Funny and inexpensive gifts for the New Year

Christmas tree with gifts

New Year's week is a time of meetings with relatives and friends. And that means a time of surprises. I want to be original and give a necessary and important gift that they will not give to others. In order not to rush about and not tear your hair out at the last moment, presentations need to be taken care of in advance. Choose and buy acceptable options so that everyone has your warmth and concern.

Choosing the coolest gifts

Lots of gift boxes

  • Christmas ball with the brightest and most memorable event of the year. Suitable not only a photo of the wedding, the birth of a child, but also a birthday with friends, the first appearance on the stage, graduation from an educational institution. Great memory and history in Christmas balls. Ball cost approximately 650 .
  • Plaid with your photos. Can't choose one single photo for the Christmas ball? Then the plaid will be the best solution. With such a plaid winter nights you can wrap yourself in fond memories, planning new trips, events, parties. Average price - 3,500 .
  • Pair sweatshirts or t-shirts. Family bow will be in trend for a long time. New Year 2020 is a family holiday. A family onion - represents the unity and cohesion of the family. Average cost - 3000 per set.
  • Car communicator - A great gift for a motorist. Often it is impossible to express emotion for technical reasons. Here, the communicator will make everything simple and intelligible. The average cost of a device is 1200 .
  • Christmas pillow with a photo and congratulations will be a memorable, original and truly New Year's gift! Sleeping on it is doubly pleasant. It costs about 1500 .
  • Flash drive in the form of Santa Claus (Santa Claus) has a shockproof and durable housing and can be used not only as a perfect assistant in the transportation and storage of your favorite files. Average price - 800 .
  • Order from Santa Claus. To receive the order is a truly important and significant surprise, a reward for some important event in life, when a person is truly worthy of something important in this world. Order value - 600 .
  • Named external battery "Stock of energy." In the mobile age, when all life is in the smartphone (Internet, navigation, contacts), you must always stay in touch, especially when you are waiting for an important call, and the battery is running out. An additional airbag will help out. Cost - 1500.
  • Notebook "Dream sales plan for 2020." New Year is a time for making wishes. It is important to write down all dreams and desires on paper, but if you write them down on an ordinary piece of paper, it will be lost. And so at the end of the year you can analyze your dreams come true. Approximate price - 400 .
  • Dressing golf Potty putter. Wife goes to the toilet and sits there for hours? Give him a good time to pass the time - give toilet golf. This will entertain and possibly open up new abilities. Gift price - 700 .

What gifts to choose with a budget of up to 1000 rubles

New Year's attributes

  • Cup “NAME is a real Santa Claus” If a gifted person has helped out more than once in difficult and difficult situations, then he must surely bear the proud title of Santa Claus. And it’s easy to admit it to him by presenting a mug with an unusual inscription. The price of the photo mug is 400.
  • Cool apron "Pitch". If the spouse has a good sense of humor and he cooks well, this will be an original present. Even if the spouse is very, very serious, he will not leave him indifferent. You have to give 500 for such an apron .
  • Runaway alarm clock. A fun option for those waking up hard.The alarm clock, rustling with wheels, will ring and run away, until it definitely wakes the sleeping man. Average price - 850 .
  • Scratch card "Plan for the conquest of the world." Does your loved one travel a lot? It is time to give him a map where he will be happy to mark all the conquered countries and spaces. Price - 800 .
  • Thermostat glass "Santa Claus". An original choice for friends and relatives. When gathering around the campfire and traveling, he will remind you of the New Year holiday. Price - 990 .
  • Night Light Projector "Starry sky." New Year's Eve is a time of romantic gatherings. And the starry sky above your head is a great opportunity to extend a romantic relationship with your spouse or to please children. Average price - 400 .
  • Personalized Water Balloon with Snowflakes. A water ball with snowflakes is an interior item, one look at which tunes in to the New Year wave. It is enough to shake this magic ball, snowflakes will fly upward, filling the space with dances and round dances. And placing individual photos inside the ball will make the present original and significant. You can buy such a ball for 450 .
  • Set of wax candles. Beeswax candles burn longer and brighter, as well as disinfect the air and fill it with pleasant aromas of flowers and honey. And on New Year's Eve, it's time to burn candles, so they will be appreciated. The price is 600.
  • Personalized video greetings from Santa Claus. Suitable for young children when faith in a miracle is alive and strong. If Grandfather Frost addresses you specifically, there is a feeling that he knows you for 100 years and it is for him that you will study well and obey your parents next year, even if you are already 30 years old. It costs an average of 450 .
  • Mold for making cookies New Year's. On holidays and cookies I want New Year's. For mothers and grandmothers, this will be a pleasant surprise. Average price - 700 .

