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Many girls complain that, despite the efforts, they are not able to find a young man with whom they can build a serious relationship. The reason for the failure is a lack of knowledge on how to find a guy.

Usually women who are concentrated careers face a problem. And no wonder, because there is no time left for personal life.

However, if you really want to, everything will work out. One must not give up and look for the narrowed one. Only those people who achieve success, no matter what.

Step-by-Step Action Plan

  • Decide which guy you want to find. Often single girls seek the ideal imposed by television and magazines. The sympathy that the surrounding guys show remains unnoticed. Usually the surrounding young people do not shine with a sense of humor or physical dignity. But, often the boyfriends have qualities that are important for creating relationships and this more than compensates for the lack of external gloss.
  • Escape from the routine. If you go to work during the day and look at the nearest store, and watch TV in the evening, nothing good will come of it. Leave home more often, visit movie theaters, shopping malls, and public places.
  • Walk without friends. If you want to bring the moment of meeting a guy closer, go for a walk without friends. Groups of girls scare away young guys who have a desire to get to know each other.
  • Make dating. Thanks to the expansion of the circle of friends, new friends will appear, which will increase the chances of finding a guy.
  • Show patience and restraint. If you notice that the man in love, but hides his feelings, do not rush to push him away, even if he is not suitable for the role of a prince. Get to know him better, it is possible that he will open on the other side.
  • Find a group hobby. Such classes will contribute to the development and provide meetings with new people, among whom may be the chosen one.
  • Connect to internet searches. Unthinkable opportunities in finding a soul mate offers the Internet. On the Internet I recommend only getting to know each other, and engage in real life development of the situation.
  • Popular dating sites. People building a career have to use the services of such portals due to lack of free time.

Give preference to young people who live nearby. Otherwise, building a relationship will not work, because the distance prevents this.

Video tips

I advise you to think less about finding a loved one. Try to create a situation that help him find you.

How to find a good guy

Many girls are interested in answering the question. I will describe general recommendations, since to a greater extent it all depends on what kind of man you are looking for.

Dreams of a prince on a white horse are best discarded. The result will not be long in coming if you carefully look at the young people who surround you. It often turns out that the man whom you have been looking for a long time has been around all the time.

The issue under consideration is intriguing and frustrating. To achieve the goal, determine which things are unacceptable and which you will put up with.

  1. If there is an image of a guy, great. This means that you have decided on your expectations and wishes. Otherwise, try to create it, as the unknown complicates the search.
  2. An ideal is not a prototype, but a scheme. Never find a young man who is fully qualified. Expand ideas to help find a manfor which get married.
  3. If there is a fan, let him show himself.Sometimes girls break off relationships, since the traits of the boyfriend’s character do not meet the criteria. High demands on men are the reason beautiful girls are left alone.
  4. Agree, it's nice to hear beautiful words from a new friend. It is not important. Human actions are louder than a forest phrase. In addition, no one will guarantee that the young man will keep his promises.
  5. What does it mean? Everything is simple. Test the guy in practice by providing the opportunity to fulfill a promise. If a young man copes with the task, then you can rely on him.
  6. In no case do not rush to extremes and do not chase dreams. You will not become a happy woman when meeting a person who does not like.

If you spend some time looking for a soulmate, you will succeed. The man who can be found will take care of your health and well-being. Do not lose hope and move forward, look around, because the love of all life is waiting for the next turn.

How to find a guy on the Internet

Every modern person has Internet access at home. At the same time, every day people spend more time online, using the Internet for entertainment, searching for information and dating.

The network offers a huge selection of sites and social networks and each resource has features. To find a guy on the Internet, you need a mobile phone, PC or netbook along with the desire to find a half.

  • Register on dating sites. If you are interested in creating a serious relationship, I recommend to stop visiting resources hinting at sex. If the strategic goal is to get to know a man to create a family, pay attention to the sites on the pages of which there are ads related to marriage.
  • Fill out a detailed application form. Man wanting find a girl, pay attention if the form is originally designed.
  • Indicate tastes, interests and features. It doesn’t hurt to upload some photos. This will allow the guys claiming your heart to see how charming you are.
  • Filter guys offering dating or meeting. Each candidate is critical. As for the interlocutors, in the profiles of which there are no photos and any information, either ignore them or communicate carefully.
  • Study candidates. By the way the interlocutor communicates, it is easy to understand what he is. If a young man uses obscene language, flings out non-literary words or makes mistakes, think about whether you need a relationship with such a person.
  • If you liked the guy, be sure to write. Do not wait until he finds your profile. It is possible that this will not happen. To get started, write a short and original message that will arouse interest in the chosen one. In the process of communication, express yourself simply, avoiding ambiguity and omissions. But good humor doesn’t hurt.

