How to choose a hair dryer

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Well-groomed hair has long been considered an indicator of female beauty. Nice make-up without errors and hair styling form the face of a person, and hair care is relevant for women and men.

You can put your hair at the hairdresser. Not everyone has this opportunity, so people resort to using a hairdryer. Let's look at the question: "How to choose a hairdryer for home use?".

From the history of the hairdryer

The first hair dryers appeared in the 40s of the last century, but the idea of ​​creation and implementation comes from 1890. The French Kuafer (hairdresser) Alexander (Godfrey) Goldfroix once drew attention to the operation of a vacuum cleaner, where there is a side that emits warm air. An enterprising hairdresser made this side work and, some time later, in his salon appeared a device in the form of a metal dome for drying hair.

The ancestor of the hair dryer appeared in 1900 in Germany. Santis has released a massive device weighing 2 kg, resembling a watering can with a deformed nose. The device was equipped with a wooden handle, an internal combustion engine, a steel spiral and a propeller were placed inside. The air temperature reached 90 degrees, so in order not to get burned, the dryer was kept at arm's length extended from the hair.

In America, in the 20s of the last century, the device was improved, made lighter and smaller. In addition, a thermostat was installed, and by the age of 40, he had acquired the appearance of a familiar hair dryer. By the 60s, when long hair came into fashion among men, hair dryers reached the peak of popularity.

The word "hair dryer" means a warm or dry wind. Fyon (hair dryer is more common for us), a strong, dry and warm wind that periodically blows from the mountains to the sea coast or valley. Initially, “hair dryers” called a specific model of a device for drying hair, and later the name was attached to all models of useful and necessary household appliances.

Today, buying a hairdryer is not difficult and the prices are reasonable for any taste and wallet. From this the question arises, how to buy a hairdryer with the best characteristics? Stylists advise initially to decide what the device is for. If for drying hair, a minimal amount of functions is enough. For lovers of travel, compact models are provided. If the task is to create hairstyles at home, you should pay attention to the characteristics.



Some sellers suggest paying attention to power, explaining that the more power, the better. It is not right. The temperature and drying speed of the hair depend on the power. If the device is too powerful, there is a chance to spoil the hair and damage the hair.

Temperature conditions and speed

When choosing, we look at the temperature level and the number of speeds, like a professional drill. Such a device controls the temperature of the air supply from warm to hot, and pressure. The more features, the more hair styling options.

Some manufacturers have created a drying system where, given the different lengths, the temperature is set.

Others set the function of changing the temperature and air flow rate, which maintains a healthy appearance and shine of hair.

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How to choose a hair dryer

It is recommended to pay attention to the cold air supply function. Hair dryers with this function dry the curl, and then fix the result. The supply of cold air helps cool the hair and fix the shape.

Hair dryer reliability and shape

Make sure that the housing is made of heat-resistant plastic.Such parameters give hope that the purchased hair dryer will withstand the load and will not melt, and the case will not crack if the device falls to the floor.

When choosing a hair dryer, like curling irons, some are guided by form. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is comfort and convenience.

Two types of hair dryers are sold: in a shape similar to a gun and a cylinder. The “gun” has a handle that is at an angle to the main part of the hair dryer. Used in professional salons.

Whoever masters the skill of hair styling at home is better to take a hair dryer. It is lighter and the hand will not get tired during drying and styling. Hand movement is more free, which makes it possible to direct a stream of air in different directions.


The hair dryer is powered by electricity. He, like any other electrical device, for example, kettleThere is a cord. This is an important detail that you need to pay attention to when buying. The cord should be solid with insulation and flexible. The most suitable length is 2.5 m. This will allow you not to stand right next to the outlet, but to approach the mirror and easily make the right hairstyle.

The junction of the cord with a hairdryer. It is better if the cord rotates freely, which will not allow it to become tangled during drying.


Nozzles are important. If you buy a hair dryer not only for drying hair, but also for styling, carefully select the nozzle. Standard models have 2 standard nozzles:

  • diffuser
  • hub.

A hub is a nozzle without which no stylist works. Professional nozzles of standard dimensions: width 6-9 mm and length 5-7.4 cm, nozzle is movable, rotates to the sides. We pay attention to the width of the concentrator at the exit, if it is more than 1 cm, then a good and careful styling will not work, no matter how hard you try, but the hair will dry quickly. Such parameters indicate that this is not a professional hair dryer.

The diffuser is a popular nozzle, but the characteristics are controversial. Initially, the nozzle was created for quick drying of hair, as it has a larger coverage area than concentric. But manufacturers are trying to convey to customers information that such a hair dryer gives volume to the hair and forms curls. This is an advertising move. The capabilities of the diffuser allow you to dry hair of any length in a fairly short time, no more.

How to choose a hairdryer? Important Nuances of Choosing a Hairdryer ...

Manufacturers produce other nozzles for drying and styling.

  • The half nozzle is suitable for straightened hair. She lifts hair from the roots and straightens strands.
  • Nozzle for curls - a round brush with plastic teeth.
  • Nozzle for giving volume in the form of a comb. Using a nozzle, you can dry your hair, gently caring for them.
  • Nozzle for curling curls - tongs. There are small tongs to curl small curls.
  • Gloss nozzles - round brush made from natural bristles.

How to style your hair

Before drying, comb your hair to fix the hairstyle. It is better to apply gel or foam, remove excess moisture first with a towel. For the occipital part, the drying mode is set powerful and high-speed.

  • During drying, lift the curls with your hands so that they dry better. Do not overdry.
  • Hair styling starts with the back of the head. The strands are dried from roots to ends under the stream of air of the concentrating nozzle.
  • Lastly, the crown is dried, shaping the tips. To do this, the brush is held in position by drying with a hairdryer. If the hair dryer is equipped with cold blowing, use this mode, it fixes the shape of the tips. The distance between the hair dryer and hair is 20 cm.

Before buying, be sure to hold different models of hair dryers in your hands to evaluate the pros and cons, convenience and ergonomics. Another tip: do not use a hair dryer when it is possible to let your hair dry on its own.

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