The most unusual gifts

Different boxes with gifts

  1. Fortune cookie. Crispy cookies will not only cheer you up with great taste, but also delight you with original predictions. To achieve the best result, you must believe it. Average price - 590 .
  2. Desktop hammock. The best gift for those who spend more than one hour at the desktop. It will allow you to change and improve blood flow in the legs, give rest and relaxation. Average price - 1000 .
  3. Tablecloth "New Year's forfeits." Great choice for friends. They will remember you with warmth, playing forfeits on New Year's Eve. You can buy for 500 .
  4. Personalized sweet gift. It can be a set of sweets in a tube with a personal congratulation from Santa Claus. For example: “To dear Oleg from Santa Claus for exemplary behavior.” It doesn’t matter how old one is being presented Personalization of the gift suggests that people were specially taken care of, they thought, they were looking for options, they found solutions. Average price - 800 .
  5. Wall glass anti-clock The Kama Sutra. For those who value time and dedication. This watch is a soft hint of time that can be used otherwise. Average price - 1000 .
  6. Device for making snowballs - for those who come from childhood. Winter is usually long and there is time to find a real snow fight. And with this device, victory is guaranteed. Price - 600 .
  7. Plant in a jar "Thuja festive." There is nothing more interesting than growing a tree yourself. Especially if they gave birth to a son and built a house. Festive thuja with New Year's wishes at the bank will charge the owner with positive all holidays! Price - 240 .
  8. Decision Ball "Financial Assistant." If a loved one often has to make financial decisions, you can give him a hint. How does he react to this - it does not matter, most importantly, the ball will bring joy and fun. Price tag - 990 .
  9. Shower radio "Droplet" with a hook. Does a girl like to sing in the shower? Now she has a great assistant and for only 800 .
  10. Souvenir rolling pin "Happy New Year, Honey!" Does your wife have a great sense of humor and spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Then she just needs this rolling pin. Worth around 900 .

How to choose a gift to make the Metal Rat happy?

Gift Wrapping

The White Metal Rat will be glad if gifts for relatives and close friends will be practical in everyday life.

The most popular gift for the New Year 2020 will be a piggy bank in the shape of a rat. And you need to choose a figure more interesting and richer.

The rat loves not only saving, but also spending, so wallets, wallets, coin boxes will be a winning option. Choose the color corresponding to the colors chosen by the Metal Rat: brown, sand, ocher, olive, cream, coffee.

For home comfort, look for bedding with the image of mice: rugs, dishes, kitchen towels, paintings, services. For personal use - scarves, mittens, socks made of natural wool, bathrobes.

Any gift in the form of a mouse or with its image will be a relevant and correct decision.

What you should not give in the year of the Rat

Gift Pictures

In the year of the White Rat, gifts should be kind and cheerful, without negativity. In no case should you give gifts of piercing and cutting objects, impractical things, or trinkets.

Since the rat is not a supporter of water procedures and scratching, the toiletries, in the form of beautiful combs, shampoos and soap, are not to the liking of the hostess of the year. And the present in the form of perfume will be absolutely bad form.

Useful Tips

New Year Attributes

  1. Make a list of everyone you are going to give gifts.
  2. Start shopping at least two weeks before the New Year.
  3. Gifts should be inexpensive.
  4. Costly things do not give new friends.
  5. An original present is better than an expensive one.
  6. Focus on the preferences of the person to whom you donate, and not to your taste.
  7. When choosing gifts for colleagues, "keep your distance."
  8. Leave comic gifts for people with a sense of humor.
  9. When choosing a surprise for your child, consult with your parents.

In order for the New Year holidays to please and not hit hard on the wallet, it is important to soberly and sensibly approach the topic of gifts. Learn to hear a loved one, listen to his desires, and then the choice will become obvious. And there will be almost no chance of getting into trouble.

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