How and where to relax in the summer inexpensively

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Hello dear readers! In the article we will consider an interesting topic, how to relax in the summer by the river, in the forest or in the mountains. When the summer season begins, you can forget for a moment about workdays and think about where to relax inexpensively with your family.

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, so everyone relaxes in their own way. In the article I will not consider rest abroad or on the seashore, I will consider only the most affordable and inexpensive options.

To relax in the summer, optional to issue a passport and leave the country or go to the coast. In the vicinity of the city there is sure to be a river, a picturesque mountain range or a forest filled with fresh air. Any of these places will offer great opportunities in terms of recreation and very inexpensive.

Step-by-step preparation for rest

  • Rest is an opportunity to change the atmosphere. If you live in a city, spend your vacation in a place that will help you to forget about traffic jams, hot asphalt and city bustle for a moment. Instead of a bus tour of large settlements, go to a quiet place.
  • If you are going on a long trip, buy tickets in advance, prepare money and documents. As practice shows, before the holidays there is euphoria, which does not allow you to collect your thoughts.
  • When leaving for vacation, close doors and windows, turn off taps and turn off electrical appliances. Open the doors in the washing machine and refrigerator, otherwise an unpleasant odor will appear in the appliance.
  • If you plan to spend a vacation in one of the remote corners of the country, take advantage of drugs in advance that will help you adapt to new conditions. Tincture of lemongrass or ginseng will help to adapt to water, food and a new time zone. Take funds not during the vacation, but during the month before the vacation.
  • If you are not planning a summer vacation away from civilization, make sure that the backpack contains hiking trifles that will make spending time outdoors comfortable. Put in a bag thermos, tea, matches, raincoat and other things.
  • Do not forget to grab the first aid kit. Include antipyretic and painkillers, medications for burns and indigestion. Grab a patch and a disinfectant. This kit may not be needed, but just in case, I recommend keeping it with you.

Now I will consider several options for a summer vacation and talk about the benefits. I think with the help of tips you can easily choose the best option for a summer vacation, corresponding to the tastes and preferences of family members.

How to relax in the summer by the river

Photo of a beautiful river

With the advent of summer, people, trying to get rid of everyday hustle and bustle with energy, collect things and go on vacation to distant lands. Long vacations are expensive. However, summer vacation can be longer and more affordable if you go to the shore of a beautiful reservoir with your family, break up a tent town and have fun.

I don’t know if you have ever met the dawn on the banks of the river, breathed the morning coolness, enjoyed the birdsong and the rustle of foliage. If not, I’ll say that you missed an important part of life. Rest by the river is a life-giving cocktail of thoughtfulness, vitality and happiness.Having visited one of such places, fill your soul with indescribable feelings, and cool and clear water will bring a lot of pleasure and many health benefits.

Throughout the day, the sky along with the sun, some water and sand will be endowed with infectious energy. Several days will pass, and vigorous youths will remain from the grumbling tired of life. Even if the weather is windy or rainy, you will always find something to do. Embark on a walk through the endless flowering fields that bring floral smells to oblivion.

And what a beautiful sight the sunset is. The river makes this event a miracle of the universe. At the same time, the surrounding objects take a new shape every day. Rest by the river is a summer vacation option for a family, a group of friends or a couple in love.

The benefits of relaxing by the river in summer

  1. Unforgettable fishing. It’s hard to imagine how many positive emotions bringcarp fishing on the banks of a picturesque river. Excitement, the expectation of a long-awaited bite, the struggle with a large fish. As a result, you will get a wonderful mood and find peace of mind. And the decoration of the evening table will befragrant ear.
  2. Fresh air causes appetite. Without high-calorie food, a summer vacation will not be complete. Fortunately, at any time you can cook kebab or bake fish on coals. The main thing is to grab a barbecue and a set of skewers. There are no problems with firewood in nature.
  3. Bonfire family gatherings. Variety of leisure by cooking sausages on fire, which, together with a slice of fresh bread and ketchup, will remind you of your childhood and bring a lot of joy.
  4. The rest is suitable for families with children.. During the day, children can run outdoors, swim, sunbathe and build sand fortresses. It promotes mental and physical development.
  5. Children do not have to persuade to eat. Wanting to get the next batch of impressions, the children absorb the offered food in a matter of minutes. Just in case, grab something tasty, variety won't hurt.
  6. Ample opportunities for extreme. We are talking about underwater fishing, visiting islets, swimming across the river and so on.

By the river you can spend an unforgettable vacation near the house. And that’s good, because it will help save and extend your vacation, because you don’t have to waste time on a long trip.

How to plan a vacation in the forest

Beautiful forest landscape

Inhabitants of cities spend their vacations in nature, where instead of exhaust gases clean and fresh air, and turbid liquid of dubious composition replaces clean water. The list of such places is extensive, and one of the leading positions is occupied by forest.

It was not without reason that I decided to consider the issue, since there are many dangers in places that have not been touched by human hands. To rest only brought positive emotions and an unforgettable experience, listen to the recommendations.

