11 New Year's toys with their own hands. Guides and Tips

Photo of a Christmas tree with decorations

It is hard to imagine the New Year holidays without a Christmas tree decorated with toys. It’s not difficult to get a Christmas tree, but it’s not necessary to buy Christmas-tree decorations in the store, you can make New Year’s toys with your own hands.

Making is very interesting, especially if children are involved. In this case, you can create your favorite, beautiful and unpretentious toys and new Year gifts.

Dough toys

Every housewife knows that shaping the dough is problematic. The question arises how to make Christmas decorations from it? It is very simple, following my advice, recommendations and guidelines, the main thing is to take salty and thick dough.

  1. Pour a little water into a large bowl, add a little vegetable oil, pour half a glass of salt and a full glass of flour. Knead the dough.
  2. Roll out the finished dough. Cut the figures from the resulting pancake. Even a child can cope with the task. Make the figures compact so they dry faster.
  3. Insert wire loops into the finished figures. After that, dry the decorations. You can dry on the battery or in the oven, periodically turning over.
  4. When they are dry, paint and varnish. The finishing touch is decoration with ribbons, feathers and beads.

Paper flashlight

You will need scissors, thick paper and glue.

  1. Fold a piece of colored paper in half and make a few cuts. Make sure that the cuts do not reach the edge.
  2. Expand colored paper and roll it into a tube. Spread the ends of the sheet with glue and press them together.
  3. Squeeze the flashlight slightly to give it a certain shape.
  4. From thick paper, make a tube with a diameter slightly smaller than a flashlight. The tubule will be the core of the toy.
  5. It remains to insert the core into the flashlight and fix it with glue. The flashlight will turn out more elegant if decorated with sparkles or rain.

Soft toy

For the manufacture of suitable ribbons, shreds, beads and other colorful materials.

  1. On the fabric, draw the pattern of the toy you want to make and cut it out.
  2. Stitch the edges, leaving a hole. She will allow to turn out a toy. Sew a small eyelet to the workpiece.
  3. Unscrew the toy, fill it with soft material and sew a hole.
  4. Use beads and beads to decorate toys. With a special marker, you can apply a drawing in the New Year's style.

To make many toys, it will take a lot of time. But it's worth it. As a result, you will get not only a beautiful Christmas tree, but also good savings.

Examples of Christmas toys

On the eve of the New Year, it is customary to decorate a Christmas tree. Some use purchased toys for this, others decorate an evergreen tree with home-made decorations.

Everyone can make Christmas toys with their own hands. The process is interesting and exciting if you have at hand the necessary materials and a supply of free time.

I use the created decorations for the home tree and present it to my friends as a New Year's gift.

Snowman Creation Video

HOW TO MAKE A NEW YEAR TOY ✔ Snowman at home ✔ How to make a snowman out of a sock

Snowman from the covers

I make from ordinary bottle caps.

  • Paint the inside of the covers white. In some cases, paint twice.
  • Glue three covers onto a long ribbon. Add a drop of glue between the caps to hold better.
  • Tie the upper part of the ribbon with an eyelet. With its help, we will hang a snowman on a Christmas tree.
  • With a thin brush I draw on the snowman buttons, a mouth, a nose and eyes. If there is no brush, a toothpick will do.
  • After the paint has completely dried, I decorate it with sparkles.
  • Between the first and second cap, you can add a ball of fabric and sew a button on it.

Toys from computer parts

If you have old computer equipment, for example, RAM cards, you can make original jewelry.

  1. With a drill in the board, make a hole into which we will thread the thread. If there is no drill, the thread can be glued.
  2. Add some small decorations, rain or sparkles.
  3. It remains to add a bright thread to hang the toy on the Christmas tree.

Peanut toys

It will take a lot of patience to make. The working surface is very small, so you need to work carefully.

  1. Peanuts paint yellow.
  2. After the paint has dried, the workpieces should be equipped with eyebrows, mouth, nose and eyes.
  3. Decorate the figurines. One can stick a cotton beard, the second to give a scarf from a ribbon, and the third to wire horns.

Balls of thread

DIY toys. Balls of thread.

Lace ball

To create, you need lace. You can purchase them in a store or make them yourself if you can to crochet.

  1. Pour some PVA glue into a small container and add a little water.
  2. Apply diluted glue to the lace with a brush.
  3. Inflate a few balloons.
  4. Wrap each ball in lace and wait until the glue dries.
  5. As soon as the adhesive has dried, break the ball and remove it. Get a lace toy.

Christmas snowflake from a bottle

I use plastic bottles to create Christmas decorations.

  • Cut the bottoms with a knife.
  • Using an awl, make holes in the bottoms. Insert a thread through these holes that will allow you to hang the toys on the Christmas tree.
  • Draw Christmas patterns on plastic parts.

As you can see, for home-made Christmas-tree decorations you don’t even have to buy special materials. Enough to inspect the kitchen, there is sure to be everything. When the toys are ready, boldly decorate the Christmas tree and go cook christmas cake.

New Year's toys from paper

What does winter offer? Long weekends, walks around the city, skiing and sledding, many gifts and an elegant Christmas tree. If some families prefer walking in the parks, others like to sit at home, cook biscuit and enjoy the view of the New Year tree.

If you only knew how wonderful a Christmas tree decorated with homemade toys looks. It does not matter what material they are made of.


