Where to celebrate New Year with a child in Russia and abroad

New Year with a child

Little time is left before the meeting of the main winter holiday, and many are wondering: “Where celebrate New Year 2020 with a child in Russia and abroad? ” There are many places, but not all are suitable for meeting the holiday with the baby. Where to go?

Adults and children are delighted with this fabulous and magical holiday, on the eve of which many miracles and magic occur. During the New Year holidays, parents and their children will be able to see new interesting places, have a good time and experience a lot of new impressions and emotions. Below I will consider the most popular places suitable for relaxing with your child.

Where to spend New Year holidays in Russia

Moscow, Veliky Ustyug, St. Petersburg


Most of our fellow citizens prefer to relax in their homeland. And not in vain, because in our country there are many interesting places where you can celebrate New Year 2020 with your family. In the first place the capital is Moscow. Here the holidays are celebrated on a grand scale and a lot of fun, and Red Square traditionally remains the main point of celebration.

On New Year's Eve, the main festivities of the country take place. Despite the cold weather, you can dance, watch a gala concert and fireworks, go ice skating at one of the largest ice rinks in Russia and go to the festive New Year's fair. In the area of ​​VDNH and Victory Park, you can participate in interesting flash mobs.

At the same time, a large number of cafes and restaurants always work, where it will turn out to warm up, drink delicious cocoa with the baby. The child will be delighted that he was taken with him to a grand celebration in the main square of the country. Such a celebration will be remembered for a long time.

St. Petersburg

The Northern capital - St. Petersburg, where tourists will not be bored on New Year's Eve, will delight guests on New Year's holidays. Festivities take place on the Palace - the main square of the city. The day before the New Year's Eve, a gorgeous and bright light show is held here, showing films of different genres for children and adults.

On New Year's Eve, there will be a concert for guests and residents of the city, in which pop stars and cinema stars will take part, after which you can have round dances, sing songs and watch fireworks.

Another point of the city that is in demand for celebration is Gostiny Dvor. For children, such a celebration will be remembered from a positive side. It will be a performance with contests at which Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. Children will be interested in visiting the New Year's fair, trying different dishes and drinks and take part in contests.

Great Ustyug

A popular place to relax on New Year's holidays is the birthplace of Santa Claus, the ancient city of Veliky Ustyug. In this magical town, New Year's Eve, songs and dances do not cease, a colorful masquerade with famous and beloved fairy-tale characters takes place, and Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden lead the holiday.

You can take part in funny snow battles, for which special ice fortresses were built, ride a large ice rink and even ride in a harness drawn by deer. Grandfather Frost lives in his tower in the city, where you and your children can visit and look at the wonders of his fabulous home.

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Where to celebrate New Year with a child abroad

For lovers of exotic holidays and those who have looked at most interesting places in their homeland, the option of meeting the New Year 2020 abroad is suitable. In addition, not everyone likes cold and snow, someone likes a warm atmosphere and exotic. For such tourists, countries where you can enjoy the New Year holidays lying on the beach and enjoying the sunny weather are suitable.


At the time of the classic New Year in Thailand, the peak season of the holiday season. In the capital of the country - Bangkok, on New Year's Eve, you can participate in the New Year's masquerade, listen to music and look at the colorful fireworks.

It is advisable to book a hotel in advance, because in low-cost hotels they occupy places first. At the same time take care of the comfort of the child, given the remoteness from the place of celebration.

Czech Republic

If Europe is more to your liking, then the Czech Republic is ideal for meeting the New Year holidays. It is better to come here before December 25 to enjoy the celebration of Catholic Christmas, but on New Year's Eve there is no time for boredom.

The most famous place in the Czech Republic is Prague, an ancient and beautiful city. It is fun here on a festive night - you can participate in spectacular performances with games and competitions, which children will surely like, dance, enjoy fire shows and fireworks, visit the New Year's market and a fair in the city center.


This country surprises with a fabulous and magical atmosphere, which is perfect for celebrating the New Year and will appeal to adults and children. The weather here is warm, but the holiday atmosphere is felt like never before. By the New Year, the city is decorated with hundreds of Christmas trees that shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow.

Guests of the city will be able to watch bright laser shows and listen to concerts, admire the luminous spheres in which they write wishes of good luck by next year, and then release them into the waters of the bay.

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You can highlight many other amazing places for a good rest. The main thing is to think over the place of residence with the child, to take care of his comfort. Almost every modern hotel offers comfortable rooms and celebrates the New Year.

Where do you plan to celebrate the New Year with a child?

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