How to learn to stand on hands

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The vertical handstand is an element widely used in yoga, gymnastics and other sports activities. If you visited this page, it means that you are interested in how to learn how to stand on your hands at home.

I propose to consider the theoretical part of the issue, and then focus on practice. If you think that not everyone can learn to stand in your arms, you are mistaken. Everyone can master art. The main thing is desire and patience.

  • Center of gravity. Novice athletes fear to straighten up is the first cause of mistakes. They spread their arms wide, and their shoulders with their belly extend back. Learn how to calculate the center of gravity first.
  • Equilibrium. Maintaining balance while standing on hands is obtained only with the help of muscles. Not everyone pumped up hands. To make a confident step towards the goal, understand that a beautiful handstand directly depends on the location of the body's center of gravity strictly above the support. Nothing more is needed.
  • Candle position. There are several simple positions for a handstand, including a position called “Candle”. In this case, even a novice will keep the center of gravity above the support. You will need to draw in your stomach, fix your shoulders, spread your arms and straighten. Remember, the quality of the support depends on how straight the arms are.
  • Rack improvement. Having dealt with your hands, work on the rack. There are several ways to achieve the result. First: take up a sitting position and put your hands on the floor, and then, pushing your legs, throw up. Second: rest your hands on the floor, only from a standing position. Push off with your left foot, and throw your right foot behind your head. Try not to bend your legs.
  • Balance. Having mastered the position of “Candle”, continue to improve, concentrating on honing the balance. In the first step, bend your knees to increase stability by lowering the center of gravity.

Now you have an idea how to learn to stand on hands. The first training will be accompanied by uncertain movements and unpleasant falls. Over time, the technique will improve and take the handstand to a new level.

Video training

How to learn to stand on your hands (b-boy Fe_DoSk1n)

A handstand will open up great opportunities in terms of development. Do not forget that exercises will bring rapid growth to the muscles of the hands, so do not forget swing legs.

How to learn to stand on your hands in 1 day

A woman stands in her arms in a field

Handstand is a beautiful trick and an important element of sports, dancing, parkour and gymnastics. Having mastered this position, easily perform a lot of exercises based on it.

Continuing the topic of the article, I will tell you how to learn how to stand on your hands in 1 day. It may seem that in such a short time it’s impossible to master a handstand. But, if you take into account the tips and follow the step by step instructions, achieve the goal in a day.

An important step in the handstand is the correct location of the center of gravity. The beauty of the exercise and the safety of the athlete depend on this. The position is called the “Candle”.

I offer a time-tested algorithm that will help to achieve the result in 1 day. It takes only faith in your body and strength.

  1. Take the correct position. Stand up straight, lower your shoulders and pull your stomach in a little. Hands should be as straight as possible.
  2. There are two ways to correctly put on your hands. I reviewed them above. Try each one to decide which one is more suitable.

The technique is enviable simplicity.You will succeed well in this matter in a day, and after a week of training, the handstand will become ideal.

Video instructions

How to stand in your arms - video training

In the process of the first training, I recommend using a support. As an option, an ordinary wall. Over time, when you better master the technique, do without it. Act as carefully as possible, not forgetting about your health.

Most popular bugs

Beginners, even after reading the step-by-step instructions, often make mistakes that impede the correct execution of the upright. I will describe in detail common errors, and you, using the knowledge gained, will avoid such a fate.

  • Too wide a breeding of hands. As a result, the center of gravity goes beyond the fulcrum, which prevents the achievement of equilibrium.
  • Bent arms. Under the influence of body weight, unbending arms is extremely problematic. Keep your arms straight from the start.
  • Forward shoulders. Position preventing balance.
  • Hunched or Arched Back. Prevents balance.

Learn to return to a natural position - to fall correctly. From a standing position, it is recommended to move to a position called "bridge", which is more natural. Bend your back and try to be the first to touch the heel floor. To mitigate the landing, use a blanket or mattress.

Right handstand

Yoga maintains balance, calms the nervous system, helps to feel the body. If I’m really interested in how to learn to walk on hands at home, I will help with practical recommendations and useful tips.

Negative experience convinces the novice athlete that the handstand provides for special training. This is not true. The main thing is not to despair and try again. So it turns out to conquer the rack and build shoulders.

