How to prepare for the New Year for adults and children

How to prepare for the New Year

Preparation for the New Year must begin in advance, it is better to prepare for the month on a special to-do list. True, not every person has such an opportunity. If you begin to prepare for the New Year's celebration, my action plan will come in handy.

New Year's bustle and belated preparation unbalances even a calm person. In order not to forget anything, make a preparation plan.

Let's imagine that today is December 30th on the calendar. But the tree is not decorated, the apartment is not cleaned, new Year gifts not bought, but empty in the fridge. This is why you need to create an optimized plan.

New Year's to-do list

  1. Adults should begin training with the preparation of a list of products and prompt dispatch to the store. When compiling a list, pay attention to the little things, including souvenirs, skewers and napkins. Otherwise, you will have to return to the store and lose time.
  2. Upon returning from the store, proceed to install the Christmas tree and decorate the home. In the absence of strength it is better to go to bed right away, and leave things for tomorrow.
  3. The next day, complete the installation of the Christmas tree and cleaning the house. Remember, the New Year symbol is first installed and decorated, and the cleaning is carried out after.
  4. Then start cooking treats. Some dishes are prepared in advance: salads, cakes and cold snacks. If time is too short, better buy a cake in a candy store.
  5. Having solved the questions concerning the New Year's table, work on yourself. Undoubtedly, a decorated house and a laid table are good. But, without a well-groomed hostess, the holiday will be far from ideal.
  6. Take your time training outfit and to myself. Doing a hairstyle and applying makeup, do not rush.
  7. Since New Year’s dishes are ready, the housing is clean and tidy, decorating the table does not require much time.
  8. The last stage of preparation for the New Year is represented by table setting, completion of cooking, meeting guests.

Following this plan, you will surely be in time for everything. It will remain to spend the New Year holiday in a fun and noisy company.

Prepare the body

People after the New Year holidays do not feel very well. Not surprisingly, in a matter of days they eat meals, not paying attention to the benefits to the body. And it's not about calories. If some continue to suffer, others are interested in preparing the body for the New Year.

According to professional nutritionists, the body should be prepared in advance for the New Year’s test. It is better to start the procedure in mid-December. Two weeks is enough to fully prepare the body.

  1. The initial stage of preparation is to reduce the number of calories in the diet. It is enough to refuse fatty foods and sweets. Remove sausages, smoked meats and sucrose-containing foods from the diet.
  2. Start drinking more water so that the body receives a water load.
  3. On New Year's Eve, sitting at a festive table in a hungry state is strictly prohibited.Have a meal before the celebration. Otherwise, the appearance of the laid table will cause a loss of self-control.
  4. During the feast, give preference to only one strong drink. Stirring alcohol is not recommended. In addition, you do not need to drink alcoholic beverages. Better to eat them.
  5. The day after the celebration, immediately drink a glass of water. Do not forget about the increase in water load the next week after the holiday. Drink water, eat liquid foods, and delight the body with natural juices.

Following this simple instruction, you will get rid of ill health after the New Year holidays.

Preparing the child for the New Year

Some parents think whether they should tell the child the truth about the existence of Santa Claus. It is well known that a little later, however, he will disappoint. You can’t argue with that.

If a child believes in Santa Claus, then he believes in miracles. When he grows up, faith will come in handy in more serious situations. Faith is the defense of the human psyche.

Parents are often interested in preparing their children for the New Year. If you belong to this category of parents, read the article further.

Young children

  1. You should not expect much from the child. He may look forward to seeing Santa Claus, but after this moment he may be scared.
  2. Be sure to tell the child that on New Year's holidays, close people gather in large company, decorate a Christmas tree and prepare dinner. Santa Claus will come and leave a gift under the tree.
  3. If you are going to go to a matinee and arrange a meeting of the child with this character there, do a lot of preparation. Dress up the Christmas tree with the child, take a family dance around her and sing songs. Try to make a festive atmosphere at home.
  4. Play a show for the child. This will help Santa Claus, Christmas tree and small christmas toys. So you demonstrate to the child what awaits him at the matinee.
  5. Make your matinee predictable for your child. Meeting with Santa Claus will not become stressful for him and will leave a positive impression.


  1. Children of this age are prepared differently for the New Year holidays. As a rule, Santa Claus no longer causes a feeling of fear.
  2. Make the main bet on preparing for the holiday and creating a mood.
  3. With your child write to grandfather a small letter and leave it under the Christmas tree. In the morning there, the child will find an answer asking him to learn a verse or decorate a room.
  4. This will prolong communication with a fabulous character and bring a wonderful New Year mood.

