Lists of popular New Year's gifts

New Year gifts

Everyone eagerly awaits the start of the New Year holidays, filled with fun and joy. An important contribution to this is made by New Year's gifts. Sometimes it’s problematic to choose them, there are many options: small souvenirs and useful gifts.

New Year will open a lot of opportunities for discoveries and undertakings. Everyone wants the New Year to become lucky, happy and joyful.

Gifts, which depict the symbolism of the New Year, are the most optimal. They can be presented to relatives, friends, colleagues and superiors.

List of 5 Popular Options

  1. A universal gift is a T-shirt with a symbol of the coming year.
  2. If you pick gift to your girlfriend, ask in advance what she wants. If you want to surprise your soul mate, buy a gold pendant, symbolizing the coming year.
  3. To colleagues and friends buy small souvenirs: magnets, Christmas toys, charms, gift candles.
  4. A figurine that will decorate a shelf or desktop is also suitable. The product is made of wood, metal, clay or silver.
  5. Kids like sweets. Cook delicious biscuitbuy a stuffed toy.

The material is generalized. Below I will consider the listed categories in detail.

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Step-by-step manuals for homemade gifts

Not a single souvenir purchased can be compared with a gift made with one's own hand. Any such creation will surely appeal to the person to whom you hand it.

Christmas tree made of sweets for children

Children are crazy about sweets. I propose to make a Christmas tree for them from sweets. You will need scotch tape, scissors, sweets and a glass bottle.

  • Glue the ponytails of candies to the tape. Measure the diameter of the part of the bottle where the sweets are attached.
  • Stick sweets in layers. Ponytails of sweets from the first row should touch the surface of the table.
  • The tails of sweets of the next row should be located between the sweets of the first strip.
  • Similarly, glue the strips of candy to the very top.
  • It remains to organize the crown. Make it out of a candle, a big candy, an asterisk or a bow.
  • Finally, decorate the Christmas tree with tinsel.


You can give your family a beautiful angel. You will need a ribbon, threads, paper and table napkins.

  1. Open and fold the napkins together.
  2. Roll a small lump from a sheet of paper, which is destined to play the role of the head.
  3. Put the paper ball in the middle of the napkins, then collect the corners.
  4. Tie a white thread around the head of the figure.
  5. Make wings. Raise and glue the back corners of the upper cloth in the central part.
  6. Fold the yellow ribbon into a ring. It will turn out a halo.
  7. It remains to make the angel a festive skirt. Cut the bottom of the napkins in a semicircle. Done.

Christmas tree decorations from toys

You can make jewelry from old toys, updating and decorating the appearance. You will need Christmas balls, paper clips, wrapping paper, several satin ribbons and packing accounting gum.

  1. Cut out squares from a sheet of brown paper; the size should be three times the size of the balls.
  2. Wrap each Christmas ball in a paper square.
  3. After pulling the paper at the base. Get a little tail. Pull it with an elastic band.
  4. Wrap a satin ribbon around the tail. This will hide the gum and tie a bow.
  5. It remains to attach one clip to each updated ball. To do this, pry the tape at one end.
  6. Toys are ready for holiday packaging.

Even with a modest budget, you can easily, quickly and originally find a solution to the situation.

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Lists of New Year's gifts for men

Adult men do not believe in Santa Claus, but wish to receive pleasant gifts on New Year's holidays. How to please relatives? What options for men to choose? Answers to these questions are expected below.

4 universal options

Gifts from this category will suit any man regardless of status and preferences.

  1. In the first place are alcoholic drinks. For the New Year holidays, companies produce gift sets, which in addition to a bottle with a drink include glasses, glasses, flasks.
  2. Men use computer technology. Can buy a flash drive, mouse or pad.
  3. If you want to please a relative, put a bag of socks under the tree. Unfamiliar men can be congratulated with a playful game.
  4. A wonderful present is a keychain with a built-in flashlight, a folding clothes brush or an original corkscrew.

Car Presents

The second line in the ranking is occupied by presentations related to automobiles.

