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On the eve of any holiday, I want to look at the celebration of a well-groomed, attractive, to shine with silky skin, showing a deep neckline, or to impress guests with the beauty of hair. Unfortunately, most women do not have enough time, or even money, to regularly visit salons, so they are interested in how to become beautiful in a week at home.

Body care, face skin and hair is available to every woman, if you develop some rules - not a day without cosmetic procedures, for example. For household chores, find no more than 20 minutes of time and, believe me, you will certainly find yourself in the spotlight at a party.

Soak for a month at this pace and realize that it’s not so difficult, and gradually, the procedures will become a habit. My advice will help in this. So, we begin the transformation in a week.

  • Try to sleep at least 8 hours over the coming week, which will noticeably affect the skin, which will become much fresher.
  • The next rule is regular and proper nutrition: hearty, substantial breakfasts and the easiest dinner possible. For dinner, try to cook vegetables, lean meat. Have dinner at least 4 hours before bedtime and by the end of the week your waist will be 2-3 cm narrower.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water, from this is improving skin and hair, as water saturates with necessary moisture. Let's look at a step-by-step step-by-step guide.

Monday. The first day

Caring for face and neck skin. Not a single mask will restore freshness to the face if it is done on the eve of the festive evening, but a weekly course of masks will give a wonderful result. We start with a scrub or peeling, it is better to choose the most gentle. If the skin of the face is too sensitive, take a folk remedy proven by time to cleanse:

  1. kefir;
  2. yogurt.

Wait until the mask dries and proceed with the massage. To do this, moisten your fingers in water and use your tips to perform circular movements from the center to the sides. Lactic acid well removes the keratinized layer of the skin, dissolving the scales and whitening.

New Year's Eve Have a face-to-face tea ceremony daily. We make strong tea. Then we cool, fill in special molds for ice and put in the freezer. Such cubes perfectly tone and refresh the skin of the face, relieve fatigue and add a light, natural-looking tan.

Those whose facial skin is not so sensitive can use honey (if there is no allergy to the product) as a basis for massaging sugared honey. coffee grounds. After the massage, dab your face with a towel, apply a care cream and start makeup.

In the evening, after household chores, sit on the couch, grabbing the TV remote control, special napkins to remove makeup, burdock oil, fresh cucumber (previously cut into circles), milk to clean the skin and night cream.

While watching TV, remove makeup, burdock oil lubricate eyebrows and eyelashes and put circles of cucumber on the face. Then apply the cream on the face, neck and décolleté, while doing a light massage. We combined business with pleasure, relaxing from household chores, we put our face in order.

In winter, from the wind and frost, the lips sometimes crack and become dry. In this case, use a mask of honey, the most common folk remedy that has been tested for centuries. In the morning, before painting your lips, apply a lip balm and wait until absorbed. The balm not only protects the lips and heals wounds, but also does not allow the lipstick to flow.

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Another touch. Do not forget make eyebrows. An ideal eyebrow shape will be made only by a professional master, but in the future you can maintain the shape independently at home. It is better to pluck out under natural light and in the direction of hair growth. The procedure will not be so painful if you first take a shower so that the follicles soften. Some before tweeze eyebrows, draw a line with the pencil of the desired bend.

Tuesday. Second day

Caring for the body. During the evening shower, add special procedures - polish the skin with a scrub (often use thick sugared honey or coffee grounds), rub the problem areas with a special washcloth or mittens: stomach, sides, hips and buttocks. After shower, apply body cream. It will take about 20 minutes, no more.

If time permits, take care of the neckline. We sometimes forget to look after the skin of the neck and décolleté. To look irresistible in the evening or new year dress with a neckline that exposes your back or chest, do not take the trouble to prepare the skin of this area.

  1. In a glass of water, stir 1 tbsp. l alcohol, the same amount of lemon juice and salt. Wash your neck with a washcloth and soap, which contains a large amount of fat. Then, moisten the skin of the neck with a cotton swab until the elixir runs out. Do not wipe or rinse when the skin is slightly dry, use your fingers to rub the cream that you always use.
  2. For a rejuvenating mask, you need 2 tbsp. l fat cottage cheese, juice of half an orange and 1 tsp. vegetable oil. Mix everything and put on cheesecloth, which for 20 minutes to bandage around the neck, then rinse with warm water.

To put on a revealing evening dress, do not put off, you need to solve skin problems now. The sooner this is done, the more chances there are to be on top at the upcoming celebration.

