How to write a letter to Santa Claus

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Shortly before the New Year, people are in a hurry, thoughtfully, go shopping. The excitement is due to the preparation for the holidays. If for adults the New Year is another reason to spend time with family, the kids associate the holiday with a miracle. To make it happen, be sure to write a letter to Santa Claus with the child.

Even if the pen does not obey or the letters do not fit on the paper, my parents and my spelling instructions will come to the rescue.

What to write in a letter for Santa Claus to answer

Santa Claus with a baby

Childhood is a period of life, accompanied by an unshakable faith in the existence of miracles. Children believe that fairy-tale heroes live in different corners of the planet: gnomes, genies, dragons, princes and princesses, sorcerers and good fairies. BUT Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden - welcome guests at the New Year's holiday. A letter to Santa Claus is an opportunity to share little secrets with the good grandfather and ask new year present.

It is indeed possible to send a message and receive a festive greeting in response. With the support of parents, even a first-grader will cope with the task.

  • Talk with the baby and discuss the writing of the message. The child will tell the idea of ​​the scribe, because throughout the year he was obedient and wants to receive a reward for good behavior in the form of a welcome gift.
  • Tell the child where Grandfather Frost lives, how he meets the New Year holidays and to whom he gives the best gifts. The kid will be able to dream, give free rein to imagination and decide on his own a gift.
  • Grandfather Frost will not like it if you write only requests for presentations. Start the message with a greeting. Be sure to include your name, as the wizard has a lot of kids.
  • Briefly describe achievements over the past year: learned to swim, mastered the English alphabethelped dad in carp fishinghelped mom around the house.
  • Politely ask Grandfather Frost to give a welcome gift. Indicate some gifts for the fairytale wizard to choose the best.
  • At the end of the letter, thank grandfather, congratulate you on the upcoming holidays and say goodbye until next year.

If the child has mastered the technique of reading and writing, he will write a letter on his own. Advise him to carefully prepare for the process, prepare paints and pencils, because the news to the good grandfather without a drawing will turn out boring. Let the child draw a winter landscape: a Christmas tree, a snowman, bunnies and several snowflakes.

Contact address of Santa Claus in Russia and Finland

Santa Claus on Christmas sleigh

You can put a letter to Santa Claus anywhere: in the refrigerator, under the Christmas tree, on the balcony or under the pillow. In this case, parents know that the children want to receive on New Year's holidays, but they have to answer the message.

To get an answer from a good grandfather, a letter is sent by mail, pre-enclosed in an envelope, pasted on a stamp and written the address in Russia or Finland.

  1. Russia: Santa Claus, Veliky Ustyug, Vologda Oblast, Russia, 162340.
  2. Finland: Santa Claus, Joulupukin kamman, 96930 Napapuri, Rovaniemi, Finland.

I recommend sending a New Year’s message in advance, since Grandfather Frost and his assistants have a lot of work.

Many parents consider the child’s desire to send Santa Claus a letter with minute fun. In fact, the process reinforces the belief of the kids in miracles. What can I say about the boundless joy of the response received.

3 sample text letters to Veliky Ustyug

Now consider the examples and sample text of a letter to Santa Claus. After carefully reading, you and your child briefly and clearly state your thoughts and wishes. Additionally, the information is useful to those who have difficulties in writing a message.

  1. Greetings, Grandfather Frost! Sasha writes to you from St. Petersburg. This year I moved to third grade, studying hard and listening to my parents. I like to play football. On New Year's holidays I really want to get little puppy. I hope you fulfill this dream. I promise to behave diligently in the coming year and to study perfectly. Goodbye!
  2. Dear Grandfather Frost, I look forward to your arrival. On the eve of the New Year, I will dress up a Christmas tree with my parents, I will prepare a gift for you, which I will make myself and learn a rhyme. I promise to study well, to be kind and polite. I would like you to please me with magical sweets from Veliky Ustyug and a radio-controlled car. Misha.
  3. Hello Dedushka Moroz! Masha is writing to you. I am 10 years old. Thank you for the gifts that you pleased me before. I love math, drawing and board games. My dream is to get a teddy bear. I promise to be a good and obedient girl. I look forward to seeing you.
Letter to Santa Claus

Children while writing a letter are interested in why adults do not write messages to Santa Claus. If the child is persistent and wants the parents to take part, agree. It's so fun on New Year's holidays to find a small but pleasant gift under the tree. It doesn't matter who does the wizard's job. The main thing is to keep the faith of the kids in magic and miracles.

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  1. Alexey

    Hello Santa Claus, I wish you a good year to celebrate 2018 and I want all the children on the planet to have all the best and most useful dreams come true and mine and yours with Snegurochka, I study well, I want you to bring me Pit Bike Enduro

  2. Masha

    Hello dear Santa Claus. I and all my family wish you happiness and health in 2018, I wish you your wishes come true and I will be very happy if my dreams come true I would really like the hp notebook, I know that we have a computer, but it’s very old I ask for this you’ll read a column of books and the Internet, please, I’m learning very well, so I’ll be very happy to congratulate you on Happy New Year Masha 10 years village of Manzherok

  3. Tina

    Santa Claus menu zavut Tina I am 13 years old I want you to give me
    The motorcycle for all seasons is white with a helmet and special gloves.
    And Nina’s sister, she’s 10 years old, give a yellow motocross for children with a helmet and special gloves
    Give me these gifts and I believe in Tedya ...
    I am writing to you for the first time, ahh I forgot how you are doing with the Snow Maiden, waiting for a present from you

    Girl named Tina 13 years old

  4. Kristina

    Dear Santa Claus, I really want two iPhones and my sister 5 and 6, I really dream about him and I’m 12 years old and I also want two covers and headphones. Please give me an iPhone. I believe in you. If I donate, I will be very glad.

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