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The quality of winter recreation directly depends on skiing. We will talk about how to choose cross-country skis and skis for skating in our article, and you will be able to put the acquired knowledge into practice.

It is believed that summer provides more opportunities in the field of entertainment and sports. This is far from the case. In winter, snowboards, skis and skates are popular. What is better than walking through the winter forest on good skis?

Skis provide a pleasant pastime, help improve heart function and tone the body.

Choosing cross-country skiing

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As you know, skiing is a popular means of winter recreation. Many are happy to go for a walk in the forest or mountains. Rest leaves a good impression after you choose the right cross-country skiing.

The modern market offers these types of skis: mountain, cross-country, sports, amateur, extreme and hunting.

Riding styles

  1. Classic style. Provides for parallel movement on the track. Use soft models with a long and sharp end.
  2. Free or skate. It consists in pushing skis from the snow according to the principle of skates. Provides for the use of hard varieties.
  3. Universal style. It is popular among people who like to ride classic and skate style.

Right choice

  1. Skis are made of natural wood or plastic. The cost of wooden copies is much lower, but they are very rare on the shelves of sports shops.
  2. Plastic ones do not need lubrication and ride better on a snowy surface. They are more reliable, lighter and longer last.
  3. Sizing is not difficult. In sports stores there are special tables for growth and size.
  4. Be sure to pay attention to rigidity. Before buying, get on your skis and try to stretch a sheet of paper under them. If he went unhindered - tough. If not - soft.
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Cross-country skiing. Lesson 1. How to choose skis and equipment.

Finally, I will pay a little attention to the choice of shoes. If you're a fan of classic style, buy soft-soled low boots. Skate style provides for tight and high boots.

Choosing skis for skating

Let's imagine that you decide to master skiing. First of all, choose a riding style. Skating style began to gain popularity at the end of the last century.

In the ridge style, they are repelled from the snow track by the inside of the skis, while the track itself is wide and rammed.

Skating skis differ from the classical counterpart in shorter length and a more blunt toe. The center of gravity is slightly offset.


  1. If you like skiing, pay attention to models of medium and low rigidity. Rigid models have two significant drawbacks - they slip and spring when pushing.
  2. Stiffness should be appropriate for the weight of the skier. If a person is heavy, it is necessary to buy harder skis or lose weight a little.
  3. It is necessary to strive to ensure that skating and sticks are consistent with growth.
  4. It is extremely important to choose shoes.Footwear for skating has some features. Modern skate shoes are high-tech shoes, the development of which takes into account high mechanical loads, extreme weather conditions, and the anatomical features of the human foot.
  5. The final touch is the selection of fasteners that exist automatic and mechanical. It is better to buy automatic mounts, as they make preparation for skiing faster and more comfortable.

If you have already mastered classic skating, you can safely switch to the skating style. He is more fascinating and perfect.

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Cross-country skiing. Lesson 4. Skate training.

The right choice of skiing

Alpine skiing freerider

Modern people spend differently new year holidays. Some go to the sea, the second prefer the forest, the third like a trip to the country, the fourth like winter skiing.

  1. When visiting a specialty store, inform the consultant about your skill level. Otherwise, he will select the skis, guided by your preferences and anthropometric data.
  2. If you are a beginner or an amateur, pay attention to the standard models. They are focused on driving at low and medium speeds.
  3. Remember, the right choice depends not only on the level and driving style, but also on the athlete's physique. If you are average in weight, buy alpine skis that are 10 cm shorter in length.
  4. If you have extensive experience in the field of mountain skiing, but the weight exceeds the norm, skis with longitudinal rigidity are the best solution.
  5. Before buying, determine the place of skiing. Skiing on ordinary slopes differs significantly from skiing in large mountains.
  6. If you want to ride on different slopes and mountains, buy universal models.
  7. People with a high level of riding are much easier to choose. The range of choice in this case is much wider.
  8. Want to take turns with a large slope, buy a shortened ski. If you expect skiing in the snow, you can safely get a longer model.
Ski school. Lesson 1 - how to buy skis?