New Year's Toys Do It Yourself. How to Make Christmas Balls From Paper. DIY Christmas Balls


  1. On a piece of paper you need to draw a bell. If you want to make another toy, draw an asterisk or snowflake.
  2. Stick figure cut out. Get a stencil. Put it on cardboard, and cut out the base for toys from it.
  3. Take crepe paper and cut into small squares. Roll a ball from each square.
  4. Glue the prepared figures with balls so that they completely cover the cardboard.
  5. It remains to make holes in the bells, thread a thread and hang it on a Christmas tree.
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We learned how to make bells. It's time to learn how balls are made.

  1. Draw circles on colored paper. Quickly solve the problem will help a pair of compasses, wineglass or glass. To make one ball, prepare 12 circles of the same diameter.
  2. Having drawn circles, cut them out.If you intend to make several balls, use multi-colored paper and cut out the circles in a stack. So you save a lot of time.
  3. Bend the finished circles in half and fold them in a pile.
  4. The most difficult task to be solved is to form balls. Wrap each billet with wire along the fold line. Make sure that the structure does not wrinkle. So fasten all the circles.
  5. Spread the halves of the circles and glue them together.
  6. It remains to attach a rope loop to the finished ball.


So that during the New Year holidays, a corresponding atmosphere reigns in the house, people try to decorate the home. The most popular decorations are snowflakes. They are cut out of napkins, newspapers and ordinary sheets of paper.

  1. Fold the square pieces of paper in half. Get a certain number of triangles.
  2. Draw lines with a pencil and a ruler on the triangles. Draw lines parallel to the faces.
  3. Make cuts, not reaching the center of the workpiece a few millimeters.
  4. Glue paper sheets. Expand the triangle and collapse into the tube its central part. Connect the edges of the incision. Fix the tubes can be glue.
  5. After fixing the edges of the tube, turn the square over, and on the wrong side make another tube, fixing the edges with glue. Similarly connect all the cuts. The result is the finished rays of a snowflake.
  6. Connect the tops of the beams with glue in three pieces. This will turn out the upper and lower parts of the toy, which are fastened with a stapler.
  7. It remains to fix the neighboring faces of the figure. Decorate the finished toy with foil and sparkles.

The most popular Christmas toys

In this section of the article I will talk about popular Christmas-tree decorations in different countries.

I'll start with the story. As you know, began to decorate the Christmas tree in Europe, in the Middle Ages. Initially, waffles and fresh apples were used as Christmas tree decorations. On the branches of an evergreen tree, candles, symbolizing angelic purity, were strengthened.

Over time, people have changed the approach to decoration. The first to invent Christmas balls were residents of Germany in the early 17th century. On giving, residents began to use glass balls to decorate the Christmas tree because of the crop failure of apples.

In Russia, Christmas tree decorations began at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. The tradition gained mass character under Nicholas the First. It was he who ordered to decorate the spruce tree without fail.

Glass Christmas toys came from Europe. Until the end of the 19th century, there was no free space on toys for Christmas trees. Only at the beginning of the 20th century did minimalism take primacy.

Time passed, and toys changed. Initially, the star of Bethlehem flaunted on top of the New Year tree, which was subsequently replaced by a five-pointed red star.

I will consider several countries and tell you what New Year's toys are popular here.

  • Sweden. Out of competition, straw ornaments. Such products combine beauty and safety. Very relevant in families with children.
  • Germany. Nutcracker jewelry is popular. Germans often use gingerbread men.
  • Ireland. In any product in the manufacture of which a resident of the country took part, recognizable color styling is seen and Christmas-tree decorations are no exception.
  • America. Americans decorate the top of the Christmas tree with an angel figure. There are deer, boots and straws on the tree.
  • England. The British prefer mistletoe decorations. Even the ancient Celts used mistletoe in New Year's ceremonies.
  • Spain. The Spanish tree is the sweetest. To decorate the Spaniards widely use a variety of sweets.
  • Japan. The Japanese New Year tree bears the imprint of national culture. In addition to standard jewelry, the Japanese use bells, fans, dolls, lanterns, origami.
  • China. On the branches of a Chinese tree you can find paper products - flowers, lanterns, fairy lights. The Chinese use figures of animals symbolizing the year and dragons.
  • Mexico and Italy. In these countries, it’s not Christmas trees that are decorated, but nativity scenes.
  • Russia. To decorate the Christmas tree use a wide variety of products.Figures of animals, stars, Christmas trees, bells, snow maiden, Santa Claus, balls.

Dear readers, I hope that from now on you will have no problems with the preparation of Christmas toys. In the end, I will devote a few words to the process of decorating the New Year tree.

How to decorate a Christmas tree

First of all, the Christmas tree needs to be well fixed, especially if the family has children. Their safety and health should come first. I recommend using a metal stand that can easily be masked with cotton, tinsel or shiny fabric.

After that you can hang a garland, after making sure of its serviceability. Spread the wires on the branches in a spiral. It is not superfluous to trace whether the garland reaches the outlet.

Then hang tinsel, rain and chains in a horizontal plane. And only after that you can make toys with which to fill the empty seats.

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The finishing touch is the decoration of the crown of the tree. For this purpose, use a volume bow, asterisk or spade, depending on your preference. Happy New Year holidays!

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