How to make a collage of photos with your own hands

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Modern people express creative thoughts not only with brushes and paints. They complement the composition with pieces of paper, dried flowers and even photographs. They know how to make a collage of photos with their own hands.

Creating a collage, like any other composition, involves the use of certain materials and tools. Nothing extravagant and intricate is required and you will see this.

To create a collage you will need cardboard, colored paper, a palette, an eraser, paints and brushes, glue, scissors and a simple pencil. Guided by the recommendations, you will make a composition, and in the future, if you like the lesson, it will become hobby.

  • Pick the base and determine the size of the sheet. Since you are only mastering art, I advise you to take a large format. As a result, you don’t have to work on the details for long.
  • Choosing the color and texture of the paper, be guided by the idea. The main thing is to choose a dense material. Many layers of paint and adhesive will have to be applied to a sheet of paper. Cardboard will do.
  • Sometimes the paper that is on hand does not like. In this case, I recommend priming the collage base by applying a layer of acrylic paint on paper fashionable color chaotic strokes.
  • Stick on newspaper scraps or pieces of paper. It is important that they match the style of the collage. Then cover the entire surface with translucent varnish. As a result, a layer of glued paper will become a neutral background.
  • Define the color scheme of the composition and think over the plot. During the creative work, the picture will change, but you can not do without the initial idea. That's why it does not hurt to outline a draft version of the collage, highlighting the main objects.
  • Think Elements. Think about which elements of the composition will become drawn, and which are pasted or cut. Look for source material in promotional brochures, books, and old magazines. Suitable images carefully cut.
  • Place objects on the basis of. This will help to understand whether they will close the drawings. After a little work with paints and a brush, and on top, attach the cut objects.
  • To enhance the decorative effect, use volume applications. Cut a square out of thick paper, and glue a clipping onto it.
  • Decide on the decorations. Fresh and dried leaves and flowers are used to create collages. Experienced craftsmen apply labels, checks and tickets. Such items are found in compositions prepared for diarydedicated to travel.

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✄—– Making Collage of Magazines Together

If you make a mistake while working, do not be discouraged. Fill the flaw with acrylic paint or seal with paper, and on the new layer continue the creative process.

Step-by-step plan for creating a collage of photos

Collage is an ancient art form. The ancient calligraphers who lived in Japan wrote poetry on canvas made from pieces of cloth or paper.

After the advent of cameras, everything changed. A new direction for creating collages, providing use of photos. Creative people cut them in accordance with the idea and pasted on a large sheet. True, the evolution of art did not end there.

Digital cameras and computer technology have facilitated the creation of collages. Now anyone who has a personal computer can create a composition, netbook or cellphone. A graphic editor is not required to create a composition. People get around Picasa, an easy-to-learn program. It is enough to create a collage in a few minutes.

Picasa, developed by Google, is considered the most popular free program focused on working with digital photographs. The company delivers successful solutions to the market, and the Picasa application, which is located on the developer's site, is no exception.

  1. After installing and running the program, a request to search for photos stored on the computer appears on the monitor screen. After confirmation, the program will find images and save it in the database.
  2. The scanning process takes time. It all depends on the number of photos on the PC hard drive. After the search is completed, reduced copies of images will appear in the program window. To create a collage, select the necessary pictures.
  3. After completing the selection in the program menu, select the "Create" item, and after the context menu appears, press the "Create Collage" key.
  4. After this action, the composition editor will appear on the screen, allowing you to change the parameters of the pictures: rotation angle, sequence order and others.
  5. It remains to press the "Create Collage" key and after a moment the program will save the finished composition to the specified folder. To view, find and open.

Creating compositions from digital photographs is an interesting and exciting process. It used to be that people pasted elements of photographs onto sheets of cardboard. Now computer technology helps to solve the problem.

Video training

PICASA. How to make a collage of photos on your computer.

If you want to create a composition, use photographs between which there is a connection. As a result, the composition will convey the mood and reveal personality. Otherwise, you get a tasteless set of photographs.

Making a collage on a computer

I believe that your favorite photos should be visible. They can be printed and hung on the wall, previously inserted into the frame. But, this is boring and old-fashioned, and often a person has many pictures, so the described option is unrealistic to implement. There is a way out. Make a collage of individual photos. It takes a little time and desire.

Sit at the computer, go through and edit the pictures, collect the composition and print.

