What to give brother and sister for the New Year

Brother and sister

Most of all, one wants to surprise a loved one with a gift. The market for goods has become so accessible that you have to seriously think about a present, the value of which depends not only on your generosity. This is always a personal message. If you fill it with meaning, any trinket becomes a precious gift, especially when it comes to choosing a gift for your brother or sister for the New Year.

Choosing gifts for a brother

Three brothers

The best gift for the New Year 2020 is white. If you and your brother are close, you know exactly what he needs. Think about it, fragments of conversations in which he talked about his ideas and dreams will surely come up in his memory.

When choosing, consider hobbies, a place where he spends a lot of time. Probably, soon he plans to go on a business trip or loves outdoor recreation. You can pick up practical little things that will remind you of.

Consider the nature of the little brother. He is not wasteful and practical, which means he prefers smart things that are useful in everyday life or for main activities. An esthete who appreciates the beautiful and takes care of the comfort of his home will be delighted with the original interior items.

10 inexpensive and original gifts

Today, handmade things are popular. If you are not confident in your own abilities, you can order them from professionals. Social networks are full of similar offers.

  • Collage with memorable photos - you can make it in online photo editor and send to print. If you come up with a general concept, funny captions for photos, funny baby pictures, a gift will cause a lot of emotions.
  • Cupcakes with wishes. A great way to give sweet tooth.
  • Brutal bouquet with beer and snacks. There are very sophisticated options.
  • Thermo mug - especially suitable for drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.
  • A flash drive with an unusual design for a lover of originality.
  • A beautifully designed set of tea or coffee with dark chocolate. This is not a gift for a young man, but for a mature person.
  • Magic ball for decision making. This bauble will amuse the company. The main thing is to treat predictions with humor!
  • Woolen socks or mittens - a lover of warmth and comfort will appreciate. A good New Year present emphasizing your care.
  • A set of wineglasses. You can choose a hiking option. He threw it into the car and they are always at hand.
  • Cup warmer. It will be useful to someone who sits at a computer for hours and often forgets about his coffee.
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Hobby Gift Lists

In the art of giving pleasant things, it is important to consider hobbies. Hobbies brother will tell you the right option.

For a tourist:

  • sleeping bag;
  • camping rug;
  • plaid;
  • bowler hat;
  • camping backpack.

For outdoor enthusiasts:

  • barbecue grill;
  • a set of dishes for a picnic;
  • folding barbecue;
  • folding chair;
  • mini oven.

If a brother is fond of computer technology:

  • Columns
  • headphones;
  • a keyboard;
  • funny action figure antistress.

If you are engaged in fitness:

  • towel;
  • headband;
  • weighting agents;
  • subscription to the hall;
  • certificate of purchase in a sports store.

Gift Ideas by Occupation

Two men in the office

For an office worker:

  • Cup;
  • cool handle;
  • a diary.

To the driver:

  • set of tools;
  • seat heating;
  • snow brush;
  • personal guide.

To the doctor:

  • name folder for documents;
  • Frame;
  • diary on the table;
  • original keychain.

There are a lot of professions. A personalized gift is most enjoyable. You can apply engraving or photo printing to the finished thing, and it will become unique.

Ideas by age

Little brother:

  • figures of your favorite cartoon characters;
  • a bag of sweets;
  • a cheesecake for riding from a hill.


  • waterproof gloves;
  • unlimited internet to your phone;
  • headphones;
  • machine on the control of Bluetooth.

Mature man:

  • certificate to the tool store;
  • a box for the right little things;
  • basket with your favorite drinks and snacks;
  • chocolate in the shape of a symbol of the year.

Best gifts for sister

Two sisters

Girls are gentle creatures. They need attention, especially beautifully designed.

You can start choosing a gift for your sister for the New Year from the gift shop and cosmetics. Sister will appreciate unusual interior items or a set of cosmetics. Jewelry made of precious metals or quality jewelry is a universal option. In cold winter evenings, a warm plaid, woolen boots for the house, and a terry dressing gown will warm her.