The development uses advanced technologies that are focused on improving manageability. However, if you are a beginner, learn to ride with a trainer. Always put health and safety first.

How to choose ski scooters

Roller-skiing is like skiing. Not surprisingly, this form of physical activity is great for winter sports fans. In addition, skiing is more beneficial than walking with sticks or cycling.

The modern market for sports equipment offers the widest selection of ski scooters. If a professional can easily choose the best model, it is much more difficult for a novice athlete.

Roller skis are divided into two classes. The first class is represented by models focused on the classic and skating, the representatives of the second class are training and racing models.

Such a division cannot be called absolute, since the market is full of combined models. Nevertheless, the development of the fundamental characteristics of skiing comes from the listed subspecies.

Talk about the choice.

  1. Training scooters must ensure maximum compliance with skiing. Such units in most cases have moderators. These devices reduce speed to the level of ski speed.
  2. It is better if the skis are equipped with wheels made of soft material. They provide good grip and reduce vibration. The frame of the training model simulates the deflection of skis.
  3. Other requirements apply to racing skaters. They should have a minimum weight and provide maximum speed.Other characteristics play a secondary role. Such models are equipped with large polyurethane wheels and a short rigid frame.
  4. Classic ski rollers must have a ratchet, which is responsible for blocking the reverse rotation of the wheels. Such models are distinguished by an elongated frame and wider wheels.
  5. The composition includes three components - mounts, wheels and frame. The last element is responsible for the transfer of force from the legs to the wheels. The main characteristics of the frame are length, weight and rigidity. The longer the frame, the more stable the scooters.
Everyone is skiing!

Choosing skis for a child

Some parents find skiing a waste of time. This opinion is superficial and erroneous. Skiing strengthens the cardiovascular system, develops the vestibular apparatus, tempers the children's body.

  1. It is necessary to take into account the height, weight and age of the child. First, it’s enough to purchase an ordinary children's model.
  2. It is better to buy your baby skiing made of natural wood. Domestic products are cheaper than European counterparts, but the quality is lower.
  3. During the selection, make sure that the model you like has notches. They prevent rollback.
  4. For the first time, do not give your child sticks, as they will harm the comfort of riding. If you still decide to buy them, make sure that the tip is of high quality, the reliability of the support depends on it.
  5. With age, the views and tastes of the children change. Consult with him and find out his opinion.
Child ski selection

Buying “for growth” is not recommended.

How to choose skis for height

During the selection, the main thing is not to make a mistake. First of all, it is recommended to choose, guided by growth. After take into account the level of training.

  1. If you cannot boast of strong physical fitness, subtract about 20 centimeters from growth. As a result, you get the best indicator of the length of the ski.
  2. If you are constantly training, and the level of training is high, subtract about 10 centimeters from growth.
  3. If this is not your first time riding and are confident in your abilities, get a model whose length matches your height.
  4. It is better if you try in practice skis of various lengths. This will allow you to choose the best model.
  5. In addition to length, you must pay attention to the width. If you intend to ride on a flat track, buy wide skis that are highly stable.
  6. If you have to ride on ice or on a hard track, narrow skis will be the best solution. They are more maneuverable and lighter than wide counterparts.
  7. Regarding rigidity, I want to say that during the selection you need to be guided by the level of training. If he is tall, you can safely buy hard skis.

It is not so easy for a complete beginner to choose good skis on their own. Without knowing the intricacies, he will simply buy the first model he likes, which will not please a comfortable ride.

In the end I’ll say, even if there is a lot of money, but there is no intention to build career in skiing, do not buy professional models. Undoubtedly, they look gorgeous, and the quality deserves attention. But, such expenses are unreasonable for non-professionals. In addition, lack of experience can cause them to quickly fail. However, this is only my advice.

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Now you know how to choose your skis. Guided by the tips, no matter what type of skiing you like, you will buy excellent skis that will last for a long time with proper use, care and storage.

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