How to write a resume for a job

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In search of a permanent and well-paid job, it is important to create a competent resume. Often, employment takes an indefinite time, and can be significantly delayed. A competent resume will help reduce the job search and get a suitable position.

Why you need a quality resume

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This document allows the employer to quickly evaluate the professional and personal qualities of the applicant. Based on the document, an initial and stable opinion is formed about the candidate for the vacancy.

The resume will be a presentation for the employer as a highly qualified, experienced specialist. The interview process will be greatly facilitated if the employer first becomes familiar with a competent and meaningful presentation. It should also be borne in mind that the HR departments of large companies pay special attention to questionnaires, and choose the most suitable options by careful selection.

There are no generally accepted standards for writing a resume, but in order to succeed, you must adhere to some generally accepted rules. The most important is the reliability, completeness and clarity of the information presented. The attractiveness of the resume will depend on how clearly and clearly you state the information.

We make the right resume for the job

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You can fill out the resume correctly by applying the template, but there are no useful points in it, filling in which you can apply for a high-paying job. Depending on the purpose, there are different options for compilation.

The form of the resume is divided into:

  • Universal.
  • Functional.
  • Chronological.
  • Chronologically functional.
  • Target.
  • Academic.

Most often, a universal form is used for compilation, in it information is formed in the form of blocks. This option is recommended for those people who have significant experience in work.

For those who have not yet managed to accumulate a sufficient amount of experience or have a significant break in their work, it is better to place the information in a functional resume. Such a document is recommended to be used when describing a specific work experience or occupation, when there is no need to arrange the entire process of accumulating experience in a chronological order. The emphasis in this case is on education, special knowledge and other skills. This form is acceptable in cases where there was a big break in work or a need arose for a change in profession.

If the main advantage is experience, it is necessary to present information in chronological order, listing all places of work, with the full name of the enterprises, and the positions held. A chronological resume is suitable for those who have worked in the same field for a long time and wish to continue to work in it.

A chronological-functional resume is most often used to cover all available achievements, but at the same time, it retains the temporal sequence of submission of information.

A targeted resume is prepared when it is necessary to focus on a specific position that a person would like to receive, indicating specific abilities and competencies.

An academic resume is intended to search for a vacancy in a faculty. To a greater extent, it consists of information about available scientific works, publications, scientific achievements, awards in the field of knowledge.

What should be the structure


The structure may be diverse, but it must necessarily include the following points:

  • Personal data.
  • Contact details.
  • Education.
  • Experience.
  • Personal qualities.
  • Goal.

You can include in the sections any other information that will become useful in the search.

Mandatory Items

Mandatory items include:

  • Personal data.
  • Contact details.
  • Education.
  • Experience.

Personal and contact information includes those that identify your personality, namely: name, surname, address, phone number, email address.

The paragraph on education indicates everything that a person has received throughout his life, from school education to the profession. Study must be indicated in stages with the start and end dates.

If the school was specialized, it is necessary to indicate the direction of the educational institution. If the school was graduated with honors, it is better to indicate this.

Then you should completely write the name of the university, technical school in which the education is received. If you studied at a university, write down the department and specialty which diploma was received. Be sure to note that the document is with distinction, if any.

REMEMBER! It is necessary to indicate the presence of additional education, courses taken. If there are scientific publications, they are also displayed, indicating the topic and publications in which the works were published.

After the university, students, as a rule, have no work experience, and this is the main obstacle to finding a job, since all institutions want to hire specialists with at least a minimum of experience. Therefore, if there is at least minimal and insignificant labor experience that was obtained during the training process, it is better to declare it.

As in the point of education, it is necessary to fill out the period of work, the position held, the responsibilities that had to be fulfilled, professional achievements. Students should be aware that any practice that they have completed at an educational institution can also be considered as labor activity.

So, what information to indicate, describing the experience:

  • The date of the beginning and end of labor at the enterprise.
  • Full name of the company, location.
  • All posts that held.
  • The range of responsibilities that had to be performed.
IMPORTANT! A person with a large track record should only note the last five places of work, for a period of not more than ten years, while a student is better to indicate all possible options, up to passing specialized courses, indicating industrial achievements.

Additional Items

Additional items include:

  • Personal qualities.
  • The purpose of employment.

They play a secondary role in selecting a candidate, but are usually also important. They allow you to learn about the personal qualities of a person.

What to include in personal qualities

The section is necessary to indicate those aspects of the personality that characterize the candidate for a vacant position on the positive side. It can be:

  • Professional knowledge of design programs, the ability to set up and install programs on a personal computer and other useful skills.
  • The presence of a driver’s license.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages, fluency in them.

How to fill professional qualities

Describing personal qualities in a resume, you represent the breadth of your opportunities to your employer.It is very important to write to the maximum that is directly related to the work that you would like to get, and everything else is only if there is a need to increase the chances.

An example of a completed resume

Personal data


middle nameNikolaevna
Date of Birth14.02.1990
Family statusUnmarried
Place of residenceRussia, Moscow, st. Defense 12, apt. 52


Phone+7 495 123 45 67

Job vacancy

Recruitment Engineer, Researcher; financier; procurement specialist, other.


  • 1997-2007 Secondary specialized school, with a physical and mathematical bias.

  • 2007-2012 State Technical University, Department of Mechanics. Upon completion, a specialist diploma in higher education in the specialty "Engineering Technology" was obtained.

  • 2010-2013 State Technical University, Department of Economics and Finance. Qualified - Bachelor in Finance and Credit.

  • 2013 State Technical University, Department of Mechanics. Upon completion, a master’s diploma with honors about higher education in the specialty “Design Engineer” was received.

work experience

  • 2012-2013 promoter - advertising of goods with the aim of promoting them on the market;

  • 2013 Office of Labor and Social Protection of the Population - “Archivist” (document management)

  • 2014. The audit firm "Accountant-Audit" - an accountant-auditor (documentary audits of the economic and financial activities of enterprises) experience in this organization for 6 months;

  • 2014 - 2017 “Metallurgical Combine” is a specialist in the procurement of equipment of category I: active work with the customer base, searching for new suppliers, negotiating, working out requests for equipment, coordinating commercial offers, conducting tenders, and maintaining documentation. Experience in this structure 4 years 6 months.

  • Since 2017, I have been doing fitness in my free time.

Personal qualities

  • Personal qualities: analytical mindset, performance, punctuality, perseverance, diligence, learning ability, the ability to work individually and as a team.

  • I own: Windows, MS Office, MS Excel, Internet, Compass-3d V10 - experienced user, Vertical Technology, document management.

  • Achievements: author of four scientific articles.

  • Foreign language: German, English (elementary level).

  • Driving License Category: B


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How to write a resume in English

The main language for compiling a resume is Russian, but there are cases when an employment option is considered not only in the vastness of the Russian Federation. There is a need for a questionnaire in English.


The English-language version of the questionnaire usually has the same design and styling requirements as the Russian-language one.

Sample CV in English:

How to write a resume for a job

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Useful Tips

To avoid failures, it is not recommended to indicate the following:

  • Information that is not true.
  • Information that indicates a frequent change of work.
  • The text should not be oversaturated, it is better not to write a lot of superfluous and unnecessary.

If you manage to make a correct resume, it will become a reliable assistant in finding a highly paid, decent job. In addition to such a document, it is necessary to develop communication skills in order to conduct a self-presentation at the time of employment.

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