for adults and adolescents.

  • Focusing on the details. A person does not remember all the information, because the brain focuses on important points. At the same time, geniuses remember any little things that develops memory. A simple exercise will help. Place 10 small objects on the table and carefully examine them for ten seconds. Then turn away and describe each object in detail as quickly as possible.
  • Visualization. An assistant will be required to complete the exercise. Put a blindfold on your eyes, and let the assistant slowly read the description of the pictures. Try to visualize what you hear in stages. Alternatively, write down a description of the pictures on a piece of paper in accordance with the order in which they were read.
  • Reading out loud. Reading aloud will help strengthen your auditory memory. Every day, read aloud for 15 minutes fragments from your favorite works, then retell the information you heard in detail. Noticeable results will appear after two weeks of daily exercise.
  • Matches and visual memory. Scatter 5 matches on a horizontal surface, look at the resulting picture for a minute, remember the location of each match. Turn away and restore the composition. To increase the difficulty level, increase the number of matches used.
  • Learning words. Write a dozen words on a piece of paper. Try to remember these words in 20 seconds. Turn the leaf over and write down the words you remember. To complicate the exercise, I recommend increasing the number of words or replacing them with numbers.

As you can see, the exercises are incredibly simple. I hope that with their help you will make your memory perfect and become an example for young generations. See you!

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