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Wednesday. Day three

Take care of your hands and nails. The procedure can be carried out while relaxing, sitting at the TV. You sure do manicure at home? Before the manicure, take a handful of granulated sugar, mix with liquid soap and wash your hands thoroughly. After such a scrub, dip your hands in warm water, where honey and milk are added, and hold until water has cooled. Further along the thumb track:

  1. give the desired shape of the nails with a nail file;
  2. hand massage with fat cream;
  3. apply nourishing oil to the nails;
  4. wait and put on special gloves.

In this form, you can watch your favorite movie, and you can also sleep in gloves.

  1. Folk remedies help caring for hands and nails - carrots, which you grate on a fine grater and pour in vegetable oil. Wait until the mixture is infused and rub into hands. Do not wash hands after the procedure.
  2. Nails help strengthen lemon juice and vitamin A by dripping a drop of the resulting composition on each nail and rubbing it well to penetrate the nail plate. You will notice how gradually the nails harden and cease to exfoliate.

When caring for your hands, do not forget about the elbows, which often become the cause of emotions in many women, as darkened and rough, slightly rough skin appears. Folk remedies will help to put everything in order - a mask based on glycerin (60 grams), where to add 1 tsp. ammonia. Apply the resulting composition to the elbows and after 15 minutes rinse with warm water.

Thursday. Day four

Take care of your feet. We start with a foot bath where add tea tree oil. Wait until the legs are steamed (water should not be too hot), then wipe the feet with a scrub, and treat the feet with a pumice or a nail file. Rinse your feet.

Getting to the nails: clean them well, file and apply nutritious oil. Massage your feet using a rich nourishing cream. Wait until the cream is absorbed and put on special socks in which you can sleep. The procedure will take no more than 30 minutes.

We choose the evening time for the procedures, when the household chores are redone and nothing distracts. You can combine procedures with watching TV or your favorite movie.

Friday. Fifth day

Hair care. Wash your hair with shampoo for volume, then apply a rinse balm, but only at the very ends, do not rub into the roots. When drying with a hairdryer, use a cream that will give the strands a glow, make it smooth and without weighting, protect it from the effects of hot air.

The hair is dried by tilting its head down to create a larger volume. When the hair is almost dry, take a comb and a hair dryer and lay the strand by strand. The next day, slightly adjust the hairstyle.

When caring for hair, use homemade recipes.

  1. During rinsing, a nettle broth is good, which strengthens hair, eliminate brittleness, give shine and silkiness. To prepare a decoction, you need half a glass of dried nettle and 2 cups boiling water. Soak the ingredients for 30 minutes in a water bath, strain and rinse the hair with a decoction after washing.
  2. Mask of brown bread and linseed oil (or olive) will do a miracle with hair. To prepare the mask, crumble the brown bread, put in a bowl, add a little boiling water. Cover the bowl so that the bread swells and easily turns into slurry when mixed with butter (1 tablespoon is enough oil). Apply the mixture on the head, wrap it well, soak for an hour and rinse. If the hair is oily, do not add oil, take flax seeds.

It is possible to restore hair in a short period of time at home, but it is advisable to do the mask not on the eve of the celebration, but a week before the start, as the hairstyle very quickly loses its well-groomed appearance. And one more moment. Hair dye try to choose, taking into account the color of the skin of the face and eyes, in order to remove several years of age.

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Saturday. Sixth day

We put the finishing touches. We take a shower and moisturize the skin with lotion. Do not forget about the perfume. The warmed up skin absorbs aroma, and the favorite smell will last longer.

We apply makeup without errors with an emphasis on the eyes, applying brown shadows (or those that are in harmony with the outfit). Shadows are applied over the entire eyelid, blending at the upper corner of the eyes. In the center of the eyelid, nacre can be applied, which attracts light, increasing visually the eyes.

We wind the hair on curlers and direct the hot air from the hair dryer for 2-3 minutes. While putting on the dress, the curls will gradually cool down, it remains to slightly ruffle your hands, giving a slight negligence. To fix the hairstyle, lightly add hairspray.

Putting on your favorite dress, do not forget about open areas: shoulders, neckline. Suitable bronze powder with a flickering effect, which is distributed in a circular motion with a large brush. Everything, you will certainly become the queen of the party!

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Beauty in a week is a real and solvable task! But practice shows that if every day, without making indulgences, follow these tips for at least a month, you will soon learn how to easily cut about an hour for yourself to take care of yourself. And then, not only in a week you can become beautiful, but you will always be attractive and well-groomed, despite the lack of time, “blockages” at work and a lot of endless household chores. Go for it!

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