Fortune telling at home

Christmas fortune telling at home

Everyone has a desire to look into the future: to receive answers to questions of interest, to help make an important decision, to find out the name of the narrowed one - fortunetelling will help in all this. To do this, it’s not necessary to go to a gypsy or psychic, you can conduct a ritual at home, you just need to observe some conditions. Let's talk about Christmas fortune-telling at home.

How to guess and when to guess

The most important thing in divination is time. In Russia, it is traditionally accepted to look behind the curtain of the future during the winter Christmas time and Christmas - from January 7 to 19. Most willing to answer the questions people’s holy spirits on Christmas evening - from January 6 to 7. At this time, the predictions will be the most accurate. After the bright holiday of Epiphany, spirits and evil spirits will hide again, and the chance to receive a true prediction will come to naught.

For fortune telling, places that are considered "unclean" are ideal — they should be at the junction of the world of the dead and the living. In Russia, fortunetellers went to the bathhouse for the ritual, to the attic, to the houses abandoned by the owners, to the crossroads, especially courageous ones decided to make a fortune in the cemetery. Inside the apartment for fortunetelling, corners, thresholds, and doors are most suitable - places in which matter passes from one space to another. It is necessary that the room where the fortuneteller is as quiet as possible. Portal to the world of spirits are mirrors and water (when divining, you can put a bowl of water next to it or fortune telling on coffee grounds).

Fortuneteller rules

  1. The body should not have a cross, knots, belt or bracelets - they prevent otherworldly forces from reading fate.
  2. Hair should be loosened, flowing curls will provide a better connection with higher forces and protect from negative energy.
  3. During fortunetelling, arms and legs should be parallel to the body - do not cross them so as not to impede the path of energy flows.
  4. Icons and other church paraphernalia must be removed from the premises, fortune-telling is an appeal to dark forces.
  5. Only candles should illuminate the room.

How to guess at a betrothed

Candle on the table

Any girl dreams of a beautiful prince - a man who is destined by fate itself. You can see it by turning to magic during the Christmas time.

Fortune-telling with cards

For the ritual, you need a simple deck of cards. It’s better to take a new deck that has never been played before. Remove all jacks and kings from the card deck - they will symbolize men, mix them. When going to bed, put the cards face down under the pillow with the magic phrase: "My fiance, dream me in a dream and tell about yourself." After that, you can no longer talk with anyone, you need to immediately go to bed. In the morning, just as silently, take out the first card that comes to hand. If the king is in the hand - the groom will be much older than you, the jack portends a young companion or peer. Then pay attention to the suit of the card.

  • Worms - the groom is very close, this is someone from the inner circle, take a closer look at friends.
  • Peaks - the narrowed one will turn out to be a very wealthy person.
  • Cross - you will find a soul mate unexpectedly.
  • Tambourines - friends or relatives will introduce the groom to the groom.

Fortune-telling on the narrowed "Bridge"

On the eve of Christmas, stock up on several thin branches of trees, clear them of bark. Shortly before sleep, use these twigs to create a conditional bridge: place two long ones parallel to each other, and 2-3 small across. Master the bridge without fail in solitude.

When going to bed, put the resulting craft under the pillow. Asleep, whisper: "Whoever is my betrothed, my mum, will lead me across the bridge." In a dream, a girl will see a real bridge and a man who is intended for her by higher forces.

Fortune-telling with a ring

For the ritual, you need a ring of a fortunetelling girl, best of precious metal, and a glass of water. At night, by candlelight, the girl should throw the ring into the glass and carefully look at the center: after some time, the image of the groom will appear in the water.

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Christmas fortune telling


Absolutely everyone dreams of great love, therefore fortune telling on this topic is the most popular. A person wants to know when the loneliness will end and that one will meet. Those who have already met love, fortune-telling is also relevant: in the relationship of two, many questions and doubts may arise.

