Good signs of the New Year 2020 - how to please fate

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New Year holidays in the year of the White Metal Rat - time to make plans. The exciting moment of jumping the second hand to the number 12 is associated with a whole whirlwind of emotions and memories. Even the most inveterate materialist will flinch at such an instant and make a wish secretly from everyone, even if no one recognizes this. Indeed, good hope is a property of every person.

Signs work. Psychologists explain this by setting and programming behavior, astrologers - the position of the planets, someone even considers it a sin. But karma, the law of cause and effect, says: every good action grows a thousandfold.

Nothing to relate to signs with irony. Observations of the connection of events have been collected and screened for centuries, the kindest verified signs are collected in this article.

A series of New Year holidays takes more than one day. This is the New Year of the White Rat itself - a change of dates according to the modern Gregorian calendar. Here is the old New Year according to the Julian calendar. These holidays are recognized by everyone outside of religious concepts. This also includes Christian Christmas, and the change of year on the eastern calendar.

What do various situations portend to the average person in 2020? Can it affect the course of events? How to protect yourself and loved ones?

New Year's Eve Signs

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  1. Before the New Year, all debts must be paid out.
  2. A good spirit lives in the paws of the spruce, so it is imperative to bring the Christmas tree home and dress it up with what you want. Coins, sweets, images of desired things will bring abundance to life.
  3. It is necessary to restore cleanliness at home, and most importantly - to throw away everything that is cracked, broken, something that has not been put in order for a long time.
  4. Before the holiday, you need to make an effort and earn at least a small amount of money so that the whole year 2020 is not with an empty wallet.
  5. You can not give anyone objects related to fire - coal, barbecue equipment, lighters, matches.
  6. It would be nice to spend the last three days of the old year with a plentiful table in order to spend the old year with dignity and not to drag the old troubles into a new one.

Signs on New Year's Eve 2020

New Year's attributes

  • Make a wish during a watch fight. Advanced write it on a piece of paper, burn and drink ash powder with champagne.
  • If you kiss a loved one at the last beat of the clock, the couple will spend a year together.
  • The clapperboard at the time of the New Year will scare away evil from life.
  • Giving gifts portends good friends.
  • To celebrate the holiday should be sure in everything new. But you can’t borrow clothes and jewelry, so as not to spend a year in debt.
  • Everyone who has come should be met warmly, otherwise luck will disappear.
  • January 1, you can’t work, otherwise the whole year will be difficult.
  • The first client needs to make a big discount for good luck in business.
  • At least one coin must be hidden in the pocket for the New Year 2020, so that next year The metal rat live with the money.
  • The legs of the New Year's table are tied with ropes so that the whole family is together.
  • Sprinkle salt on the table - fortunately.
  • You can’t throw anything away, otherwise the year will be spent on solving other people's problems.
  • In the last minute of the old year, you need to peel any citrus and hide under the tree, and throw it off after the holiday.
  • Attracting luck is easy if you give someone who needs food or clothing.
  • A New Year's Eve dream will describe the whole of next year.
  • It is advisable for women to put on scarves and hurry to throw them off with the last blow of the clock in order to leave all troubles in the past.
  • After New Year's Eve, it is advisable to be the first to see a man, a woman, a harbinger of ill health.
  • All card kings from the deck must spend the night under the girl’s pillow for marriage. Whatever comes in a dream, or which one gets the first from under the pillow, so will the groom. The king of diamonds promises that friends or relatives will introduce the bridegroom. Peak - the groom will be provided. Clubs are an unexpected meeting. The king of hearts is already nearby, among familiar people.

Signs of the Year of the White Rat

Champagne glasses

By eastern calendar 2020 is celebrated on the second full moon after the winter solstice, so there is no exact date for the holiday. All signs associated with the Chinese New Year are valid on this date, for example, the White Metal Rat will enter its rights on February 5.

  1. If you see a live mouse on the first day after the year of the Metal Rat, the symbol of the year will be favored.
  2. A bag of scarlet fabric, in which an odd number of coins lies upside down, is hidden in the refrigerator for the night of the change of year, and a large bill in your pocket, this action will ensure a steady flow of finance.
  3. In the ice patterns on the window you need to try to find the mouse.
  4. You should not offend the symbol of the year - the White Rat with pork dishes for a festive meal.
  5. They leave a place at the table and put appliances for family members who are away that day.
  6. Dust on a holiday is a settling luck, cleaning should be in advance, and not on a public holiday.
  7. An important gift is two tangerines that they bring with them on a visit. The hosts, accompanying the guests, are also obliged to present each with two tangerines. In Chinese, the sound of these words is consonant with the word gold.
  8. Each child is given a coin in a red envelope.

What are the signs for Christmas

Christmas tree with cones

  • If at Christmas there is no way to visit the temple, you need to light a candle on the window to light the way for all loved ones.
  • The meal should be 12 courses.
  • The window and the top of the tree are decorated with a Christmas star of Bethlehem.
  • If a stray cat or dog is asked to enter the house a week before Christmas, you must take them to the house. If this is not possible, then feed and find the owner, otherwise luck will be turned away.
  • New acquaintances or old, met the week before Christmas, will play an important role in life.
  • Any find in Christmas promises prosperity and prosperity, loss is a bad omen.
  • Another bad omen is breaking a mirror.
  • For Christmas fortune telling you need to choose angles, sills, doors, a bath. If you put the ring in a glass of water at night, the narrowed face will appear on the surface.
  • On Christmas Eve, you can invite your loved one to dinner and light a candle. Smooth fire will tell about serene feelings. If the candlestick fills with wax, a difficult fate awaits the couple. A candle flares up, burns out on one side - the chosen one has secrets. Dark smoke and crackling - it is better to part with a person.
  • If you melt a candle and pour wax into milk, you can know the future by the shape of the figure. A flower portends luck in love, stripes - the road. Stars promise a career, leaves promise money. A hint at the human figure - a new friend. Give homemade milk, so that a good omen comes true.
  • No animals should be killed during the Christmas holidays.
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Something about the old New Year

The days before the old New Year 2020 mark how the next year will pass.

  • For example, if you want to spend a vacation at sea in August - January 8, you need to spend without work, go to the bathhouse or pool. All these days, it is advisable not to quarrel and protect yourself from injuries.
  • It is forbidden to get rid of the Christmas tree through a window or balcony, you need to take it out through the door and put it in the snow.
  • On the old New Year do not utter the word thirteen.
  • You can’t count the little thing.
  • If you take 9 coals from the oven, wrap them with pieces of paper with the inscriptions: boredom, illness, separation, wealth, poverty, toil, love, happiness, unhappiness, in the morning you can draw out the news that awaits next.
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When giving gifts to others, do not forget about yourself. If you make yourself even an inexpensive but welcome gift, you can attract a favorable look of fate.

On holidays, a lot of people come to the house. Burning candles, which create warmth and protect the owners, will help protect the home from evil looks.

You can not offend animals, pets need something to pamper.

Meeting the New Year holidays 2020 wisely, taking into account the wisdom and experience of past centuries is not so difficult. It is not necessary to follow each sign exactly, the main thing is that on the heart. Signs and oriental traditions agree with each other: if you show generosity and generosity, higher powers will be supportive. If you take care of those who are weaker, show respect for the elders, make the house smart and festive, the year will be happy and rich. If you treat the money with respect, they will begin to arrive.

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Let nothing interfere with a happy holiday, may the New Year be kind and happy!

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