When visiting sites, act carefully and carefully, because the interlocutor may be a fraudster, pervert or maniac. Before you go on a date, get to know the person. If a secret admirer suggests meeting in an unfamiliar place or joining a suspicious company, refuse.

Video secrets


Going on a date, tell loved ones where and with whom you are going. Caution will protect against unpleasant situations and serious consequences.

How to find the guy of your dreams

Girls dream of a relationship with a dream guy, but many fail to find him. The reasons are many, consider them pointless. It is better to focus on solving the problem and achieving the goal. This is easy to do if you wait patiently, forgetting the fear of loneliness.

There is no place for chance in life. Man himself builds fate with thoughts, decisions and actions. There are exceptions, but they do not depend on us.

  1. Decide what a dream guy is.. When looking for a person, not knowing what qualities he should possess, you will not find him.
  2. Searches will succeed if you change yourself. Life is an illusion, and each person receives in reality what he represents and imagines. This will help the material, how to become attractive to men.
  3. Open to chat. If you do not get to know and communicate with members of the opposite sex, you will not find a soul mate. Just do not forget that the young man is most afraid of failure. If he sees such a mood, he won’t do it.
  4. Do not focus on the problem. On the contrary, relax and continue to live, hoping for the best.
  5. Try to constantly visualize. Mentally imagine the man with whom you dream to live life. Think about walking together in Cafe, walk in the park or relax abroad.
  6. Men want to see a girl of dreams nearby. Try to become her. You are still alone, because life is closed from communication with men and does not change.
  7. Believe in a happy life. Happiness is a pleasant sensation, the illusion of which is created by a person. Drop thoughts that something is missing.
  8. Go through life with a smile. A smile is a bait on which the long-awaited man "bites" with whom you celebrate more than one wedding anniversary.

If you want to be loved and desired, do not lock yourself in four walls. More often appear on the street and the guy will pay attention to you.

How to find a guy if I'm ugly

Do not take the name of the subtitle to heart. Believe me, you are more beautiful than it seems. Many attractive girls underestimate their beauty. Being in the company of a friend, they believe that she looks better. Women who pass by are called goddesses.

Ugly women do not exist. People who think differently are mistaken. Even girls who are naturally endowed with unreal beauty are not always happy. It is a fact.

I will help get rid of prejudice and give recommendations that will teach you how to live in a new way. Believe me, a little time will pass, and you will realize how much you were mistaken about beauty. And the beloved man who will be near will be a proof of this.

  • Do not forget about the inner world. If you are a wonderful person, men will see this and will consider it an attractive girl. A guy who takes an interest will love you the way you are. If men do not wish to meet, counting not attractive enough, then they do not fit. They perceive a woman in a completely different way than your case requires.
  • Inner beauty is more important than appearance. Strive to find a young man for whom inner beauty comes first, not appearance. Build a happy and lasting relationship with such a man.
  • Regardless of the situation, radiate confidence. Demonstrate to others the ability to stand up for themselves and independence from the opinions of others.
  • Stop being afraid of people and forget about shyness. If the guy you like doesn't take the initiative, take the first step yourself. People who think that guys should invite on a date are mistaken.
  • Do not mumble or be nervous. If you can start a conversation with a chosen one, behave confidently and be cheerful. If this is a problem, practice speak correctly in front of the mirror.
  • I do not advise you to plan words for a guy. Otherwise, you will find yourself in an unpleasant situation when the development of events goes wrong. In addition, you can forget the prepared speech.
  • Stick to hygiene. Brush your teeth, take a shower, use deodorants, spirits and cosmetics.
  • Think positively. You will not gain confidence by constantly thinking about the flaws. Remember, each person defines beauty in his own way.
  • Flirt, smile and shoot eyes. Take action thoughtfully. I do not advise to go too far.

Summing up, I note that to achieve the goal, it’s enough to smile, monitor the cleanliness of the body, wear beautiful clothes and fashionable hairstyle.

If you believe that you are beautiful, everything will work out, and the opinion of others should be of last concern. Everyone has their own life, and everyone looks at it from their own angle. Cast aside doubts and move towards happiness and love.

In the article, I shared information that will help the girl find her loved one. However, successfully completed searches are half the battle. Strive to ensure that the relationship does not fall apart after a few months.

Think positively. In relationships, use the word no as rarely as possible. The correct formulation of desires and feelings will help.

Concede to each other. Even if you quarrel, do not blame your loved one. Once it came to that, then both halves are to blame.

Do not remember bad events from the past. Even if a loved one made a mistake, I'm sorry. And to get rid of bad thoughts and forget unpleasant moments will help pleasant memories.

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Look for the narrowed, build strong relationships and strive to ensure that they are long, happy and joyful. Only in this case get a happy ending. See you!

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