  • Car table or cigarette lighter appliances.
  • If the budget is modest, buy a man a holder for a mobile phone, glasses or wheels, a car ashtray, a notebook, a hanger or a braid on the steering wheel.
  • If you want a little joke, buy a car toilet. He presents a sealed bag in which they relieve the need for the road without stopping the car.


Closing the top three gifts regarding fishing. The main thing is that he is fond of fishing. Buy tackle and fishing rods if you know a little about it. Otherwise, choose things that make fishing more comfortable.

  1. A set of knives for cutting fish or a portable refrigerator.
  2. Tent, sleeping bag, camping chair, folding table, compact smokehouse or ordinary flashlight.
  3. With a modest budget, choose trinkets, metal glasses, thermoses, folding sinks, grilles, tools that repel bloodsuckers.
  4. If a man is engaged in winter fishing, give warm socks, good gloves or warm insoles.
  5. Funky options include singing wall-mounted fish or a form that makes piles of ice right on the pond.

Expensive options

Let's talk about wealthy men whom you won’t be surprised with a regular gift.

  • If a man loves whiskeyGive a set of special stones. They cool but do not dilute the drink.
  • A wealthy person will appreciate the bottle holder.
  • A busy person has practically no time to rest. Do not disregard gifts that help to relax: a Japanese garden, an original aromatic lamp, a small aquarium, a babbling fountain or a projector lamp.
  • If you decide to buy an inexpensive gift, pay attention to computer trivia, working from USB: small refrigerators, vacuum cleaners for the keyboard, stands for glasses.

Choosing New Year's gifts for women

As a rule, women expect that men will be able to guess the desire of beauties. It is not easy. I will help a bit the stronger sex. You will only have to heed the advice, engage your imagination, compare your desire with financial capabilities and go to the store.

  1. Every woman will be delighted with movie or theater tickets. This is a great occasion to get out of the house together, take a walk around the winter city and enjoy the beauty of winter.
  2. If a woman loves warmth, give a ticket to one of the warm countries. You will have a great rest and sunbathe.
  3. Present an exclusive chocolate set. When she opens the box, her eyes will fall on the candies on which her name is written.
  4. A great option is a basket of chocolate flowers with a box of expensive tea and an original postcard.
  5. Do not forget about emotional gifts. Such a present will make the woman's eyes burn. Options: a membership to a fitness club, an invitation to participate in a TV show, an embroidery master class.
  6. Every woman understands that not one of the men will get a star from the sky. Destroy this myth. Drop by the store and buy a star in hearts or glasses.
  7. If a half works with a laptop, present a portable table.
  8. Good perfume will melt a woman’s heart. Guessing the scent is problematic, but you can buy a gift certificate.

8 gifts for children

Every child expects something magical, unusual and fabulous from the New Year. Parents strive to arrange a real miracle for their child. New Year's Eve is accompanied by great turmoil. Parents need make dinner, decorate the Christmas tree, purchase Christmas gifts for children.

Ask the child to write a short letter to Santa Claus. So you know that he wants to get a child.

  1. If the child does not go to school, buy a musical toy or designer.
  2. A wonderful option is a gift set. Give the girl a set of chefs or hairdressers. Boys will be delighted with a set of builder or police officer.
  3. For children who go to school, give them a set for drawing and materials for application.
  4. Buy a cognitive encyclopedia for your child.
  5. A preschool girl will love a doll or a set of game posters. Boy - puzzle, board game, constructor.
  6. In adolescence, girls are interested in clothing, cosmetics and accessories. Suitable for boys skiing, skates, snowboard.
  7. If your daughter likes to embroider, present a special set. He will facilitate this creative work.
  8. To the little son who is fond of sports, get sports equipment.

Do not forget to pack beautifully purchased items. Choose colorful and vibrant wrapping paper. It will increase the desire of the child to find out what is inside. During the selection, build on the interests, hobbies and inclinations of children.


The design is as important as the choice. If you decorate a gift with original and beautiful packaging, it will make it unique. You can give a gift to the hands of a specialist who organizes everything in a matter of minutes. But you can pack it yourself.

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To quickly wrap a New Year's gift, take gift paper, wrap it with a New Year's surprise and tie a decorative ribbon around it. You can decorate the package with fir branches, snowflakes, sparkles or confetti. Happy New Year holidays!

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