How to clean an apartment from negative

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In every particle of the world around us there is energy. To achieve harmony in life, you must be able to control its flow.

If there are quarrels, misfortunes, you feel discomfort in your own home, then it's time to clean the house of accumulated negative energy. Try to get rid of it in time to ensure a happy and comfortable life.

Diagnosis of negative energy in an apartment and a house

Signs of the presence of negative energy:

  • Feeling of anxiety and fear for no reason.
  • Children and pets often behave uneasily.
  • Strange thoughts appear in my head that prevent me from concentrating.
  • Lack of desire for the goal.

Effective methods for cleaning up negative and spoilage

Aroma oils

Sound cleansing

  • To prevent the appearance of negativity at home, hang a key ring “wind music” at the entrance to the apartment.
  • Look into every corner of the house with a continuously ringing bell. Stay in the darkest places: in cabinets and pantries.
  • Walk around the perimeter, clapping your hands. Pay attention to the corners. Wash your hands with soap after the rite.
  • Another way to clean the apartment of negative sound is carried out using a Tibetan singing bowl - a magical item that helps to expel evil forces. Identify the center in the house, put a chair, sit down and start playing a musical instrument until you feel the positive changes.

Incense, herbs and essential oils

It is enough to light incense sticks, drip essential oil on a chair, sofa or carpet. For these purposes, buy special flavors:

  • Orange attracts positive emotions, increases self-esteem and drives away depression.
  • Basil enhances faith in one's own strengths and purifies the aura after contact with negative people.
  • Melissa attracts luck and helps against corruption and the evil eye.
  • Lavender helps to relax, heal damage in the aura.

Sea and rock salt

The usual spice used in everyday life absorbs negative energy like a sponge. Salt is an important component of magic rituals. Clean the house. When washing floors, windows, and furniture, add a handful of salt to the water. If possible, place saucers with seasoning in each corner and leave for several days. During this time, salt absorbs the negative accumulated in the house. Then, flush the salt into the toilet.

Energy paintings, faces of saints

Magical items and specially charged attributes are powerful sources of protection that will help you effectively deal with bad energy in the apartment. Before buying a picture or icon, study their meaning, read specialized literature to get rid of the wrong energy flows that they carry.

Works of art do not contain positive or negative energy. They act as conductors through which energy is transmitted. Carefully select the place where the item will be located. To ensure that people nearby are charged only with positive emotions, consider the situation:

  • Place the image of Christ above the dining table to offer prayers to him before the meal.
  • Named icons are located above the head of the bed.
  • The home iconostasis should be in the red corner: the most illuminated part of the home.


The element of fire is a necessary attribute for the ceremony. For purification, candles are used, ideally, church candles, which are charged with the strong energy of the holy place.

Light a candle and go around the apartment or house, paying special attention to doorways, inaccessible places under beds, sofas, in which clots of bad energy accumulate. At the end of the ritual of purification, do not extinguish the candle. Read the prayer and wait for the candle to burn to the end. It is important to protect the room from the reappearance of negative after cleaning.

Holy water and candles

From the front door, go around the apartment with church candles lit in the hands, reading “Our Father”. In places where the candle fire begins to crack or burn more strongly, linger longer. Pay special attention to reflective surfaces in the house (glass, mirrors), as they seal poor energy. Then, cross the corners in the house three times. Cross the candles of the front door outside. Sprinkle the apartment with holy water. Pay particular attention to corners and mirrors. At the end of the session, throw the candle out of the house or burn it completely, take a shower.

General cleaning and emptying of trash

Clear-out helps to get rid of the accumulated negativity. Get rid of the shelter of negative energy flows: old things, unnecessary items, broken dishes, cracked mirrors.

Thoroughly wash the apartment with the thought that you throw out negative thoughts and memories from the house with garbage. Pay attention to old things - if they are not the subject of pleasant memories, get rid of them.

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How to clean the house of negative energy.

How to put protection against the negative

There are many ways to protect your home from bad energy.

  1. With the help of salt, which quickly absorbs negativity, most people clean their living quarters, things, and even themselves, taking salt baths. For the ceremony, heat the salt in a pan, sprinkle around the apartment. After a day, remove her, thinking that the negative is leaving with her.
  2. Protect housing and indoor plants. They absorb the bad energy, processing it, give the good. It is useful to have many flowers in the house. Plant ficus, cacti, agave and geranium.
  3. A positive effect will provide stones and crystals. They are specially charged for this purpose. Before use, study the effect and influence of stones and crystals.
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Preserved on an apartment. Protection for the apartment from the negative.

That the house does not accumulate bad energy and negativity, cleanse yourself and your thoughts, tune in to positive. Clean the room. Most importantly, believe in what you are doing, otherwise no rites and rituals will help.

How do you get rid of damage and negativity in the house?

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