Fortune telling on a loved one

For the ritual, you need a photo of your lover - it’s better to print it, the phone is not as good as paper, it transfers the energy of a person. The image is placed in the center of the table between 2 candles, focusing on the photo, you need to ask the question: "What is destined for us?" After that, throw 10 coins with your right hand, aiming at the image. Count how many of them have fallen heads and tails.

Number of eaglesNumber of TailsPrediction
10-Your behavior towards a loved one leaves much to be desired, reconsider it, or the relationship will come to an end.
91A series of bad events will soon happen in your life, which will negatively affect your relationship with your loved one.
82You do not have a common future; this person is not destined for you by fate.
73Soon a momentous event will occur that will greatly affect both of you. This can lead to parting.
64Love is at stake: you should devote more time to each other.
55This person does not feel love for you.
46You are waiting for a replenishment in the family.
37Your beloved has money problems, he will need your support and help.
28He works a lot, but will soon put you in the first place.
19You are infinitely loved, but do not receive returns from you, which can lead to quarrels.
-10Your love can be envied. This is a real feeling that nothing threatens.

Fortune telling with a candle

Use the Christmas Eve to find out what the future holds for a relationship with your loved one. During a joint dinner, light a church candle next to it and watch the flame:

  • An even, calm flame testifies to the serenity of relations and mutual love.
  • If the candle burns in flashes, melts on one side only - the chosen one hides something.
  • If the candle "cries" and the trickle of wax does not dry out, gradually filling the candlestick, a difficult fate awaits the person, and you will be with him.
  • The worst omen is if the smoke from the candle goes dark, and when burning, a sound similar to crackling is heard. This can mean two things: parting soon awaits or a negative magical effect is exerted on the satellite.

Fortune telling for choosing a husband on the bulbs

If in doubt about choosing a life partner, a rite on the bulbs will help resolve doubts. On the night before Christmas, you need to take as many bulbs as there are applicants for this honorable role. On each bulb write the name of one of the men, then place them in a container of water and wait until they germinate. Soon, green sprouts will appear on one of the bulbs: read the name that is written on it. It is this man who is destined for fate.

How to guess for the future at Christmas

Ball of fate

Everyone at least once asked the question: “What awaits there, far in the future?” You can get an answer in the holy week. No matter what fate predicts, you should not despair. “Forewarned means armed” is the saying in popular wisdom.

Golden chain spell

At midnight, being alone, take the chain, hold it in your palms and start rubbing it until it becomes warm. Performing the ritual, clear your thoughts, concentrate on the question: “What awaits me in the future?”. Then take the chain in your right hand and drop it on a flat surface, while it forms a certain shape. Look at her, it is she who symbolizes the future.

The interpretation of the figures

  • Flat lane - in the future, luck and success in all endeavors will accompany.
  • Circle or oval - soon you will find yourself in a difficult situation, from which it will not be easy to get out.
  • One or more nodes is a bad omen, financial losses and illness are expected, the more nodes on the chain, the worse the sign.
  • The cloud is a good omen, all dreams will come true.
  • Triangle - the future has prepared great love, luck.
  • Snake - soon you will become a victim of betrayal, take a closer look at your surroundings, even close ones may be suspected.
  • Bow - wedding is just around the corner.
  • Heart - someone loves you very much.

Fortune telling on paper

Left alone, take a paper sheet, the old newspaper is ideal. Hands crush the sheet in a chaotic manner - it should take on an unusual shape that will not cause any associations with its appearance. Then place the paper on a plate with a flat bottom and light from a church candle. Until it is completely burned out, carefully bring the plate to the wall, rotate it until you see a shadow picture. The figure you consider will talk about the future. It can be correctly interpreted by deciphering the signs from the previous fortune-telling on a gold chain.

