How to get a military ID - documents, deferment, benefits

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Military ID is a document of registration of a citizen on military registration. This is an indicator that the man did not have unresolved issues with the army and the military commissariat.

General rules for extradition - age, to whom and how, benefits and deferrals

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The most common problem among young people who do not have a document is the refusal of employers to find work. Many employers do not want to hire a young man who can be called up for service at any time. In addition, in accordance with the "Regulation on military registration", the employer is obliged to inform the military registration and enlistment office about the employment of such an employee. If you neglect this rule, the company may receive a serious fine. By hiring such an employee, the employer is doubly at risk. In the first case - this is the risk of being left without an employee, and in the second - getting a fine.

IMPORTANT! In addition to questions of finding a job, a person is faced with even more difficulties. This includes obtaining a general passport, passport, various certificates, etc. Without a military card, it may be difficult to obtain a loan.

There are two types of such documents in the legislation of the Russian Federation:

  • A document of a soldier, sailor, sergeant, midshipman, etc. A small book of red color, which any draftee dreams of.
  • Document issued to reserve officers. The book is green, it is issued to officers of the army of the Russian Federation, who were laid off in reserve. A simple conscript is not given out. The exception is those who graduated from a military department at a university.
IMPORTANT! Despite the fact that there is a concept of “White warrior”, it does not exist in reality. This is a common expression that refers to a document issued to a person who is not fit for service due to illness.

How to get a warrior?

  • Serve in the army.
  • To enter a university with a military department.
  • Admit a special medical commission unsuitable for service and be enrolled in the reserve.
  • Reach 27 years old. With the condition that, starting from the age of conscription, he had legal deferments, which were drawn up at the military commissariat. If there were none, as well as visits to the military registration and enlistment office, a man receives a certificate from a citizen who did not serve in the army and has no legal basis.

How to get a military card after 27 years if you haven’t served

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legal information

Under the law, all citizens between the ages of 18 and 27 are eligible for military service. If local authorities cannot examine a person for medical reasons, then, accordingly, they cannot issue a military ticket to him.

After 27 years, you can get it legally. But be prepared that administrative violations may be brought and a fine will have to be paid. It depends on why the ticket was not received earlier.

What documents are needed

If a man meets any of the above criteria, he has the right to receive a document.To use it, you must submit to the military commissariat the following documents:

  • Passport.
  • Copies of 2, 3, 5 pages of the passport on a sheet of A4 format.
  • Documents proving education, their copies.
  • If so, a driver’s license and copies of it on both sides.
  • 2 black and white photos measuring 2.5 * 2.5 cm on a white background and without a corner.

They also attach a statement and take everything to the office of the military registration and enlistment office in person or by registered letter.

Where to go

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You need to contact the local military authority. Most often it is:

  • PSC (public services center).
  • draft board.

After how many will issue a ticket

The time allotted for consideration of the application is about 30 days. Another 10 days are given for ticket issuance. However, often these rules do not work and receipt is delayed for 2-3 months, and even for six months.

Are there any fines and what

If the document is lost, you should go to the commissariat that issued it for recovery. You will have to write a statement and attach the same documents as upon receipt.

The penalty for loss is 500 rubles. All this corresponds to article 21.7 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. After paying the fine and considering the application, the military enlistment office will provide a new ticket.

IMPORTANT! If there is a theft, and you contacted the police, bring a certificate of theft to the military commissariat.
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Obtaining a military ticket after 27 years

Features of getting a military ticket for health reasons

A military ticket is issued for health reasons to persons unfit for military service due to illness. To do this, all members of the draft board must sign a special opinion to the young man.

This decision can be made if there is a disease incompatible with service. Such a diagnosis is made during a medical examination, and an additional medical examination by an independent medical commission.

The process of issuing a document involves the following. At the appointed time, you need to come to the commissariat and get a summons for further medical examination.

IMPORTANT! The sooner you come to the commissariat at your place of residence, the more opportunities there will be to get a document for illness.

Then pass a medical examination: therapist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, dentist, neuropathologist, ENT specialist and psychiatrist. To get the coveted book, it is necessary that at least one of the doctors provides a category of "B" or "D".

The decision is made by the commission based on the results of the examination of doctors.

How to get a military health card

Is it possible to get a passport without a warrior

Registration of a passport without a ticket is not possible in the following situations:

  • Violation of applicable law. For example, there is a delay, but the person is not on the draft board.
  • The onset of criminal liability. This happens after agendas are ignored for a long time.

If there is no military card, the military registration and enlistment office is obliged to provide a certificate in form 32. It must indicate the reason for the absence and status regarding military duty. There must be a mark on permission to travel outside the country. You cannot replace these documents with anything.

IMPORTANT! Remember the mandatory checkpoint at the border crossing.
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How to get a passport without a military ID and certificate 32?

Helpful information

There are five main categories of validity, according to which the draft committee classifies draftees:

  • "A" - fit for service, subject to appeal.
  • “B” is valid with minor restrictions.
  • “B” - limited validity, entry into the reserve of military forces, issuance of military tickets.
  • "G" - temporary unsuitability, a delay of 6-12 months is given.
  • "D" - unfit, complete exemption from service.

What category of suitability is indicated in your “warrior”?

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Military ID is one of the important documents that can sometimes be used instead of a passport. It is necessary for representatives of the male sex in order to avoid restrictions in different areas of life, in particular, labor. That is why the design of this document should be timely.

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