How to clean your headphones with the best home remedies


Headphones are an integral part of the image of a dynamic and busy person. The convenience of an electro-acoustic device is certain. Thanks to their use, you can listen to audio books and music without annoying others.

Headphones are convenient for those who play computer games. The sharp sounds of the games do not scare the household. Not a game - a real pleasure!

After a while (depending on the frequency of the sock), audibility decreases. The cause of the trouble is pollution in the device - earwax, sweat, dust, small fibers. It is time to clean your headphones.

Preparation and Precautions

White headphones

  • Do not wet the headphones with water! Inaccurate actions can ruin them.
  • Turn off the power before removing dirt!
  • When cleaning, use cotton pads, ear sticks, hydrogen peroxide.
  • Medical alcohol - sold in a pharmacy. It can be replaced with mirror cleaning fluid.
  • You need tape.
  • Clean cloth napkins.
  • Paper towel.
  • Soap solution. Capacity for the procedure. You can use a screw cap on the bottle.

Step-by-step cleaning plan

  1. When processing a vacuum model of headphones at home, remove the silicone pads. We wash them in warm water with soap. Rinse and leave to dry on a cloth. Make sure that the pet (if any) does not chew on the parts.
  2. Pour a few drops of alcohol or glass liquid into the bottle cap.
  3. We install the headphones with the speaker grids down, securing with improvised means. We take a couple of clothespins and, using the device’s grip at the base of the speaker, set it so that the net is soaked in alcohol. You can hold the headphones with your hands, immersed in liquid. The exposure time is three to five minutes. It's enough. After a while, wipe with a cloth.
  4. Using a cotton pad with alcohol, gently wipe the wires and plastic outer parts. Be careful, possibly damage to internal thin wires. Pay attention to how much dirt is on this part of the device! Repeat processing, changing the disk until it remains clean.
  5. We dab all parts with a paper towel. We dry for three hours, collect the headphones.

Apple EarPods Cleaning Features

Apple EarPods

Apple has presented its users headphones that provide comfortable listening to audio. They are ergonomic, comfortable for the ears, have a nice design. Cleaning is also necessary for this miracle of modern technology.

The main thing is not to panic. We take 3% hydrogen peroxide, cotton buds, a bottle cap.

  1. Pour peroxide into the cap. Dip a cotton swab into it and a very neat three mesh surface. Make sure that moisture does not get inside the device. Do not wet the wand strongly and press the speaker grid.
  2. We wait time for the substance to dissolve earwax - two or three minutes.
  3. Take a dry cotton swab. We wipe the places that were wetted.
  4. If for some reason the earwax has not been scrubbed, but clogged around the edges of the earpiece (which also happens), we will go through these places with a toothpick.
  5. Wipe all the nets with a clean, dry stick. After half an hour we enjoy excellent sound.
Video tips
How to clean the white wire from dust, dirt

How to clean the 3.5 headphone jack

Over time, the 3.5 mm mini-jack connector may become dirty - dust, hairs, villi clog it. The headphones will turn off and interrupt the audio session from time to time with noise interference.Eliminate this cause by cleaning.

ATTENTION! Do not use cologne, perfume as a cleaning agent. Aromatic components may adhere to hole and plug parts. This will lead to poor performance of the device.
  1. Take a sharp object. For example, a toothpick or a match. We wind a little cotton on the tip.
  2. Wet in alcohol.
  3. Wipe gently inside the connector.

Cleansing can be completed when the replaceable cotton wool remains clean.

You can use another way.

  1. Divide the cotton pad soaked in alcohol into two parts. It turned out a cotton pad half thinner. This will increase the convenience of cleaning the connector.
  2. Wrap the headphone plug in the drive so that the smooth side of the cotton pad remains outside, and the fleecy one fits the plug tightly.
  3. Insert (neatly!) The coiled long part of the connector into the 3.5 mm jack. The plug will collect dirt along the way.
  4. Finish cleaning when the cotton wool comes out clean.
TIP! Buy a special plug for the socket of your phone. This will save you from blockages.
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We clean from dust and dirt Iphone 5 - Care of your equipment! How am i doing

How to fold the headphone wire so that it does not get tangled

  1. We wrap the wire around your palm several times.
  2. We release the twisted part of the wire and equal the edges.
  3. Wrap the remaining tail a few turns in the middle.
  4. We pull this part into the loop formed across the coiled wires.
  5. Tighten.

Video instructions


Some useful tips

  • Do your white headphones look gray? Instead of alcohol, use nail polish remover. The product should be without acetone.
  • Protect your headphones from moisture.
  • Do not turn the sound loudly so as not to damage the speakers of the audio device.

Now you know the simple and budgetary ways to help screw the electro-acoustic device to a new life.

How and how do you clean your headphones?

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