How to drink and how to eat absinthe at home

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Absinthe is an alcohol tincture in wormwood and various herbs. Manufacturing technology does not provide for supernatural components. A modern drink is different from the common absinthe that they drank in the 19th century.

The people call absinthe in different ways. The most common names are: “devilish potion”, “green fairy”, “green witch”. Previously, the composition of the drink included herbs coriander, fennel, wormwood, lemon balm, chamomile. Today, in the manufacture of extracts, flavors and dyes are used.

How to distinguish a fake

Before you learn how to drink absinthe correctly at home, you need to make sure its authenticity, since there are fakes on the market.

  1. If the store offers a drink in a bottle of clear and light glass, most likely it does not have absinthe, but a green alcohol solution.
  2. The composition of this absinthe includes chlorophyll, which does not tolerate exposure to light. An authentic drink is poured into dark bottles.
  3. Pour a small amount of absinthe into a light glass and dilute with water. A genuine tincture will immediately darken due to the plant essential oils in the composition.
  4. If there is no turbidity, then there are no essential oils and the manufacturer chose not herbs but flavor additives.

Rules and Appetizer

Absinthe is a special drink that requires special rituals to create a unique atmosphere. They attract fans of thrills and aesthetes.

  1. Drink in pure and diluted form. The first option is suitable for a quality drink, the second - for the first acquaintance with it.
  2. The strength reaches 85 degrees, so you need to choose the right appetizer, which will emphasize the taste and make the procedure of consumption as delicate as possible. The best appetizer of the “diabolical potion” is fruit. A chopped green apple, slices of lemon or orange are suitable. If the drink is intended for a lady, sprinkle the fruit with sugar.
  3. An appetizer is required if you plan to enjoy pure absinthe. Pure chilled absinthe is gulped and eaten with fruit.
  4. The tincture strength is diluted with chilled boiled water, ice, a special spoon and a refined sugar. Dilution is a real ritual.
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Dilution ritual

Half-dose of absinthe is poured into thick-walled dishes. On a special spoon put a piece of refined sugar and pass through it the remaining tincture. The drink flows into the dishes, soaking sugar.

Then they set fire to sugar and wait for the formation of syrup, which flows into a glass. Dilute with water or crushed ice.

In the process of preparing tinctures, make sure that they do not foam. If absinthe in a shot glass lights up during the combustion of the refined product, it is quickly diluted with water.

Traditional absinthe drink recipes

If you want to experience the real sensations of the “devilish potion”, find a drink created with good alcohol based on the original recipe. The culture of drinking tincture has spawned many cooking recipes and rituals. Absinthe use like cognac or Bailey'shas features.I will share a few traditional recipes.

  1. Czech recipe. Put a special spoon on the edge of the glass, put a piece of refined sugar on top of it. Pass half the absinthe in large drops through sugar. Set fire to. When sugar is burned, caramel is formed, which should drain into the glass through the hole in the spoon. At the end of the process, dilute the drink with water in a ratio of 1 to 3.
  2. French recipe. Pour absinthe into the glass. Put a spoon on the edges of the dishes and put refined sugar on it. Pour three parts of cold water into the pile through it. It will dissolve sugar and dilute it with cold syrup, which will soften the bitterness.
  3. Russian recipe. This method of preparing a drink resembles the method of drinking Sambuca liquor. It will turn out a “devilish potion” with pairs. Pour a little absinthe into the cognac glass and put sideways on the whiskey dishes. Set fire and rotate the glass. Pour into a whiskey glass and cover with a cognac glass so that the fire goes out. Remove the glass and, without turning over, close the bottom with a napkin. Drink and inhale the vapor through the tube.
  4. Citrus recipe. It is not common to use citrus fruits in the preparation of the drink, but this recipe deserves attention. Sugar mix with cinnamon and roll in the resulting mixture a slice of an orange with a peel. In a thick-walled glass, set fire to absinthe and hold a slice over the fire using tongs. Juice with crystallized sugar drains into a glass. Cool a little and drink.

Use caution when setting fire to a drink. Do not forget about health, drink in small doses.

Video recipe for making homemade absinthe in wormwood

Home Absinthe, a prescription from Pontarlier, France (1855)

How to drink absinthe correctly - 3 ways

Absinthe requires proper use. The composition of this tincture includes even toxins, improper drinking can be harmful to health.

  1. Look at the name. In different languages, the word absinthe is spelled differently. Absenta is written on the label in Spain and Absinthe in France.
  2. The phrase Absinthe Refined, which is present on the label, indicates that the absinthe has been cleaned and that the thujone is missing. His absence is also confirmed by the words Thujone-free.
  3. Typically, the strength of alcoholic beverages is indicated as a percentage. Some manufacturers designate it as proof. 1 proof corresponds to 0.5% alcohol.

Properly drink from a wide, tapering to the base, glass.

  1. Standard way. Before drinking, pour chilled water through a refined sugar lying on a perforated spoon. Sugar will dissolve and drain into a glass. Qualitative absinthe when mixed with water becomes yellow-green. It is recommended to take five parts of water for one part of the tincture.
  2. Czech way. Put a little sugar in a spoon, add a little drink, set fire and wait for the sugar to dissolve. Pour caramel into a glass with a drink and mix.
  3. Extreme way. Drinking without dilution. Cool the drink heavily. The option is suitable only for professionals. To cope with the bitter taste will help a piece of lemon.

Secrets of absinthe with sugar

Almost all methods of drinking tincture involve the use of sugar. Bitter drink, sugar softens this bitterness a little.

Option 1

In a special spoon with holes, put the refined sugar and place it over a glass. Chilled water is poured into a spoon. Dissolved sugar with water flows into a bowl with absinthe, the drink turns yellowish-green.

Option 2

Put a little sugar in a spoon and pour in tincture. Hold the cutlery over the fire. After the formation of caramel, the contents of the spoon are poured into a glass with a drink. After mixing, the glass is quickly emptied.

Useful information

Absinute hallucinations - true or myth?

The hallucinogenic effect of tincture is due to the substance thujone. Will have to disappoint fans of hallucinations. The factory bottled beverage contains little of this toxin.For hallucinations, absinthe will have to do on their own.

Famous brands

The Czech Republic offers two options: RedAbsinthe and KingofSpirits. Italians supply XentaAbsenta. Each of the drinks is of high quality, exclusive and expensive.

Colors of tincture

The stores sell absinthe in blue, yellow, red or black. There are also transparent tinctures. There are no reasons for indignation. If the tincture is not green, it is not a fake.

Absinthe history

The tincture first appeared in 1782 in Switzerland and was a wormwood-aniseed medicine for various diseases. Due to its pronounced narcotic properties, absinthe quickly became a popular alcoholic beverage. The composition includes thujone - a toxic substance that causes hallucinations.

Initially, absinthe was based on grape spirit. After some time, manufacturers switched to industrial alcohol. As a result, quality has been severely affected, but the price has decreased and demand has grown.

At the end of the 19th century, the health of the working class deteriorated greatly due to the abuse of tincture. In some countries, the threat was national in nature, so the French nation was almost destroyed due to the excessive use of the “green witch”. The authorities of the American and European states have banned the manufacture and sale of absinthe and sale. Thujon is still banned.

Finally, let me remind you once again, absinthe is a strong drink. If abused, severe hangover not to be avoided. I recommend savoring the tincture slowly and correctly. This will save you from trouble and bad consequences.

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Lead a healthy lifestyle, and live more fun, and nothing threatens health. See you soon!

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