How to choose women's and men's perfumes

Choose women's and men's perfumes

Choosing the right perfume is an art, not every woman and man can use it. Spirits deceive, bring pleasure, become a means of self-expression, sometimes cause disgust.

The fragrance we choose is guided by intuition, not logic. It can be argued that perfume is a business card of the I, which is hidden from sight.

Surely you have noticed that a change in mood or state of mind leads to a change in flavor. What caused delight and admiration yesterday, today does not cause emotions, otherwise it is annoying. How to choose your favorite fragrance? How to please the beloved (beloved) when choosing? How not to get lost among thousands of attractive bottles?

There are no definite advice, just as there are no two identical people. Each smell is perceived differently. The same perfumes “sound” differently, depending on the color of the hair, skin type, temperament, season.

Recent studies have shown that aromatic addictions are associated with life experience, social status and character of a person. For example, floral options attract energetic people. Romantics and dreamers like warm and plant. Floral-fruity smell is chosen by cheerful and carefree natures.

Oriental tales are collected fairy tales of the East, they dispose to deep feelings and concentration. They are chosen by people who seek freedom and independence, who want to emphasize originality. Men try to pick out a perfume that expresses the ideal. Leading woody notes and skin odor.

Men's fragrances

The market for men's perfumes is saturated, like a female. The range of aromas is rich and extensive, which causes confusion. Men are conservative and remain faithful to selected odors, even if they are out of fashion.

When buying toilet water, men are guided by the recommendations of a consultant who clarifies what type of odor is suitable. If a man sees in himself a certain type or wants to match him, he will choose a smell, even if not suitable. It is noted that if a man’s perfume is successfully selected, it is a woman’s merit.

Men’s smells are always more stable and intense than women’s, thanks to special ingredients. Special components, perfumers call them “notes”, emphasize masculinity, strength and independence, restraint and calm. Often men express their personality through perfume. Some people think that the stronger the smell, the better, ignoring the opinions of those present, and then wonder why the first date was unsuccessful.

Video tips and rules for choosing

Men's Perfume. How to choose? How to use?

To impress your companion, it is better to pick up natural odors. Time is changing and now brand creators are looking for not too simple and banal images for men. The compositions of perfumers each time become more complicated.

Choosing a perfume for a woman

People compare the choice of their own fragrance with magical activities. If guided by the contents of the bottle, and not the brand or type of bottle. To accurately and correctly make a choice, it is worth listening to the advice of perfumers.

  1. Go shopping is better in the morning. At this time, olfactory recipes are the most active and sensitive. By evening, the scent is dulled.
  2. The optimal period for choosing, a few days before menstruation. At this time, the perception of odors increases.
  3. Before going to the store, do not use perfume, deodorant or toilet water, it interrupts the smell and distracts.
  4. Better to buy in boutiques with a good reputation. Avoid random markets and underpasses. Sites selling perfumes do not always inspire confidence.
  5. It is recommended that you don’t smell more than 4 smells in one trip to the store, the olfactory receptors get tired and lose their sensitivity. You will not be able to fully feel the notes of aroma and its composition. If you are in a perfume shop, you will be offered a jar of coffee beans or cocoa beans.
  6. Between samples, inhale the smell, which will restore the susceptibility of the nose. Do not try to embrace the immense, do not try the whole assortment. If you could not find the perfume from the proposed limit, do not despair, return to the store the other day.

Useful Tips


Choosing a perfume by style

It is generally accepted that brunettes will suit bright and sweet smells, but not very tart. Blonde, the owner of fair skin, fit with notes of fruit and freshness. Perfumers are advised to pick up graceful floral notes for fair-haired women who have a matte skin tone. Brown hair is perfect inimitable oriental perfume.

The color type is not the only argument when choosing. Take into account individual style, age and character. Under the tenderness and romance of a blonde, a strong and domineering woman may be hiding, and a brunette, who is seemingly strong-willed and strong, may turn out to be gentle and romantic in nature.

