How to open your cafe from scratch

If you decide to embark on the path of opening a food service center, most likely you have a lot of questions, among which how to open a cafe and what you need to do it. First of all, the fundamental points should be structured, which will help to draw up a complete picture of the actions.

Many dream of a thriving restaurant or a comfortable and warm cafe. Becoming a good restaurateur is not easy, but real. In the article I will offer information that will help to open a cafe and make the business prosperous.

Tips for opening a cafe from scratch

Managers, managers, and even students prefer to eat at the cafe every day, rather than carrying bags of sandwiches.

To open an institution from scratch will require capital, premises and a package of documents.

  1. Choose a market segment, analyze the market and draw up a business plan.
  2. Think over the concept of the institution. For example, you can arrange in the form of a gallery or on wheels.
  3. Choose the legal form of the enterprise and the tax system.
  4. Choose a location. If a youth institution is opening, great places in the university area. A family cafe is opened in sleeping areas, and a thematic one in the city center.
  5. Based on the estimated number of customers, a menu is compiled. An excellent set - five hot dishes, twice as many salads and snacks, one and a half dozen drinks.
  6. The list of the main components that leave an impression of the establishment is presented by: staff, a cozy atmosphere and a certain chip.
  7. It is better to entrust the selection of personnel to a competent recruiting agency.
  8. Before starting repairs, obtain a permit to place the establishment. This document is the official consent to the opening of a cafe in a certain room. You can get it at Rospotrebnadzor.

Permission to open will issue the head doctor of the sanitary and epidemiological station in ten days. You will need the following package of documents:

  1. Certificate of registration IP
  2. Rental agreement
  3. Employee Health Examination Results
  4. Conclusion on the products.

You will need to acquire such permits:

  1. Trade license
  2. Licensed to sell cigarettes and alcohol
  3. A patent for conducting business activities.

Many when making the listed documents make mistakes. A professional lawyer will help to avoid such a fate.

Detailed video instruction

"From scratch" We open a coffee shop.

Now let's talk about the cost of opening. It is difficult to say how much money is needed if there is no business plan at hand. It all depends on the location, city, equipment, menu, etc.

Will have to seriously spend money on:

  1. Room
  2. Equipment
  3. Salary
  4. Advertising.

Do not rush and think carefully about all the steps, because the future of the institution and profit depend on it. I can only wish you good luck in creating a business.

Where to start - action plan

I will try to help understand the features of the restaurant business by offering a detailed step-by-step plan for opening a cafe and some important tips.

The format of the institution

It is necessary to determine the format of the institution. For example: dining room, restaurant, coffee shop, bar or cafe. Beginners are recommended to start with the opening of a regular cafe with minimal investment.

  1. Bar. Represents an institution in which there is a reception with alcoholic drinks and a hall designed for an average of 30 visitors. Order a hot meal at the bar will not work. It offers a fine selection of spirits, snacks and various salads.
  2. coffee house. People come here to sit in a cozy atmosphere, drink a cup of tea or coffee and have a little snack. The coffee shop is perfect for small companies who want to relax a bit and forget about the hustle and bustle for a moment.
  3. Cafe. Universal institution. Here you can have a drink, eat, dance, socialize or celebrate a holiday. The menu includes hot dishes, salads, cold dishes, desserts and drinks.

Location and Design

Seat selection. The institution should be in a passable and crowded place. Design pick up comfortable, interesting and original. The interior of the room should correspond to the concept and name of the institution. Waiters should wear a stylish uniform with cafe symbols.


  1. Waiters are obliged to look beautiful and be smart. Unforeseen situations are not uncommon, and the waiter should be able to calmly and quickly solve them. They should know the names of dishes, composition and cost.
  2. The bartender is obliged to know the names of the drinks that are available, their cost, well-versed in the varieties of beer and wine.
  3. The cook is the invisible flagship of the establishment. It depends on his skill whether the client will return to the cafe. The most important role is played by the quality of food.

Product Acquisition

A very important process in which the leader must also participate. Chefs try to take food in reserve. Undoubtedly, this approach is correct, but in the institution, which is just opening, no one knows what kind of dishes customers will order. At first, you need to buy a little bit of everything.

I will give a couple of words to the atmosphere of the establishment. We must try to make a cozy, warm and benevolent atmosphere so that the visitor has a feeling of care and love.

What if there is no money?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are interested in how to open a business without investments. I will give brief instructions that will help you understand how to open a cafe without money.