  • If you spend your vacation in the forest, choose a place for the camp where people previously had a rest. Do not chase forest romance and do not go into the wild, otherwise a long-awaited vacation can be a disaster: wander into the swamp or get out of the way.
  • Not every citizen acts as a forester or a villager who constantly goes to the forest to hunt or to pick mushrooms. The woodland is not a place for playing with muscles and demonstrating courage. It is better to go to a forest recreation center, which will provide a wonderful vacation.
  • The forest is the abode of elks, bears and other animals, but I advise you not to fear them, but mosquitoes. In the city it is rarely necessary to encounter them, but in nature they will bring many inconveniences. Therefore, go on vacation in the appropriate equipment.
  • Forget for a while about fashion jeans and elegant dresses. Clothing with a long sleeve and a hood, trousers tapering downwards are suitable for the forest. It does not hurt to take care of shoes.
  • If you have chosen an equipped place located close to swamps and thickets, bring along a special tool that repels crowds of midges and mosquitoes. Buy a remedy that reduces the reaction to mosquito bites and promotes rapid healing.
  • When in the forest, remember safety. Do not delve into the thicket alone. Even if you are planning to explore the forest with a large company, there should be a person among you who understands the traces of animals and focuses on the area.
  • Resting in the forest can be interesting. Pick mushrooms and berries take photos professionally landscapes, look for wild honey.
  • Rest in the forest without making a fire is unthinkable. Make fire away from trees and forest vegetation, otherwise a fire will occur. It is not necessary to cut trees to make a fire, because there is a lot of dry brushwood in the forest.
  • After the picnic, be sure to clean up after yourself. Do not throw bottles or rubbish into nearby bodies of water. Take all the waste with you and throw it into the trash can. As a result, do not leave any traces after you, and people who come to rest after you will be pleased to be in this place.

Once in a wooded area, remember that you are visiting nature and she is the mistress here. The rest of the forest holiday is a summer vacation option for people tired of the bustle of the city. It will not require large investments, will pleasecooked mushrooms and wild berry compote.

What you need to relax in the mountains in summer

Hut in the mountains

In people, summer vacation is associated with the sea coast and sand. Holidays in the mountains include not only walking along the snowy peaks and ski slopes. In summer, mountain resorts offer discounts on accommodation, and hotels located near the sea raise prices to sky-high.

If you want to get acquainted with the benefits of a summer vacation in the mountains, read the article. While writing, I made a bias on the description of the advantages of mountain recreation. After reading the material, you probably decide to spend the summer holidays at the foot of the nearest mountains.

  1. In summer, the air temperature in the mountains does not exceed 25 degrees. During this period, the climate in the highlands is mild. Therefore, this type of summer vacation is suitable for people suffering from hypertension.
  2. As for the activities that a mountain vacation offers, the list is long. Among them pike fishing in mountain lakes, horseback riding, catamarans, boats and bicycles, rafting.
  3. In the mountains, all people have fun, regardless of age or age. Mountains provide youth with the opportunity to demonstrate stamina and gain adrenaline. They will relieve stress for adult vacationers, help them relax and forget about car exhausts and city smog for the duration of the vacation.
  4. If you didn’t have to go down the river before, the mountains will offer a calm view of the rafting. They will please more experienced people with the opportunity to test their courage, strength and endurance on a large river with a fast current and sharp turns.
  5. Mountainous nature deserves special attention, which is characterized by unique flora and fauna, lush vegetation and clear waters of local rivers. How not to try to describe the beauty, to realize its scale will be possible only after seeing everything in person.
  6. Having spent vacation in the mountains, improve your health, restore your face blush, improve your appetite and boost your spirits. What to speak of impressions and emotions that will remain in memory for a lifetime.

Doctors advise visiting the highlands during the warmer months, as climate change helps restore the body. First-class mountain resorts are concentrated in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and France. But, you don’t need to leave the country at all, because we also have noteworthy mountain recreation centers and mountain ranges scattered throughout the state.

How to set up a campground

I dedicate the final part of the story to the rules of campsite. No matter where you go, the quality of rest depends on choosing the right place to set up your tent.

First of all, find a safe place that will protect against gusts of wind and lightning. Do not camp in the lowlands, as in case of rainy weather moisture will accumulate in this place.

Option - a place surrounded by obstacles of natural origin. They will protect from heat, rain and wind.Camping is recommended near the source of water, which is useful for cooking and household needs.

Before setting up a camp, divide a suitable place into four zones, each of which has its own purpose.

Place tents in one area. Place them on a flat surface on a hill. During the installation of temporary housing, make sure that the cords and belts are securely fastened, otherwise the tent will not cope with the pressure provided by strong winds.

In the second section, organize a kitchen. The distance from the field kitchen to the tent is within thirty meters. At first glance, it seems that this is a lot, but it is not. At a closer distance, sparks from the fire will reach the tent and damage. Store food in airtight containers, and wash dirty dishes immediately, otherwise the smell of food will attract animals that will cause a lot of trouble.

The third section - area for washing dishes, washing and bathing. To facilitate the fate, try to find a source of water near this site. Take care that the soapy liquid does not get into the water you use for drinking.

On the fourth platform, organize a toilet. Before the construction should be at least 70 meters from the camp. Dig a small hole that will serve to bury waste products.

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I told how to relax in the summer by the river, in the forest and in the mountains inexpensively, but fun and interesting. You have familiarized yourself with the intricacies of camping, which will make outdoor recreation comfortable. Good luck to you!

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