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Now preparing your child for the New Year will not cause you any difficulties. Make the day unique. In the morning light the garlands. Never scold a child. Come up with a children's menu of bright and unusually decorated treats, which are served on the table in beautiful festive dishes.

Decoration and preparation of the apartment for the New Year

Traditionally, preparation for the New Year holidays begins with a general cleaning, cleaning up the house and getting rid of the rubble.

If you clean, following my rules for preparing an apartment for the New Year, everything will work out.

Vases, crystal, glass

  1. Remove the removable elements from the chandeliers and fixtures, lower them into a container with heated water and add detergent. Remove and wipe with a cloth later. Use cotton gloves. It’s more convenient to work in them.
  2. Pour vinegar into the vase and leave until the next morning. If the night procedure cleansed the vase, rinse with water. Otherwise, add rice to vinegar and shake the product. Then wipe the walls of the vase with grains and the coating will come off.

Tulle and curtains

  1. If the curtains turn yellow, soak them in bleach for an hour, and then send them to the washing machine.
  2. At the end of the wash, hang the still-wet tulle on the cornice. Vacuum heavy curtains using a narrow nozzle.


  1. Use a dry cloth to remove dirt and ash from the fireplace surfaces. Use a vacuum cleaner with a special brush.
  2. Use an iron brush to clean the grate and the front of the fireplace. If the grill is made of cast iron, use a special paste.


  1. Unplug the TV and PC. Wipe the screens with a dry cloth. Grease stains with a special cleaning cloth that eliminates static charge.
  2. Do not use cleaning agents to clean the LCD screens, because they contain solvents or alcohol. Stock up on a special tool.
  3. A computer keyboard is a great dust collector. To clean, disconnect it from the computer, turn it over, and shake it over a sheet of newspaper.
  4. Use a vacuum cleaner to deal with remaining dust. Wipe the area between the buttons with a cotton swab dipped in soapy water.
  5. Wipe the remote controls and handsets with an antibacterial wipe.


  1. If the furniture is leather, first remove dirt and dust with a damp cloth. After applying on the skin a special solution that will maintain elasticity and softness.
  2. Cleaning wooden furniture is a little easier. Using a special paste, remove the scratches, and then rub with a woolen cloth.
  3. If a dog or cat lives in the apartment, be sure to cover the upholstered furniture with special wraps. If you do not want to hide furniture under covers, use decorative napkins and put where pets usually lie.

Sink and taps

  1. Wipe the wash with abrasive. Put brushes and sponges in a separate box. If they have served, discard. If suitable for use, disinfect in a microwave oven.
  2. Moisten a cloth with a limescale remover and wrap the taps. After some time, remove and rinse the taps with water.
  3. If there is no special product, use lemon juice or vinegar for cleaning.

Microwave, containers, kitchen boards

  1. Use hot water to sterilize the cutting board. If the kitchen has old boards or products covered with mold, it is better to get rid of them. It is enough to wash plastic forms.
  2. The microwave oven is easy to clean with a solution of water and lemon peel. Put the dishes with the product in the oven for a couple of minutes.
  3. The essential oils contained in the lemon will quickly dissolve the fat, and a pleasant aroma will appear in the kitchen. It remains to wipe the stove with a cloth.
  4. Often, an unpleasant odor enters the room through the open door of the kitchen cabinet. Ground coffee on a piece of paper, located in a cabinet, will help to eliminate it.

Ceramic tile

  1. When laying the tiles, the masters leave seams, which are subsequently clogged with a special mixture. It is beautiful, but it is not easy to clean the seams. Help bleach paired with a toothbrush.
  2. Dirt that does not rub off the surface of the tile can be easily removed with a mixture of sugar and liquid soap. Grate the tile with a tool, and then wash it off with a rag.

Christmas tree

  1. Cut the tree at an angle, and upon returning home, put it in a bucket of cold water for a day.
  2. The next day, wipe the place of cut, dry and coat with wax.

Shelves & Cabinets

  1. Get rid of unnecessary things. Fold the remaining items neatly.
  2. New Year's Eve is the perfect time to get rid of cardboard boxes, broken toys and old clothes.

It remains to run around the apartment with a vacuum cleaner, which will collect the remaining dust and debris. Without this device, it is impossible to clean the apartment. Next, remove dust from the remaining surfaces, and then do wet cleaning. Everything, the apartment is clean, you can cook treats, stove christmas cake and wait for the guests to arrive.

How to decorate the house for the NEW YEAR! Simple and affordable.

It's time to say goodbye.If you carefully read the article on preparations for the New Year, you realized that there are no trifles in this matter. Now you can easily prepare for the New Year celebration not only yourself and your children, but also your home.

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