Not every brunette will have spicy or sweet options. For a young and mischievous lady, it is better to choose the aroma of freshness, tender and romantic nature - floral. A stylish and confident blonde with a strong character will be advised to pick up a perfume with chypre and woody notes.

Regardless of the color of the hair, but with a strong, maybe arrogant character, saturated, vibrant tones, sometimes similar to men's, are suitable. Oriental perfume will suit sultry and erotic ladies, and fresh or fruity tones will be suitable for gentle, romantic natures.

Express method

How to choose a fragrance for yourself. Express method.

Key odor levels

Perfumers distinguish 3 levels of perfume odor: top notes or the initial level, basic or basic, residual or aftertaste.

As soon as we open the bottle, a sharp aroma is immediately felt, these are the top notes. You can not judge by this smell or coming from the inside of the lid, the true aroma appears 15 or 20 minutes after application to the skin. Only then can the true character of spirits be caught.

If the perfume is persistent, after application to the skin it is felt for another 20 hours, and after about 10 hours a subtle aroma remains - the aftertaste. If you liked the smell in three stages, you should think about buying.

Immediately interesting options do not apply to the skin. For a complete sensation, it is better to put a test on a special paper strip.

Apply perfume on a strip, wait a few seconds and smell the probe. Sniff at a distance of 2-3 cm, if the aroma triplets, put a drop of perfume on your wrist, smell it in 10 minutes to make sure how well it combines.

Do not grab a bottle with the contents immediately if you liked everything. Perfume is not going anywhere. This is not a cat and not dog. Take the test strip home with you. Do not rinse the perfumes on the skin to give the aroma the chance to open completely, noting how it changes throughout the day. If in this case you are not disappointed, the next day go to the store to purchase an attractive bottle.

What smells are most attractive?

Spirits are considered weapons that fight on the spot the opposite sex. To charm a man, it is enough to use aromas, because he loves not only with his eyes, he is also concerned about the smell of a woman. Many will object, saying that the natural smell is better, but, in combination with a good and well-chosen perfume, it gives additional sensations.

Most often, harsh aromas are not perceived, and preference is given to delicate, barely perceptible.According to scientists, the fruity aroma causes appetite in men, and not quite to borsch and salads. The aroma of ylang-ylang and vanilla makes a man crave. They are good to lure a man, and when it comes to the bedroom, it is better to pick up a scent with notes of eucalyptus, ginger or patchouli. According to perfumers, jasmine for men resembles a woman's natural smell.

Perfumes and seasons

When choosing perfumes, consider the seasons. In winter, during New Year chypre notes are better perceived. Woody shade with sharp tart notes emphasize the richness of the fur, as if it exudes heat, so necessary in winter.

In summer, sweet, honey-oriental tones are appropriate. With him, a woman is like an open flower bud attracting bees.

To keep up with the times and not be afraid to choose a perfume that has gone out of fashion, buy classics: generally recognized brands or novelties in the world of perfumery. This choice is optimal and is suitable for almost all occasions.

Perfume Tips

  1. Do not store perfumes in the bathroom, excessive humidity, heat and direct exposure to light will harm them. Keep them in a dark place.
  2. Try to choose other cosmetics to match the perfume series, so that there is no discord. If the perfume contains oriental notes, shampoo and shower gel, choose a similar one.
  3. Perfume is applied to clean skin on the wrist, elbow, under the knee, under the chest, under the earlobe or on the neck of the neck. Some recommend putting a drop of your favorite perfume over your upper lip, in the dimple, so that even with the closest communication you can feel a wonderful aroma and breathtaking breath.
  4. You can scent your hair, it’s not worth aromatizing the dress too much, the fragrance can show essence only on the skin. Stains may remain on the dress.

The life that we transform with smells makes us happy, brings pleasure, enchants and fascinates. If you choose the aroma taking into account the time of the year, day, dress and circumstances, life will sparkle with other colors, it will become brighter and richer.

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The choice of perfume is a responsible and difficult task. Perfume - as the choice of a partner - you can choose long and carefully, but you can fall in love at first sight. If this happened, then congratulations, you have found your fragrance! Good luck

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