How to choose a place for the New Year corporate party - 23 tips

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People go to work, where they earn money, life without which it is difficult to imagine. Every day they meet with colleagues and spend a lot of time with them in the office. On the eve of the New Year holidays, the team gathers and thinks where to celebrate the New Year's corporate party.

Organization of a New Year corporate party is not an easy task. If you manage to combine tradition with New Year's splendor and solemnity, you can have fun.

For the New Year celebration a suitable place is required. The first thing that comes to mind is the office.

  1. The corporate party begins with the preparation of the premises. A spacious room in the office is suitable. You can decorate with Christmas wreaths, toys, garlands and posters, Christmas toys with the symbols of the company.
  2. The original is considered to be a holiday using a live table. Buffet girl - a way to serve drinks, dishes, New Year's salads and an aperitif. To plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday, just one look at this highlight.
  3. During the New Year's corporate party, it is useful to congratulate employees. You need to get in advance souvenirs and postcards.
  4. New Year's tradition is an integral part of the celebration.
  5. The company management seeks to discuss the holiday banquet with the team in advance. This is how managers recognize employee preferences. It depends on how correctly the holiday treats are chosen.
  6. Christmas table decoration - wine and chocolate fountains. Due to this, the atmosphere becomes festive, and the corporate party gets an elegant chic.
  7. Sometimes employees bring their own meals. This solves the problem with holiday snacks and allows you to appreciate the culinary skills of colleagues.

The guarantee of the holiday is considered scenario. Do not be shy to show your own talents. True, not all firms organize New Year's events in office premises. Over the year, the office bothers employees and management is looking for other options. I will talk about them below.

How to choose a place for the New Year corporate party

Firms begin preparations for the New Year's corporate party in early autumn. As a result, it is possible to reserve a place, create an entertainment program, order holiday services, save money. Organizing companies at the last moment have to spend a lot more money.

For companies, the time of the New Year holidays is a period full of events. A popular celebration option is considered a bright corporate event indoors. Some companies, contrary to the weather, celebrate the New Year in the form of outdoor activities.

Which place offers maximum fun and pleasure at minimum cost? The answer to the question is expected below. I bring to your attention tips and place options for the New Year corporate party.

Clubs, cafes and restaurants

Similar establishments are popular. It's cold outside, and New Year is a holiday that keeps up with the debriefing and is accompanied by mutual congratulations. True, people got tired of restaurant gatherings, so you need to strive to organize an unusual corporate event.

Contact a special agency that organizes such events. Thanks to the rich experience, his staff will offer a program with spectacular moments, funny jokes, practical jokes and interesting jokes. If difficulties arise during the selection, again, the specialist will help.He will help you choose an institution, choose a menu, order cakecalculate the amount of alcohol.

Moscow region

In the vicinity of Moscow there are many hotels. These establishments allow you to combine a gala party with outdoor activities. Such an event lasts three days.

  1. Traditionally, the first day is dedicated to bright meetings, business conferences and New Year's corporate parties.
  2. The second day will delight the company with a corporate picnic, a fascinating tour of the surrounding estates and nature reserves, a continuation of the celebration in the hotel building.
  3. The third day is the final stage.

Modern hotels near Moscow offer everything for corporate events.


If the winter cold is not terrible for the team and employees wish for incredible adventures, organize a corporate party in the form of outdoor activities. There are several options for active collective recreation.

  1. The first option provides for the organization of active entertainment, in which anyone can participate, regardless of age.
  2. The second option is represented by paintball, jeeps, horses and other active entertainment.
  3. The third option is the most extreme corporate event. In this case, special training is not needed, but you have to stock up on nerves, because it involves crawling, climbing, and even parachuting.

Regardless of the option, a party awaits at the end.

New year travel

This option for holding a New Year corporate party is quite economical, but in terms of fun is not inferior to other types.

  1. For a day, you can go as a group to a historical place, reserve or estate. This is a great opportunity to have a good year.
  2. If you can’t choose, experts in the field of organizing New Year's corporate parties will help. They will answer all questions and provide useful information.


  1. For the New Year corporate party, only a spacious room is required. If there is no money to rent a place, organize a holiday in the office.
  2. Decorate the hall, arrange lighting, dress up a Christmas tree and buygifts. Restaurants will provide snacks and refreshments.

Motor ship

Modern motor ships sail quietly along the Moscow River, regardless of the time of year. The ship will offer comfort, cuisine and service.

  1. New Year's corporate party on the boat is an expensive pleasure. True, the emotions and impressions that employees will receive more than compensate for the cost of renting a “floating restaurant”.
  2. If this option is suitable, check with the company that provides the boat for rent, conditions and payment.

Unusual place

If the listed options for corporate parties are not satisfied or just tired, pay attention to unusual places.

  1. Organizing a corporate party comes down to being tied to an unusual place or event. We are talking about olympiads, competitions, casinos, etc.
  2. If you intend to organize such an event, you need to consider the concept and audience.
  3. To organize such a holiday without the help of experts will not work.
  4. The demand for such corporate parties and their organization is huge, you need to contact the agency in advance.

As you can see, there are many options. Corporate organization is an important element of enterprise culture. In each city, companies organize events for employees, and sometimes invite customers and partners.

Such meetings are held annually more than once. Companies celebrate birthdays, holidays March 8 and new year. The holiday creates good relations in the team, raises the potential of employees, strengthens the image of the company, and forms the internal spirit of the team.

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During the events, employees communicate and learn a lot about their colleagues. During working days, this is not possible, because work and business skills are in the foreground.

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    For the New Year's corporate party, “Seasons” in Gorky Park is perfect - a separate building in the very center of the park among the trees is very festive there in winter and is beautifully decorated - it’s just a feeling of a holiday!

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