What is a raiser


Currently, computers and laptops have replaced many drawing instruments. But recently, designers, technicians and copyists used pencils, rulers, compasses, drawing pens, protractors in their work.

Now these items are forgotten. Instead, smart technology works. And drawing is excluded from the school curriculum. Using a computer and graphic editors such as AutoCAD, Piccad, compass, teflex, you can execute drawings of any complexity, even at home. Let's take a closer look at such a tool as a raiser.

What is a raiser


Dictionaries give an accurate definition of the penfeed. This is a drawing tool for drawing lines with ink or liquid paint. Thanks to this device, no more than 15 cm long, similar to a pen, engineers created drawings, on the basis of which rockets were launched into space, ships, submarines were launched, aircraft, cars and other equipment were built.

Tool Description and Device

The device is simple. It consists of 2 spring-loaded plates fastened with a screw. This serves as a kind of mascara trap, which is fed from a special spray can. The thickness of the lines is regulated by a notched nut. In addition, there are glass drawing boards. They have tubes of various diameters, due to which the thickness of the lines is regulated.

Types of lenders

  1. Metal raiser with adjusting nut.
  2. Glass drawing pen.
  3. Rapidograph.

There is GOST (28950-90) which regulates the first group of metal devices:

  • Ordinary.
  • Knife-shaped.
  • Wide with dividing nut.
  • Reisfeder with dividing nut.
  • Crooked grabber.
  • Double.
  • Narrow.

The rapidograph is a pen for drawing work. It consists of a tube in which there is a spray can of mascara. There is also a needle inside the tube through which ink or ink is fed onto the paper.

Now hand tools are practically not applied in practice. Computers simplify tasks in drawing work dozens of times, reducing the time to complete drawings. Around the end of the 90s of the 20th century and at the beginning of the two thousandth years, speedographs and isographs of the drawing department turned into museum exhibits and collection items.

Although earlier this tool was a symbol of the profession. A high-quality drawing tool determined the results of the drawing as a whole. The work done by the rapidograph was more technical, accurate and accurate.

Now a drawing tool is used only for training in art graphics and calligraphy.

Calligraphy suggests beautiful handwriting. Now this direction is used for writing invitation cards and wedding greetings, as well as in graffiti. Sometimes calligraphy is used in television to design various screensavers.

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Step-by-step instructions for use

Before starting work, you need to make sure that the raiser is correctly sharpened. Otherwise, the drawing will be of poor quality, the lines are blurred, blots will appear. I also advise you to purchase a special spray can for mascara.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Remove the cork and fill the spray can with ink or paint about ⅔ volume.
  2. Close the cork.
  3. Open the cap.
  4. Using the adjusting nut, create the necessary clearance between the plates to set the required line thickness.
  5. Fill the gap between the plates of the feeder with mascara from the tube on the spray can.
  6. Attach a ruler to the drawing paper or tracing paper at the place where the line began.
  7. Draw a line of the required length with a drawing pen without taking it off the paper.
  8. Repeat the process until the ink between the plates ends (these are approximately 3-4 lines, depending on the length).
  9. If the lines are very long, there will be 1 line.
  10. Repeat the ink refill process.
  11. If necessary, adjust the line thickness with the adjusting nut.

How to draw with a drawing pen

Learning this is easy. It takes only a little patience, practice, and a couple of dozen ruined drafts.

First, learn how to hold the tool correctly: straight, without tilt angles. To avoid blotches, do not make a large gap between the plates. Do not pick up a lot of mascara, make sure that it does not dry out. If the mascara is dry, wipe the end of the re-feeder with a soft, lint-free cloth.

It is best to use a special ruler that prevents the carcass from getting under it. If not, stick a narrow strip of another line to the wooden ruler.

Draw horizontal parallel lines first. Then wait until the mascara dries and change direction: draw vertical or inclined lines.

Sometimes difficulties arise when drawing thick lines. Then they do this: at first 2 thin lines are drawn, and the space between them is filled with ink later. So the drawing will look more accurate, and less likely to spread the carcass.

How to pluck eyebrows

Few people know that the drawing pen is not only a drawing tool, but also a cosmetic one. Inventive Soviet women used it to pluck eyebrows. This tool is able to capture any, even the smallest hair.

Small dimensions made it possible to carry it in a pocket or a small cosmetic bag. The advantage over tweezers was that tweezers could damage the skin if you grab a few hairs. With the help of this tool, one could achieve excellent results.

Despite the painfulness of the procedure, women successfully used it to create an eyebrow line. Before the start of the procedure, the eyebrows were smeared with a greasy cream, combed with a brush, then a contour was drawn with a black pencil, and the extra hairs were plucked out.

Care Tips and Useful Information

Drawing and rulers

  • Before starting work, make sure there are no dried paint or mascara on the plates.
  • Do not tighten the adjusting nut tightly to prevent thread loosening.
  • At the end of the work, wipe the drawing pen with a cloth, removing the remaining mascara.
  • If the tool becomes dull, grind the ends of the plates with sandpaper or a file.

History of occurrence

The first runners appeared in the 18th century. They were used to create drawings and maps. It should be noted that the word has German roots (Reißfede) Otherwise translate: reißen - draw fede - feather.

You need to work with the tool carefully, otherwise the mascara can spread, form a blot, which will lead to the unsuitability of the drawing. Inventive designers came up with other ways of working with mascara. Around the 20s of the last century, other devices appeared - rapidographs.

We learned how the engineers of past generations performed complex drawings. Now this is done using a computer: if before each node had to be executed separately, now a smart program can copy the previously executed element.

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In the past, the slightest mistake made a drawing unusable. The computer allows you to make corrections.But we must bow and pay tribute to this old, faithful assistant to all the draftsmen. Thanks to the raiser in the hands of brilliant, patient, accurate engineers and designers, a huge number of machines, mechanisms, and constructions were invented and created.

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