Fortune telling

Brownie is a guardian spirit for living quarters, he helps owners, warns against troubles and misfortunes, and at Christmas he is able to predict the future of wards. For the ritual, you will need a church wax candle and a platter of milk. The candle must be melted and poured into milk, whispering the text: "Brownie, my master, come to the threshold to drink milk, taste the wax." The saucer must be placed near the threshold of a house or apartment. Take a look at how the wax froze, try to understand what it looks like:

  • Flower - wait for a wedding or a meeting with your loved one.
  • The cross is a harbinger of a strip of ills and health problems. The more clearly the shape resembles a cross, the more serious the trouble.
  • Beast - a bad person will be surrounded, who will put sticks in wheels.
  • Wax flowed in stripes - soon a long road or moving awaits.
  • Stars - career growth.
  • A leaf of a tree - to financial well-being.
  • An egg is a sign that you are ripe for a new stage in life. If you decide on a bold step, you can expect good results.
  • Human outlines - fate has prepared a pleasant acquaintance, which will develop into a strong friendship.

After divination, do not pour the milk with wax immediately: it is promised to the house-keeper and should stand all night near the threshold.

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Best Christmas Fortune Teller

For many centuries, people have turned to otherworldly forces for answers to their questions. During this time, there have been many effective and simple methods of fortune telling at home. Thanks to folklore and careful transmission from the older generation to the younger, they have come down to us.

Predictions for a fun company

A magic session is not only a way to gain secret knowledge, but also a pleasant leisure activity, as well as the study of horoscopes. Since ancient times, noisy companies gathered girls and boys in Christmas time. Often guessed at improvised items: they can be easily replaced and added, which makes each session unique. For fortune telling you will need: a coin, a little salt, a ring, sugar, a key and a scarf.All items must be laid out in cups and covered with napkins so that it is impossible to discern what is inside. The fortuneteller needs to be taken out of the room, and at this time the glasses are arranged in a chaotic manner. After that, select one glass and see what is in it:

  1. Coin - to the money.
  2. Salt is for hard trials.
  3. Scarf - to bitterness.
  4. Sugar - to a carefree life.
  5. The ring is for marriage.
  6. The key is moving.

Fortune telling with a cat

Since ancient Egypt, cats have been credited with a special divine origin, these graceful animals were worshiped. It is believed that cats balance on the border of two worlds and very subtly feel the energies of both. There are many beliefs and rituals associated with these animals.

For Christmas fortune-telling, a simple but reliable method was often used: a person who wants to know whether a wish will come true or not, whispers it in the ear of a domestic cat, then leads him outside the threshold and calls him back in a minute. If the cat enters from the right paw - the answer is negative, from the left - the plan will be realized.

Christmas fortune telling at the crossroads

Crossroads are places of gathering of spirits, from ancient times sorcerers made sacrifices for rituals here, and mere mortals were afraid to eat in nearby places, since they got rid of spoilage due to illness and death. This is a dangerous fortune-telling used by our great-grandmothers. On Christmas Eve, you need to go alone to the crossroads of two roads and listen to the surrounding sounds:

  • If an echo of resounding laughter has flown over - to be joyful, full of pleasant moments for the coming year.
  • If from afar comes crying, tears - so year preparing a lot of bitter trials.
  • If you heard church bells - this is the worst sign, ailments and trials are prepared for the new year.
  • If singing can be heard from somewhere, the young lady will soon marry.

There is a more terrible version of this fortune-telling: it is believed that the sounds of the prediction heard in the abandoned old church are believed to be more true. This option is suitable for the most desperate people.

Christmas fortune telling is an ancient act. Even a church that does not approve of jokes with magic is softened in this respect for this period. If you take a chance, wondering, do not feel like doing a few simple rituals. On Christmas night, the heavens open, filling the earth to the brim with magic. If you ask about the most cherished before the bright holiday, it will be fulfilled in the coming year. At midnight, you need to go out into the open space under the starry sky and say your cherished dream out loud - the universe will certainly hear it. If everything is already in life, only the beloved is missing, on January 7 you need to come to the church and walk around it with prayers 3 times. This will remove the seal of loneliness, clouding life.

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Guess for your pleasure, and if the prediction turned out to be bad, treat it wisely. Perhaps this is only a warning to a higher power, and, if you are careful, you can avoid the negative consequences.

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