What to give colleagues for the New Year

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A pleasant expectation of the New Year is connected with fabulous memories, faith in miracles and with those gifts that we found under the Christmas tree. Of course, the times when our parents acted as Santa Claus are in the past, and now we amaze our children, relatives and colleagues.

Presentations for others are also important attributes of the holiday. We give gifts to relatives, friends, colleagues, each time reviving pleasant moments in their memory. Gifts to employees are quite relevant and voluminous, therefore this will be discussed in the article.

List of inexpensive and original gifts

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Specialists in organizing holidays advise to select gifts based on the gender of colleagues, so first we will consider gifts for male employees. To your attention a small list of original, inexpensive, and most importantly - practical options for the winter holiday:

  • a flask for alcohol or a bottle for the gym;
  • thermos original form;
  • compact desktop fan;
  • antistress toy;
  • alcohol.

For women, you can pick up such creative souvenirs:

  • beautiful scented candles;
  • proprietary baking with predictions;
  • a beautiful computer mouse;
  • nominal cushion;
  • case for the gadget, decorated with embroidery.

Hobby Gift Ideas

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When the choice is difficult, it's time to find out about the hobbies of work employees. Hobby gifts will be very relevant.

If among your colleagues there are women who are fond of needlework, you can purchase special sets for them on the topic or literature. Perhaps one of the employees loves to cook? Get cookie cutters or muffins. If the team has lovers of home flowers, the original pots for plants will be appropriate.

As for men's hobbies, quite often they are fond of fishing, hunting, sports, and young people pay special attention to gadgets. Focusing on their interests, you can choose useful gifts.

Gift Ideas by Occupation

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When working in a specific team, take into account the occupation, that is, the profession. I present a list of gifts for colleagues who will be appropriate for the New Year:

  • engraved objects (pens, cups);
  • diaries and notebooks;
  • stationery stands;
  • thermomugs;
  • lunch boxes;
  • business card holders;
  • key rings and key holders.

These options are suitable for both women and men.

Ideas by age

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If the team employs exclusively young and cheerful people, you can choose the following options:

  • funny and unusual covers for documents;
  • tablets with a funny meaning for the study;
  • dishes in the form of beer mugs or cups with funny drawings and inscriptions;
  • ball for answers to questions;
  • original lighters or ashtrays for smokers;
  • T-shirts and baseball caps with cool quotes, images.

If there are people of different ages among colleagues, the choice will be difficult, so pay attention to the following options:

  • oil burner;
  • kitchen accessories;
  • LED candle;
  • cute items for interior decoration;
  • organizer for cosmetics.

As for the "male" gifts, you can focus on the following items:

  • car thermo mug;
  • car stand for mobile phone;
  • case for a smartphone with many functions;
  • ballpoint pen made in the original design.

Universal ideas for colleagues for the New Year 2020

You can choose gifts that are equally pleasing to men and women. The easiest of all New Year's options is Christmas tree decorations. You can prepare more useful ideas: stationery, a compact flashlight for reading books, bookmarks.

A variety of goodies will be an excellent present: chocolate, champagne, tea, coffee, fruit in the original packaging or a cake for the team. Do not forget about homemade cookies that can be decorated with icing and a variety of confectionery powders.

What gifts to do yourself

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If you are sure of a good end result, you can safely get to work and do something at home. What can be done?

  • Charms from beads.
  • Postcards.
  • Cup coasters.
  • Baskets for jewelry.
  • Photo frames.
  • Topiary.

Do not forget about the baking, which I talked about in this article. Nobody has ever abandoned delicious cakes.

What you should not give to colleagues

You may think that a gift card or certificate is a great present, but it will only complicate things.

Experts do not recommend buying things with company logos, as well as personal items. For example, perfume, deodorant or shower gel are not the best items for New Year's surprise.

Buy inexpensive gifts so as not to embarrass them with the cost of colleagues. At the same time, do not choose very cheap options so that employees feel the care and desire to make something pleasant.

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Useful Tips

If you want to choose the right gift for colleagues, be guided by the following recommendations:

  1. Pricing - value matters, so try to find a balance.
  2. Age and gender are important in preparation, so consider these factors or choose universal things.
  3. Internal relations in the team. If everyone is friendly, you can give a common gift, for example, coffee, tea, cake, which you can try as a team, sit at a common table, chat, remember interesting stories and just congratulate you on the upcoming holiday.
  4. Do not buy low-quality baubles that break in a matter of minutes. At the same time, you can buy figurines and other souvenirs reminiscent of the symbol of the year. In 2020, the protector of the year is the White Metal Rat, so piggy banks in the form of a white rat or figure are suitable.

The choice of presents is a laborious and responsible process, so it is important to approach it with all seriousness so that the purchased items are not only unexpected, but also pleasant. I hope the article will help you make your choice and fill the New Year holidays with a wonderful atmosphere.

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