  1. Install a graphical editor. Photoshop fits perfectly. The program features are unlimited. With its help, even a novice will collect a composition of photos.
  2. Choose base size. The latest versions of the program allow you to create collages, the size of which is displayed in real centimeters. The background will be a beautiful picture or photograph.
  3. Download ready-made basics for compositions. They facilitate the task, since it remains only to insert a photo. If necessary, place photos close to each other. This will provide the effect of pasted independent pictures.
  4. Edit photo. Before creating a collage, process selected photographs, conduct several experiments with contrast, brightness, and colors. Do not disregard filters and effects.
  5. Add photos to collage. Change the size if desired using the transformation function. This functionality allows you to distort and rotate images.
  6. Decorate creativity. Decorate the finished collage with brush strokes or graphic objects. Complete the finished composition with a frame and add elements made from pieces of postcards and pictures.

The set of tools available to the program will scare the novice master. If you get into this situation, look for a simpler program. Check out the PictureCollageMaker, Fotomix, or Photo Collage apps.They are easy to use for beginners. Each of these editors will offer a lot of ready-made basics, jewelry and templates.

Video manual

Make a collage of photos in Adobe Photoshop

After gaining experience, easily create collages, cards and calendars in these programs at home. They will help to put creative ideas into practice.

4 do-it-yourself collage options

You can make a collage from various materials. To create, everything that is at home is suitable. Consider the technology of creating a collage with your own hands. For the result to live up to expectations, read the article, and then, to the sound of your favorite music, implement the idea.

First select a material. To create a collage, photographs, pieces of paper, candy wrappers are suitable. Choose materials based on who you are making the composition for. Are you going to please the guy? He will be happy February 23rd gift.

In total, I will share four ideas. I am sure that thanks to the variety of ideas you will realize your creative potential to the maximum.

First option. I propose to create the first collage for beloved person. The people who surround us deserve the greatest attention, and such a gift will surely be delighted.

  • Take a large sheet of paper, felt-tip pens, glue with shiny elements and wax crayons.
  • Write on paper a beautiful phrase dedicated to your loved one. A statement or poem borrowed from some author is suitable.
  • Fill in the empty space left on paper with photographs. If there is no photo together, do not be discouraged. Glue a photo of your beloved near your photo. Draw frames around the photos.
  • Is there space left on paper? No problem. Complete the composition with a border made of flower petals by gluing.

Second option. If there are animals in the house - dogs or cats, make a composition in their honor. Such a collage will become an adornment of housing.

  1. Create an animal shape on a piece of paper. Labels, pieces of paper and glue will help.
  2. Fill the space that is inside the lines with improvised materials: spangles, dried flower petals, candy wrappers.
  3. Final design follow the same principle as in the first case, or make with the help of bones or mice cut from colored paper.

Third option. If you have a large wardrobe, there are likely to be many unnecessary things. I know how to find use for them. It's about creating a fabric composition with your own hands. Use blouses, skirts, jeans. Everything that is outdated and not needed will do.

  • To get started, select the background. Cardboard, a piece of cloth or a soft toy will do.
  • Make something interesting out of fabric: a pattern, animal, or the face of a cartoon character. Fluffy material is suitable for creating a body.
  • To make the composition look unusual and chic, make a moon or a sun out of a strand or thread above the created figure.

Fourth option. The latter idea is the most interesting because it involves the use of sand.

  1. Draw a drawing on a piece of paper using a pencil or felt-tip pen.
  2. Spread the picture carefully with glue and sprinkle with sand. I do not recommend saving adhesive and material.
  3. When the glue dries, gently shake the sheet of paper to get rid of excess sand without damaging the pattern.
  4. At the end, arrange the composition in any known manner. The main thing is that the picture is harmonious and balanced.

Having carefully read the post, easily create an original and practical composition at home, which will be a decoration of your home or a gift to a loved one. It remains to be patient and work a little. Believe me, everything will work out.

Collage - a piece of paper pasted with foil, thread, newspaper and magazine clippings. Often, compositions are painted with pencils, pens, markers and paints. It turns out beautiful and unusual.

Collage making is an ancient and diverse technique.Earlier in China, they created compositions of flowers, dry branches and plants, combining materials with paper figures. At the beginning of the last century, art survived the revolution. As a result, they began to use pictures, advertising slogans, labels and newspaper scraps.

Thanks to computer technology, they create a variety of compositions, but needlework remains the most interesting. To create a collage does not require special equipment. It takes a sense of taste and a desire to create beautiful things using improvised materials. Even from clippings, photographs and labels, it’s possible to create excellent new Year gifts.

Collage is a universal tool for expressing thoughts and implementing creative ideas. Creative people like this art because it has no prohibitions or restrictions.

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To create a composition with your own hands, consider the play of light and follow the rules of lighting. It is not recommended to clutter the collage with sparkling elements. Otherwise, even beautiful and neat work will go bad.

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