Yoga for weight loss of the abdomen and sides - exercises, rules and tips

Yoga for weight loss at home

Yoga is a set of useful step-by-step exercises and spiritual practices. Classes help restore mobility and harmony to the body, get rid of excess weight, and normalize the mental state. Yoga for weight loss for beginners has been used for a long time. People actively use this method, because it has a multifaceted effect on the body.

Excess weight is the result of exposure to the body of a number of factors. With the help of yoga it is possible to cope with some of them.

  • Yoga helps the body to receive normalized physical activity, which contribute to the burning of calories.
  • Constant and regular exercises speed up the metabolism.
  • With the help of yoga, a person acquires a number of good eating habits.

Yoga helps increase metabolism. The complex includes a series of cleansing exercises, the implementation of which provides the body with a large amount of oxygen. Having mastered the technique of proper breathing during training, people use it in life. As part of the study, all muscle groups are worked out. After several workouts, even the elasticity of the gluteal muscles increases, which is difficult to “pump” during normal training.

Regular workouts help reduce weight. The effect is not always pronounced, because along with the departure of body fat, muscle mass is formed.

Yoga for weight loss helps remove fat from problem areas - on the stomach and sides. At the same time, the mobility of the joints improves, the muscles acquire a pronounced relief, and the body becomes agile and flexible. If you pay attention to stretching, muscle mass grows more slowly.

Developed a considerable number of exercises for weight loss. It is not surprising that those trying to lose weight have difficulties with choice. Here are some tips for choosing exercises that will make the process effective.

  1. If you strive to get your body in shape as soon as possible, choose hard training. However, if there are health problems, stop for gentle and easy options.
  2. The training complex should include strength exercises. They help to achieve the goal and increase muscle mass. I recommend paying attention to ladies who dream of a slim figure.
  3. If you are not interested in increasing muscle mass, limit yourself to stretching exercises. In any case, you should not feel pain at the end of your workout. The only exception is delayed muscle pain syndrome, which is easily eliminated with the help of a hot shower. If you feel pain, then do the exercises incorrectly.

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Yoga Slimming Complex [Workout | Keep fit]

Below I will share some effective exercises for beginners, through which you remove your stomach and sides. If there is little information, it will come to the rescueyoga instructor. He understands the matter and will gladly help with advice and recommendation.

Yoga exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides

Yoga Slimming

Consider effective yoga exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides. I recommend doing exercises for beginners, which help to work out problem areas and provide quick results.

  • Warrior pose. Helps burn calories. Once standing, take a step forward so that one leg is straight and the other bent at a right angle. Put your palms in front of you, and raise your hands up.Track hand movements by focusing your eyes on your thumbs. I advise you to perform a pose for one minute for each leg.
  • Lunge pose. From the previous position, push the leg stretched back and reach with your hands to the floor covering. With palms, emphasize the floor so that they form a straight line with a bent leg. The main goal of the exercise is to maintain balance.
  • Downward looking dog pose. Stretching exercise. Being in the previous position, bend your leg back. As a result, an acute angle forms between the legs and back. Buttocks will become the top of the triangle.
  • Work on the press. With a supine position, stretch your legs forward. Raise your lower limbs to form an angle of 30 degrees, lock in this position and take a few breaths. Repeat the exercise with angles of 60 and 90.
  • Baby pose. Relaxation from previous steps. Sitting on your knees, stretch your arms forward across the floor as far as possible.
  • Udiana. Gas discharge. Lie on the floor, straighten, inhale deeply, and while exhaling, bend one leg, hold your breath and press your knee to your stomach. Then take the starting position and do the exercise for the second limb. This will help get rid of back pain and muscle training.
  • Cobra Pose. An option for relaxing, adjusting the adrenal glands and eliminating back pain. Lying on your stomach, raise your elbows, and place your palms on both sides of the chest. During a slow breath, lift your upper body, bend your back and rest on your hands. Holding your breath, throw your head back, and at the exit return to its original position.

30-minute video lesson for beginners

Yoga for weight loss (I) in 30 minutes - Yoga for beginners.

Performing exercises, enter the path to weight loss and health. Remember, yoga is recommended in the complex. Develop your body and strengthen your psyche.

Tips and interesting facts about yoga

Group yoga class outdoors

Regular yoga classes help solve a number of problems that cause weight gain. Exercise requires a lot of energy, so extra calories are burned. Beginners are recommended to start with simple poses, and then gradually increase the level of difficulty.

Continuous training has a positive effect on skin elasticity. Will not appear on the body stretch marksthat arise after a fierce diet.

People who regularly practice yoga note that continuous training develops the habit of eating right - there is no desire to eat food that spoils the figure. Some postures improve the digestive system, which is important.

Remember some rules that you must follow when doing yoga for weight loss at home.

  1. Before training, ventilate the room and prepare the mat.
  2. Before class, it is forbidden to have a snack. What to say about a hearty meal.
  3. If you are a beginner, the training should not exceed a quarter of an hour.
  4. During training, breathe through your nose.
  5. After the menstrual cycle, pay attention to relaxing exercises, and during pregnancy - exercises of a light nature.

In such training, there is nothing complicated, and the exercises that are provided for yoga are simple and easy to learn. Work on yourself, fight with excess weight, strengthen the body and bring the figure closer to the ideal.

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