Downshifting - what is it?

What is downshifting?

Not every person knows what downshifting is. In the article, we will understand what this phenomenon is, get acquainted with the followers of this ideology, analyze why they refuse a successful career in favor of absolute freedom.

Imagine that you can choose a certain lifestyle. The first option is represented by good work, decent income, but a tough rhythm, clear rules, submission and regular stress. The second option is characterized by a lower rung in society, modest income, lack of career prospects, but complete freedom and independence from generally accepted rules.

Downshifters are people who prefer the second option. They deliberately lower themselves in career and status for the sake of family, hobby and free choice of place of residence.

In general, downshifting is an automotive term, translated from English means a switch to low gear. In our case, people who are tired of a quick life stop moving towards goals imposed by society and follow their own values ​​and desires.

Society imposes various values. Everyone should become a successful person reaching the goal, look perfect, have decent capital and the attributes of a prosperous life - stylish accessories, prestigious cars, yachts, first-class apartments. If you adhere to such a worldview, ambition, overestimated self-esteem, the desire to step forward to the goal set will be manifested.

Downshifter is a person who is able to change the manager’s chair to the position of an ordinary manager or completely abandon city life, move to the countryside or abroad.

A good example of downshifting is the act of the Russian multimillionaire German Sterligov. As a public figure, politician and businessman, who founded the Russian Commodity Exchange, he left business and moved with his family in the Moscow Region. Now he has a rural house and a full farm. Of course, he partially returned to business and founded a settlement and commodity center, but does not intend to return the title of oligarch.

Downshifter is a person who has decided to completely change his life. The fatigue from the race for material wealth and the heated conflict between psychological comfort and beautiful life are pushing him to such a step.

Pros and Cons of Downshifting

The rapidly increasing popularity of downshifting is caused by general fatigue from the high-speed rhythm of life.

In the course of further discussion, I will consider the pros and cons of downshifting. I'll start with the flaws.


  • Work break. A long break will negatively affect if a person wants to find a job again.
  • Income reduction. After a lifestyle change, financial flows decrease.
  • Loss of connections. Business partners forget the people they had to work with before. A man who enjoyed the delights of downshifting and decided to return to civilization will have to start from scratch.


Pluses are much more.

  1. Stress reduction. Downshifter lives in an independent world without schedules, hard lines and requirements. It is not necessary to carry out urgent work as soon as possible.
  2. Time saving. No need to drive to work daily.
  3. Self planning. Downshifter makes the schedule at its discretion. For example, he can work at night or get up early in the morning to work in a quiet environment.
  4. Benefit for health. Many change not only their place of work, but also their place of residence. There is an opportunity to breathe clean air, drink high-quality water and eat environmentally friendly products.
  5. Self-realization. After radical changes, free time appears, the lion's share of which can be spent on yourself. It is about self-improvement and the disclosure of creative potential.
  6. Professional and personal growth. Usually professional growth is required and does not bring pleasure. After the changes, a personal desire arises to learn new things, to learn and develop.

There is no doubt that downshifting has significant advantages. However, I do not recommend immediately being seduced. The first thing to do is to carefully weigh and consider everything.

Top countries for downshifting

Many downshifters go to warmer countries. The main goal of a person who has decided to completely change his life, carefree, comfortable and convenient pastime, without significant financial costs.


Thailand is in first place in terms of popularity among downshifters. On the territory of the state there are many foreigners, among whom are our compatriots. A visa to Thailand is not required if the length of stay does not exceed one month. After it is enough to cross the border with Laos or Malaysia and you can go back again for a month.

Video interview with downshifters

Downshifting / downshifting. How to quit work and leave to live at sea.


Goa is the most popular downshifting destination in India. To visit the country requires a visa, which is issued for six months. India is a wintering country. While in the homeland of the cold, here you can have fun, walk and live for a penny. Many downshifters do just that.


The Turkish state is popular among Russian tourists who go on short vacations. Turkey is also suitable for short downshifting. Russians can stay here without a visa for two months. The total length of stay may not exceed one quarter. After two months of residence, you need to leave the country, and then return for a month.


The country through which the Equator passes provides high-quality bananas to the markets. In Ecuador, you can stay 90 days with the right to renew. Prices are reasonable, and people are good. Wonderful living conditions, mountains and rainforests are everywhere here.


The South American state is friendly to the inhabitants of our country. The Russians can stay here for three months, and then extend the right to stay through bilateral border crossing. Argentina is ideal for emigration. A child born here receives citizenship, and parents can easily obtain a residence permit.

This is not a complete list of states for downshifting. It can include Nepal, the Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Brazil, Bolivia, Kenya.

How much do downshifters earn?

I will give a few examples with figures on how incomes changed before and after downshifting.

  • After moving to the countryside, the income of the former citizen significantly falls. According to one of the downshifters, while living in the city, he earned 100,000 rubles as a lawyer. After moving to the village, earnings decreased by 4 times.
  • Another downshifter, before moving to the countryside, earned about 50,000 rubles a month, working in the field of street artists. After the fateful decision and the subsequent relocation, his income fell sharply. There were times that the budget for the day did not exceed 100 rubles.
  • Some in search of adventure go to warmer climes. According to a former bank employee who went to Asia, now his monthly income does not exceed $ 300. Enough for a normal life, but sometimes you want a little luxury.
  • One copywriter quit his job and went to live where he likes, staying in one place for a short time. It still works remotely, while revenues increased by one and a half times.This is not a full downshifting, as he continues to work in his specialty, but in a convenient place for him.

In most cases, revenues fall significantly, but this is not scary, because freedom for downshifters is much more important.

Downshifting in Russia

In Western countries, downshifting means the renunciation of fame, the benefits of civilization and a career in favor of personal freedom.

In Russia, this concept has acquired a different connotation. The vast majority of downshifters are prosperous people who can go to another state for permanent residence without any problems. They do not abandon the business, but leave it in the care of managers and keep it under control. Therefore, downshifting in Russia is characterized by negative reviews. The people are explained by the phenomenon of laziness, betrayal of the motherland, unwillingness to work.

Video plot

Downshifting in Russian

Motives and reasons for downshifting

  1. Unfulfilled aspirations and talents.
  2. Excessive fatigue from society.
  3. The desire to test their own strength.
  4. The desire to start life from scratch.
  5. Craving for a healthy lifestyle and nature.

This ideology is often followed by people who are disappointed in life. We are talking about the departure of the second half, the loss of loved ones, betrayal by colleagues or friends. For many, downshifting is a great opportunity to start another life, leaving old mistakes in the past.

Russian people who decided to plunge into the world of downshifting, are interested in where to go? Places that are suitable for this cannot be estimated by a point or star system. This approach is wrong. Some find reassurance in the Siberian forests, others choose the Norilsk extreme or Karelian swamps, still others leave for the Moscow Region, restore their grandmother’s hut and grow vegetables.

An ideal place for downshifting is considered to be where there is sun and sea, there are no megacities, industrial enterprises and manifestations of civilization. Life should be inexpensive, the local people responsive and welcoming, and enough coconuts and lobsters to eat.

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I think this idea of ​​downshifting is distorted, because it involves avoiding the harsh reality and provides an opportunity to figure it out. This can be done in conditions of absolute silence anywhere.

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