How to become better than you are

Getting better at home

There are no boundaries for perfection. For this reason, people are interested in how to become better. They strive to improve their character, acquire new skills and wish to pay attention to spiritual development.

I note that this task is feasible for everyone. Step-by-step recommendations will help in this. The main thing is desire and perseverance. Otherwise, you won’t have to rely on the result.

  • Make a list of features you want to fix. It is guaranteed that there are character qualities and external flaws that do not suit. I advise you to start with the little things that burn nerve cells.
  • It does not hurt to analyze and communicate with people of different generations. Feel free to ask for advice. Only then make the only and right decision.
  • Create a corrective action plan. If you identify the problem, do half the work. Do not forget about the existence of the second half, because achieving the goal depends on how correctly you act.
  • Complete the finished plan step by step. Write the steps on different sheets of paper and use them in turn. This will relieve psychological stress and allow you to concentrate on the goal.
  • Starting with simple things, overcome the resistance created by the body. It will appear every time you want to leave the comfort zone. For example, the body will not like it if you replace trips in transport with hiking.
  • Be sure to track the results. This will helpkeeping a diary. After each achievement, be sure to praise yourself to strengthen your willpower.
  • During the experiments, I do not recommend being overloaded with other activities. Otherwise, you will be torn down, and the work done will be in vain.
  • In no case do not forget about pampering and praise. If sweets have not been eaten for three days, please treat yourself to a hot bath using aromatic oils. Such auto-suggestion will show that you are moving in the right direction.
  • With success, switch to a more serious goal. Try not to shock the psyche, otherwise old habits will return.

The process of self-improvement cannot be called easy, but inaction is more difficult. Do not wait for the moment when life will force you to change. Try to find flaws on your own and do everything possible to eliminate them.

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How to become better in everything

People who want to become the best in everything are considered naive and narcissistic personalities. Such an opinion has a right to exist, but it is not entirely true. If a person wants this, then he seeks to work on himself. And this is the approach of a creative, energetic and strong personality.

  1. Define goals. To become better in everything is unrealistic and you understand that. Achieve tops in areas that are important and interesting to you. Select them and write them down.
  2. Defining goals correctly without good motivation will fail. Weight loss needed to improve the figure, and not the acquisition of an elegant dress. A clear presentation of the result of the work will not allow us to stop halfway and contribute to success.
  3. For each individual goal, make a plan. To do this, study the area in which you intend to succeed. Identify ways to achieve the result and the resources you need.
  4. Having solved this issue, make a plan. To get started, sketch a draft and break it into steps. After that, analyze the plan.
  5. I do not recommend planning what you cannot. To find out how to celebrate Chinese New Year, a visit to this country is required. If this is not possible, exclude the item from the plan.
  6. Never spray.If you want to become better in several areas, approach the issue correctly. Sometimes combine goals, but in some cases, strive for one thing.
  7. Go to your goal in small steps. This will allow you to act in several directions without straining. You should not count on a quick result, since working on yourself involves the expenditure of energy, time and patience.
  8. Implementation of the plan begins with priority goals. Be sure to evaluate the achievement of which goal will require the greatest amount of time and start with it.
  9. Scroll into one category areas related to life, health, nutrition and personal life. Do them daily. Make this work a habit.

If something doesn’t work, do not give up. Remember, no one is safe from failure. Take them as life manifestations. Noting success, you will remain enthusiastic, and each praise for your next achievement will provide a feeling that you are getting better.

Getting Better Outwardly

Everyone wants to be beautiful and young. People have long been searching for the "elixir of youth." To achieve the goal, they spend a lot of time, effort and money. But, as practice shows, all the labors are unsuccessful.

Plastic surgery allows to eliminate defects in appearance, but not every person is ready to go for it, and pleasure cannot be called affordable. Therefore, people are interested in the issue of improving appearance through sports and healthy eating at home.

It is impossible to get well-groomed skin and a beautiful figure without significant time and effort. Improving the appearance is recommended completely. This will help a little tricks, which I will devote to the next section of the story.

Now we will become better externally using available tools and with minimal effort. You may have some doubts about this, but I will try to dispel them.