  1. It is necessary to draw up a business plan. In the document, lay down the amount required at the initial stage and make an estimate, which includes the payment of personnel, utilities, advertising, the cost of products and rental premises. Be sure to include planned revenues
  2. Go with a business plan to the bank for a loan. Indicate information correctly and truthfully.
  3. Discuss opening cafes with relatives and long-time friends. Perhaps they will lend the necessary amount. It is better to pay interest to a loved one than a banking organization.
  4. If you have a wealthy friend, offer him a partnership.
  5. If you managed to get the funds, immediately start thinking how to make money and become a millionaire. Initially, this is problematic, since the cafe will be less visited. An advertisement or an untwisted network portal will come to the rescue.
  6. You can start a cafe page on the Internet, launch an advertising campaign on third-party portals. Actively use social networks for advertising purposes.

Be persistent and confidently go towards the goal.

12 steps to open a fast food cafe

The concept of "fast food" appeared recently, but fast food establishments instantly gained popularity. This market segment is attractive for start-ups. The opening of such an institution does not require large expenses.

Fast food cafe is an institution where you can have a quick and inexpensive meal. The service time does not exceed 5 minutes, and the duration of the client’s stay is on average 30 minutes. Success directly depends on the high turnover of seats.

  1. Choose a place. It should be distinguished by high traffic, comply with the requirements of the fire inspection and SES.
  2. Decide on the type of institution.Often, fast-food cafes use ready-to-cook foods that heat up or finalize after the visitor’s order. Prefabricated suppliers are preparing.
  3. If you want to make semi-finished products yourself, for example, tacos, you will need to equip an additional room for processing vegetables, cutting fish and meat.
  4. There are several types of "fast food". It is necessary to determine the variety. A set of equipment depends on this. Institutions like McDonald's. Cafe of a certain national cuisine. Establishments that place the product concept at the forefront - dumplings, pizzerias or pancakes.
  5. Having solved the issue of renting a room, arrange the interior. More often than not, fast-food cafes cannot boast of exquisite design and elaborate furnishings. Not surprising, because they are not focused on a long pastime.
  6. The main feature of "fast food" is the strictest standardization. She is exposed to dishes, equipment, assortment and even the interior. This is due to the wide development of networks of such institutions. If you decide to open a fast food cafe, be sure to find out if it is more profitable to organize a franchising business.
  7. Such establishments provide self-service, waiters are not required. However, without a cleaning lady, dishwashers, helpers and cooks can not do.
  8. Hire only outgoing, agile and stress-resistant workers. They must know the regulatory documents in the field of trade and public catering.

How to open a cafe on the highway

I often have to drive a car for long distances. After sitting behind the wheel for several hours in a row, there is a desire to make a stop, look into a cozy cafe and relax a bit.

At the same time, many people are not satisfied with the salary level, and they begin to think about starting their own business - a cafe on the highway. This kind of restaurant business deserves special attention.

  1. Get a place for a fast food point. Visit the road construction department, where you can find out which area the land belongs to.
  2. Then go to the district administration and write an application for the provision of land for rent or property.
  3. Be sure to register an IP or legal entity. For a small cafe, enough IP. If the plans include the opening of a network of fast food outlets, you can’t do without JL registration.
  4. Create a project and a business plan. With these documents go to the administration for approval. After you get permission to open a cafe.
  5. After receiving the land, contact a licensed architect. Make a sketch and design of the building, solve issues related to communications.
  6. Take the project and sketch of the cafe to the urban planning department. Here you will receive an act of approval. Together with him, go to the SES, fire protection, administration.
  7. After completing the construction of the building, invite a special commission that will carefully inspect the structure and issue a final verdict.
  8. Before opening, invite SES employees. They will inspect the cafe and issue an opinion. The building must have sewage, water supply and a bathroom.
  9. The last point put fire experts.

You can do restaurant business only after obtaining all the necessary permissions. Then it will remain to hire qualified personnel and get to work.

Finally, I’ll add, if you intend to open such an institution, do not rush to show off among your friends. Better inform them after the cafe doors open to visitors. There are envious people who seek to destroy the enthusiasm of a person who has decided to open a business. They claim that nothing will work out, there is a crisis in the country, all the money will be wasted.

Grow an idea secretly from others. As a result, an open cafe is simply shocking. To look at the result of the work, envious people will come by themselves and grab a few friends. You, in turn, will receive the first visitors.

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I wish you good health and great success in this difficult matter. Believe in the idea, do not doubt the possibilities and confidently go to the dream!

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