List of inexpensive and original gifts

  • Portrait of a sister (hand-drawn or copied from a photo).
  • Favorite sweets.
  • A chest for jewelry.
  • Pillow with wishes for 2020.
  • Wall calendar with her photos.
  • A box with predictions for every day.
  • Symbol of the year made of chocolate (White Metal Rat).
  • Coupon for hairdresser, cosmetologist (if you use the services that host profitable promotions, you can find a chic option at a low price).
  • Original mittens or socks.
  • Funny pajamas.
DIY GIFTS FOR THE NEW YEAR / What to Give for the New Year

Hobby Gift Ideas


  • convenient box for small things;
  • needlework tools;
  • certificate to the shop for needlewomen.


  • gloves for sports;
  • towel with the symbol of the year;
  • Hall membership card
  • sports accessories.

To improve beauty:

  • selfie stick;
  • certificate for a photo shoot, in a spa, beauty salon, pool, for a makeup session, in a cosmetics store.

Subtle natures and connoisseurs of art:

  • a ticket to the theater or cinema, to the museum;
  • picture.

8 gifts by profession

Sister on the couch

Girls in a certain place are selfish natures. In every gift they want to see a personal appeal. The status of a working woman is not as interesting as the opportunity to receive another compliment to beauty and charm, therefore it is more important to take into account personal preferences than the applicability of a gift to professional activities:

  • phone stand;
  • case for phone;
  • good perfume;
  • elliptical trainer (if there is no time for physical activity);
  • smart watch;
  • cosmetic set;
  • cooling pad for laptop;
  • lunch box.

Ideas by age

If the sister is still very small:

  • figurine of your favorite character from the animated series (and preferably with accessories);
  • funny mittens, scarf, hat, warm socks;
  • set for the princess (cosmetics or jewelry).

Older girls

They have their own preferences, they will like practical gifts or something that emphasizes growing up:

  • cosmetic bag;
  • a set of cosmetics for the face;
  • skates.

Older sister

Will appreciate a useful or unexpected choice:

  • wall calendar with family photos;
  • good coffee or tea;
  • champagne with a basket of strawberries.

Universal gifts for the New Year 2020

Hardcover Book

The eastern calendar gave us symbols of the year that adorn even the simplest gifts.The most common New Year present is a souvenir with the symbols of the coming year - Metal Rat.

  1. Office supplies and calendars in different variations.
  2. Kitchen and dining utensils for women, a coffee machine or beer mug for men.
  3. Chocolates, fruits, expensive drinks.
  4. Cosmetics and perfumes.

What gifts to do yourself

A handmade gift is always original. It keeps warm and very personal.

Depending on your skills, you can give:

  • Embroidery. Pictures from beads look chic.
  • Notepad, photo frame, mini album in the style of decoupage.
  • Bouquet of sweets.
  • Home cake.
  • Basket with sweets, favorite foods, exotic fruits.
  • The key keeper with a scorched inscription.
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What you should not give to your brother or sister

Usually we strive to surprise or be useful. Probably the most unfortunate present is a standard item.

For a man:

  • shaving accessories;
  • body care kit;
  • socks;
  • underpants.

For a girl:

  • shower products;
  • household appliances and kitchen utensils (if she herself did not ask about it);
  • perfumes and cosmetics, if you don’t know its taste.

Useful Tips

Items that can not be given to superstitious people for the New Year 2020:

  • Stitching and cutting. It is believed that they attract misfortune.
  • Mirrors According to ancient beliefs, this is a portal to another world. It steals the souls of people.
  • Slippers - an item associated with rituals after death. It is believed that they will bring diseases with them.
  • Socks given to a loved one will lead to an early separation. The homeowners give them to a married man.
  • Candles - a ritual item at a funeral.
  • Clock - “steal” a person’s time.

2020 is the year of the Rat. This practical animal loves useful and inexpensive gifts.

New Year is the beginning of a new period. It carries a mystery of the future and a pleasant excitement from the expected. How to surprise a brother or sister on this holiday depends on the possibilities and your imagination. An expensive item or an unusual souvenir made by your own hands will be dear to your heart, because it was presented by a loved one.

What will you give your sister / brother for the new year?

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