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The toilet is an important element in the house, so it is recommended to choose it responsibly and carefully. How to choose a toilet without sprays correctly, so as not to regret later, I will tell in the article.

What is a toilet? This product is characterized by ease of use, ease of cleaning, economy and a beautiful appearance.

They sell plumbing both shops and sites. I prefer the first option, as it allows you to carefully examine before buying. The store is more expensive, but you should not save on this.

Let's imagine that you are in a plumbing store. You are interested in what to look for when choosing a toilet. I’ll tell you about this.

  • Decide on a model. Be sure to sit down on the toilet to see if the width, height and other parameters meet the requirements and biological characteristics.
  • Bowl shape. The element on which hygiene of the drain depends. The bowl may be dish-shaped, visor or funnel-shaped. To make it easier to decide, I will consider all the options.
  • Dish bowl. People who lived in the union saw such a toilet. There is a horizontal shelf inside. Thanks to the element, the product does not splatter. On this, the virtues of the bowl end. The toilet needs constant cleaning, and the accumulation of oxen leads to the appearance of rusty stains, which are not easy to deal with.
  • Visor. Versatile and comfortable bowl. Such a toilet does not need to be cleaned after each use. It does not splash when rinsing. Due to the shape of the visor-type bowl, the amount of odors is reduced. This is important, especially if you intend to install next to bath.
  • Funnel bowl. It is characterized by profitability and hygiene. A toilet bowl with such a bowl is rarely cleaned. The only drawback is the large amount of spray.
  • Tank. Pay attention to the tank and drain mechanism during selection. Convenience in use and service life depend on these elements.
  • Material. No less important is the material from which the toilet is made. They recommend buying a product from porcelain or earthenware. These materials are wear resistant and durable.
  • Lid mount. Must be durable and metallic. Otherwise, the lid will loosen over time.
  • Color. Manufacturers offer toilets in various colors. Which option to give preference is up to you. The main thing is quality coverage.

A variety of toilets, which differ from each other in design and technical characteristics, does not allow people to quickly choose. When a person enters a plumbing salon, he is lost and makes the wrong choice.

Expert Advice

The secrets to choosing a good toilet

To minimize the likelihood of a problem, I recommend buying plumbing in specialized stores and prefer models from reliable manufacturers.

Choose a toilet to flush well

The housing has a toilet room, the main element of which is the toilet. Each has its own device selection criteria. Some focus on price, while for others, the aesthetic component is important.

Some first determine the price, and then in the selected price corridor they look for a suitable model that will fit into the interior and satisfy the requirements.

  1. Toilet height. An important characteristic. The parameter determines how comfortable it is to sit on it. To make sure that the height is optimal, you can experimentally. Sit in the toilet.
  2. Bowl shape. There are three types of bowls, each of which has pros and cons. We talked about them earlier and it makes no sense to repeat ourselves.
  3. Model view. They produce compacts, monoblocks and models with separated bowls and drain tanks. Compact, like a monoblock, is characterized by small dimensions. The most convenient are considered products of a separate type. They save space and minimize noise. If you want to buy a good flushing toilet, take a closer look at separate models.
  4. Drain mechanism. Previously, manufacturers completed the product with leverage. Today, this element has given way to a button, which made using the toilet comfortable.
  5. Two-Key Models. Pressing one key empties the drain tank by half. If a thorough drain is needed, the second button is pressed. The benefit is obvious. The water quality in the country is extremely low. Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase a toilet bowl with a high-quality flush system. Otherwise, you will have to periodically restore the mechanism.
  6. Material. Manufacturers make bowls and tanks from various materials. Among them are porcelain, cast iron, plastic, wood and gilding. There are many options, but ceramics are more practical and safer for health.
  7. Manufacturing firm. I advise you to immediately determine the brand and then study the range. So cut off many inappropriate options. The best quality are the toilet bowls made in Germany, France or Italy. Czech, Slovenian, Polish and domestic companies are not much inferior.

Video instruction

Live healthy! How to choose a toilet. Medical advice. (12/09/2015)

Guided by the recommendations, get an excellent product that will wash off well, with a beautiful appearance.

Hanging Toilet Tips

Wall hung toilets are gaining popularity. And no wonder, because they offer functionality and originality. In addition, such a product fits into the design of the room, which is important.

Hanging plumbing provides comfort if properly selected. Since the product is relatively new in the market, people know little about it and the right choice is luck.

If you want to buy a hanging toilet, read the article. In it I will tell you what to look for when buying a plumbing fixture.

  1. Pay attention to design and shape. Rectangular, convex, round and oval models are sold. Take a closer look at the color scheme. I think the purchase will be successful if you choose a fashionable color.
  2. Be sure to measure the product, otherwise buy too small an option or model for which there is not enough space in the bathroom.
  3. At first glance, the hanging toilet will seem miniature. As practice shows, it does not contribute to saving space. Typically, the installation of the drain tank is carried out in a niche or behind a false wall.
  4. An important selection criterion is material. The list of popular materials is presented by cast iron, plastic and glass. But, these materials can not be compared with ceramics.
  5. A ceramic product can be made of earthenware or porcelain. These materials are characterized by strength and durability. A porcelain product is washed better than a faience analogue.
  6. Reliability and durability depend on the design. For this reason, make sure that the product is of high quality by reading the certificate.
  7. The best is considered plumbing Italian and German manufacturers. But, if there is no way to make a purchase, pay attention to the combined option. Some companies offer a frame with a tank and a drain system made by Germans or Italians. As for the toilet itself, it is of Russian manufacture.
  8. Pay particular attention to the drainage system, which can be horizontal, angular, or vertical.When choosing, be guided by the type of communications laid in the house.
  9. Tanks are made of two types. The former are mounted on a load-bearing wall, while the others are suitable for installation on all types of surfaces.

Tips are advisory in nature. With regard to shape, color and price, be guided by tastes and preferences.

Wall hung toilet or installation: convenient, practical and just beautiful!

In conclusion, I add that toilets appeared in Russia at the beginning of the last century, but only a few decades later became widespread. Now without plumbing it is impossible to imagine the life of a person.

How to clean the toilet from rust

Hanging containers with tablets or gel are sold. These products prevent the pollution of plumbing and aromatize the toilet room. If you clean the toilet every day with brushes or brushes with detergents, this will prevent the appearance of rusty drips and heavy dirt. As a result, the product will retain its aesthetic appearance for longer.

To prevent the drain from clogging, flush the sewer several times a month with hot water. I don’t advise pouring boiling water into the plumbing, since the material from which it is made may fade or crack.

I do not recommend pouring caustic liquids and solvents into the toilet. They will not cause harm to the surface, but if they find themselves in a sewer that is unstable to hostile environment, they will damage it.

If traces of rust appear on the toilet, a solution prepared from water will help to remove them. vinegar. As for mild pollution, soda helps fight them.

If the plumbing is dirty, I recommend washing it with special products with hydrochloric acid. Sinks and bathtubs are not allowed to be washed with these products, since acid damages both enamel and metal base.

To clean the sewer, use hot water and a special tool such as "Mole". If the blockage is of mechanical origin, a cable will come to the rescue. In extreme cases, you have to disassemble the connection.

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I advised how to choose a toilet. Whether to listen to recommendations, see for yourself. It remains for me to wish good luck and say goodbye.

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