  • Do you know that cucumber is a cosmetic product that relieves puffiness? Before how to paint eyes put thin circles of cucumber on closed eyelids. In addition, prepare a mask from the vegetable.
  • Effectively fight with oily hair allows baby powder sprinkled on the brush. This tool absorbs fat.
  • You can restore the softness of the lips with a soft toothbrush. Apply a balm on it that will provide a peeling effect.
  • I recommend shaving legs after a bath. This will make the skin of the legs smooth. The hairs, “steamed” in hot water, will become soft and the procedure for removing “unwanted vegetation” will be more pleasant.
  • Most people have rough skin on their elbows and knees. A delicate scrub will help to smooth it.
  • Want to make teeth whiter? It’s not necessary to go to the dentist. Use a bluish lipstick.
  • To bring eyebrow in order and giving them shape, I recommend using hair gel. But I do not advise you to overdo it with tweezers, otherwise you will remain without eyebrows.
  • Take a shower using aromatic gel. As a result, the body will remain fragrant longer. If possible, get a kit consisting of perfume, gel and toilet water.
  • Refuse to use hairspray. Do styling with hair dryer and combs. Without skills it will be difficult, but eventually get used to it.
  • Use hair conditioner several times a week. This cosmetic product takes care of the condition of the ends of the hair.

Agree, none of the tips does not include the use of expensive or abstruse funds. All this is present in each person’s home arsenal. Recommendations will make younger and more beautiful in appearance. Above all, do not stop. Only constant work on the appearance will provide a result and a lasting effect.

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How to become better and live better

How to become better than others

Some people consider themselves charming, beautiful and smart. At the same time, they refuse to notice flaws, and they are present in everyone. Some individuals are so strongly convinced of their own exceptionalism and superiority that sometimes titanic efforts are made to return them to earth.

I hope that your conceit is in order and that you are aware of your weaknesses and strengths. If you are ready to work on yourself, I will help you.

  1. First of all, decide who you want to "jump". To achieve the goal requires a guideline. The field can be any: career, leisure, hobbies, hobby.
  2. Want to become an interesting conversationalist? You will need to acquire an enviable baggage of knowledge. Communicate with limited and hollow-headed individuals, which will stand out from their crowd. But this is not enough.
  3. I dare to assume that you are interested in communicating with erudite interlocutors who support the conversation. Do not overdo it in this matter, otherwise the environment will consider you a "bore."
  4. Strive for goodwill and find good qualities in people. If people notice this, they will reach for you. Therefore, less often splash out the negative.
  5. Constantly pay attention and be interested in what friends are doing. If necessary, I recommend helping a friend. Again, act carefully, otherwise attentiveness is converted to importunity.
  6. Learn to listen and give opinions. The person with whom you are talking will understand that you can rely on you at any time, and will appreciate this quality.
  7. Each has complexes and disadvantages. It is not easy to cope with shortcomings, but you can say goodbye to complexes. That is why carefully monitor deficiencies and try to eliminate them.
  8. It is no secret that often the cause of deficiencies is physical qualities. It is impossible to cope with them. For example, if you are short, it’s unrealistic to grow. Deal with it.
  9. Do not hide your personality. Try to exercise your imagination and feelings more often. Everyone has an intuition. With its help, decide on the style. It may not appeal to everyone, but a true friend will accept you as you are.
  10. You will be better than others by taking the initiative. Not everyone is the first to start communication with a stranger. Do not be afraid of it. So make datingfind a girl or the guy.

Listen to the advice and remember that the key to success is a sincere smile. She will help to conquer the peaks and do impossible things.

If you frown and throw lightning eyes at passers-by, nothing will turn out, and the environment will turn away. I think you do not need this, because life alone is gloomy and uninteresting.

Life requires a comprehensive pursuit of excellence. It will take a lot of time and effort, but it's worth it. In addition, the activity is very useful, because a person who is engaged in self-improvement moves forward, develops, leads competition with himself, and achieves success.

Striving to become better than anyone is a good thing. Just take care of your indulgence first. Do not be disappointed in yourself for mistakes and do not discredit the work done. Only by supporting yourself will you succeed.

As you understand, I recommend identifying areas in which I would like to succeed. It can be appearance, career, family and relationships. Only after determining the priority direction do you start to act.

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Move forward in small and gradual steps, trying not to waste your energy on nonsense. Calm and systematic actions will help to find perfection at home. See you!

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