Remember, the main enemy is fear. A person is afraid to fall, hurt his back, hit his head or break a limb. The wrong approach to training can end this, but thanks to the correct actions, the fall will be avoided.

Insurance behind facilitates training. The risk of falling back is zero, and at first you can lean against this surface.

  1. Stand facing the wall at a distance of about 20 cm from it. Bend forward and rest on straightened arms.
  2. With your left foot, push off the floor, and throw your right foot over your head. You can rest your heel against the wall. Lift up the second leg.
  3. After a few workouts, the handstand will become confident and beautiful. Keep your body straight and without sagging.

Such a stand is performed at home without much effort. In this case, a stable balance is achieved due to the correct location of the bones. Muscles are slightly loaded. To maintain balance, just press the press. After gaining a sense of confidence, continue training without support. For better body control, train near the mirror.

If you can’t overcome the fear, and the “candle” refuses to give in, try to adopt a different position. It focuses on people who are far from sports and differs from the previous version by bending the legs during a stance.

  • Legs hanging over your head will keep your balance.
  • The position is safer.
  • Thanks to the lowered center of gravity, high stability is ensured.
  • In this position, it is easier to control the body.

How to fall

To master the technique at home without falls will not work. Therefore, learn to fall correctly.

  1. Fall forward. After losing your balance, move your weight forward faster, bend your legs and rest your heels on the floor.
  2. Using the usual somersault, you can soften the blow. Bend your arms slightly, gently hold your head and throw your bent legs back.
  3. If you fall back, pay attention to the “bridge” position. The main thing is to bend in the lumbar region in a timely manner.

Learning to stand confidently in your arms, desire to become better only intensify. Continuing the topic of conversation, let's talk about walking on arms and pull-ups in an upright position.

How to learn to walk on hands

Walking on hands is a useful skill that is useful in life.Such walking strengthens the muscles. Mastering a trick without sports training is not recommended. During execution, the body receives a large load, so move towards the goal gradually, alternating between training and rest.

The downward position of the head for the human body is unnatural - blood rushes quickly to the head. As a result, severe dizziness may appear, accompanied by asterisks and darkening before the eyes. In most cases, after a few workouts, this completely goes away. If left as before, be sure to see a doctor.

If you easily perform a handstand, mastering walking upside down is easy. Just do not forget to preheat the body and prepare the muscles. Otherwise, unpleasant pain can not be avoided.

  • Prepare a place. Cover the floor with a thick blanket or soft rug. Take care of the free space.
  • Stand near the wall, bend over and put your hands in front of you. They should be straight and parallel to each other.
  • Having pushed off with one leg, throw the other leg up, then pull up the supporting leg. In this position, stand a little and take the most stable position. To begin, do the trick near the wall, which will serve as a reliable support.
  • Carefully push off the wall and try to balance without support. The first time it may not work, but not scary. Over time, everything will work out.
  • From a stable position, take the first step with your hand. It’s not worth taking long pauses between steps, because it’s harder. True, and the rush is unacceptable.

I hope I managed to fully answer the question of how to learn how to walk on hands at home. Using the instructions quickly get a good result. The main thing is to constantly practice.

Video lessons

how to learn to walk on hands? | Bboy Fe_DoSk1n

If you can’t boast of strong muscles, pay attention to strengthening them before mastering the trick. Pull-ups and push-ups will help. On the site you will find material how to build muscle. Use it to speed up the process.

Handstand pushups

Push-ups with a handstand is not an easy exercise, it will not work out for several days. You will have to exercise regularly, eat well and have a good rest. Healthy food will saturate the body with the necessary energy, and regular training and relaxation is the key to good health.

Push-ups from the handstand - a strength exercise, the implementation of which trains strength and increases muscle mass. It works on the delta, triceps, pectoral muscles.

Perform the exercise in several ways. The first involves the use of support and consumes less energy, since stabilizing muscles are not involved in the work. The support will help you to take a strictly vertical position, which will evenly distribute the load.

The second option is more complex and spectacular, since the use of support is not provided. It’s not easy to master, and the time it takes is determined by the way of life.

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So the story came to an end, how to learn how to stand on your hands. Now you thoroughly know how to master a handstand, what opportunities and advantages the skill will bring. Do not be lazy, train your body, improve, and in the end there is a huge reward.

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