Horticulturist sowing calendar for 2019

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Gardeners and gardeners take care of increasing the level of plant productivity, preserving the fruits. A special sowing calendar for 2019 will help in these matters, about which I will discuss in the article.

What is a gardener and gardener calendar

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The main goal of the calendar is to “consult” the farmers on the feasibility of certain works by day and on how to increase the yield. Information takes into account the phases of the moon, ebbs and flows, the zodiac constellations. That is how astrologers calculate the most favorable periods for work on a personal plot, selection. If the lunar calendar tells you when you will feel most energetic, your level of disability will be at its peak.

You can use the online calendar or buy a print version. Using such a calendar is very simple: open the day of interest and start planning work on the site. There are practical recommendations for each specific day. If you see that the selected day is not suitable for the planned work, do not be discouraged and pick the nearest favorable period.

Do not forget about your own feelings: rely on intuition, which will also tell you the best moment for sowing and planting. Your mood affects the results, therefore, if the calendar says that you need to start a business, but at an emotional level you are unbalanced, transfer the work to a more rosy day.

Gardener calendar for 2019 for sowing and planting plants

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In the table, I examined the most favorable and unfavorable days in each month of 2019.

2019 monthAuspicious daysTypes of work in the gardenBad days
January10, 15, 16It is recommended to sort the plants for subsequent planting.
In January, flowers are also sown: carnations, primroses, begonias, irises. From vegetables, it's time to sow hot pepper, leek, celery, herbs.
6, 21
February6, 7, 12We plant plants in pots or greenhouses. It can be root vegetables, deciduous plants.
In February, they plant eggplants, peppers, carrots, leeks, radishes, and strawberries; of flowers - primrose, petunia, chrysanthemum.
5, 19
March7, 10, 12We are engaged in breeding seedlings. In March, they plant early varieties of tomatoes, peppers, spinach, eggplant, kohlrabi, zucchini, radish, dill, parsley. Planting is subject to Echinacea and Petunia.6, 21
April2, 7, 11Only plants that are frost-resistant are allowed to land in open ground. Mustard, arugula, parsley, dill can be planted in the soil.5, 19
May7 – 9You can carry out a variety of work, but heat-loving plants do not rush to plant. Planting radishes, lettuce is recommended.5, 19
June5, 6, 13You can carry out a variety of work in the garden and in the garden.
Seedlings of heat-loving crops are planted: peppers, tomatoes. Carrots, squash, pumpkin, corn and peas are planted in the ground.
3, 17
July3, 11, 16Planting, hilling, picking fruits.
If you think that the holy place should not be empty, it's time to re-plant the plants: lettuce, broccoli, Beijing cabbage, beets.
2, 17
August6 – 8Any types of work in a country or personal plot.
You can plant trees, sow greens.
1, 15, 30
September3 – 5 The best time for harvesting, planting trees, greenery.14, 28
October1, 2, 29It is recommended to transplant perennial plants, to hide mature fruits from the approaching frosts.14, 28
November1, 6, 7You can plant a variety of greens and grow plants in a greenhouse. It's time to sow carrots, beets, plant garlic and onions.12, 26
December3, 5, 10We plant greens and fast-growing crops in the greenhouse. You can do the sowing of flowers: Irish rose, lavender.12, 26

As for the days, about which nothing is said on the calendar, they are neutral. You can engage in agriculture, the result is more dependent on your mood. Astrologers recommend that the most important and global work be performed during favorable periods.

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Garden Head - Lunar calendar for FEBRUARY

Astrologers monthly recommendations for gardeners

For a good crop, it is important to consider some of the nuances of the lunar calendar for gardeners and gardeners.

  • Pisces, Taurus and Cancer are female zodiac signs. They are characterized by energy, endurance and are fertile, so in their period it is best to carry out garden work.
  • Favorable signs that contribute to good productivity: Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn.
  • Signs that are of the male type are not very suitable for sowing. The only exception is Libra: during this period, you can plant decorative and climbing plants.
  • Worst of all is the results of similarity and productivity when the Moon is in the zodiac constellations Sagittarius and Aries.
  • If the lunar day has come, under the influence of Leo or Aquarius, you can engage in pest control or cultivate the soil. At the same time, it is important to carefully process the sprouts so as not to damage them, otherwise they will no longer be able to grow further.
  • You can weed, eliminate pests and plant plants when the Moon is in Aries.
  • The waning crescent in combination with the constellation Taurus has a positive effect on root crops, so this is the best time to plant them.
  • The waning crescent moon, which is located in Cancer, promotes the planting of moisture-loving plants: cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, raspberries, currants.
  • On days when the constellation Leo or Virgo protects, it is best to deal with weeds and pests.
  • The constellation of Libra with a growing moon contributes to the favorable planting of cucumbers, legumes, and with a waning - root crops.
  • In the days of Scorpio, start planting eggplant, pepper, herbs, seedlings.
  • “Healing” and weeding plants is recommended when the moon is in Sagittarius.
  • Perennial plants and winter seeds are planted in the days of Capricorn.
  • Landing on the lunar day of Aquarius should be postponed.
  • Trimming trees and planting tomatoes is best during the period of the constellation Pisces.
  • Gemini contributes to a productive weed control. During this period, the collection of cereals, berries, fruits and root crops is recommended. You can dry the fruits.
  • Collecting the underground parts of the plant is recommended during the waning moon, and the ground - during the growing one.
  • The periods of the Full Moon and New Moon are considered unfavorable for agriculture.
  • Limit the activity on the infield during solar and lunar eclipses.
  • The change of one sign to another is also a very unfavorable period for gardeners and gardeners.
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Calendar gardener - gardener for the year.

These are the main recommendations that will help gardeners and gardeners collect a rich harvest and preserve it for a long period. For greater convenience, set up a large wall calendar where you will record the plans and results of your work.

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