What does the word LOL mean and how to use LOL

What does the word LOL mean

Words from youth slang are very common. Every Internet user has come across the buzzword “LOL” (lol). What does the word LOL mean, how it appeared in the language and how to use it correctly when communicating online can be found in this article.

Communicating on forums, in the comments and chats on VKontakte or Facebook, everyone met the word LOL expressing the emotion of strong laughter, loud laughter. Initially, this word was called a smiley with a similar meaning, now in correspondence and comments it replaces it.

The origin of the word lol

Actively using a buzzword, few people think about its origin and what it means. LOL is an acronym or abbreviation formed from the capital letters of words, as word IMHO. The abbreviation came from English.

The full expression of LOL looks like this: Laughing Out Loud and literally translates to “laugh out loud". There is a variant of the phrase lots of laughs, which has the translation “much laughter».

Due to the wide halo of use, after conducting linguistic research in early 2011, it is recorded in the Oxford Dictionary.

This borrowing is therefore more correct write all letters uppercase “LOL” or “LOL”. But slang has not yet been recorded in Russian-language dictionaries, and various options are used on the Internet: LOL, lol, LOL and lol. Many indicate that the spelling lol resembles the Russian letter Y, which is often used to denote laughter, laughter, and fun.

How to use LOL on VK

Slang originated and actively lives on social networks and forums. Often found in the vastness of the most popular network in the CIS - Vkontakte. In correspondence, the word is used when it is necessary to express a feeling of sincere laughter. For example, after reading a funny message in VK, you answer with the word LOL, showing that the joke, the joke, the story is really funny. The word can be attributed to interjections, which are used to support phrases with loud laughter. In such cases, it is highlighted with commas, does not carry a specific meaning, but expresses emotion.

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The word LOL in youth slang

The rooting of the word in the slang of young people is confirmed by the fact that the schoolchildren come up with sayings with his participation: “For me, at least a“ count ”, everything is LOL.”

Often, students distort the original meaning of the word, the meaning of which is a positive reaction, a laugh at the interlocutor’s joke.

Laughter among adolescents is perceived differently, they often take offense at him. Hence the change in the lexical meaning of the word. From expressing approval of a joke, LOL goes into the category of offensive expressions, ridicule. Some teenagers LOL called a rustic man who is constantly dumb. On some forums it is indicated that synonyms for the word are: loser, simpleton, teapot, dumb or dumb. Such use is incorrect and shows that a person does not know the meaning of the word used.

The word firmly settled in the Internet space. Each visitor to forums and chats uses it. The main thing is to apply the correct meaning, not becoming like a “shkolota”, who considers LOL an insult. And do not confuse with the genitive plural of the name Lola (many who? Lol). But it was a joke, lol.

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