Croutons with egg and milk, nuts, garlic for beer - step by step recipes

Properly cooked croutons with egg

Croutons - toasted slices of bread. Many are interested in how to cook croutons with egg and milk, so that they turn out delicious? This is what we will talk about in the article.

Some people prefer oatmeal or breakfast for breakfast. omelette, others like fresh and crispy croutons. They can be sweet or with additives - vegetable, meat, fish. In any case, they cook extremely fast.

Classic recipe croutons with egg and milk

From white bread it is easy to prepare a tasty and painfully simple dish - croutons. I inherited the classic recipe from my grandmother. The croutons with milk and egg are delicious and ruddy, and I serve them to coffee or tea.

Servings: +6
  • loaf 1 PC
  • milk 250 ml
  • egg 1 PC
  • sugar 50 g
Calories and BJU per 100 g
Calories 179 kcal
Proteins: 5.9 g
Fats: 7.1 g
Carbohydrates: 22.4 g
10 min.Video
  • I cut the loaf into thin slices. If desired, you can buy a rifled loaf in the supermarket.
  • I add egg and sugar to milk. Mix and beat until sugar is completely dissolved.
  • I dip the slices of the loaf in the resulting mixture and send it to the pan.
  • Fry in vegetable oil until a crust appears.

Cook the croutons once, and you will be convinced that they are prepared simply.

Cooking croutons with sausage and egg

Every housewife has a signature dish, and I am no exception. Some have soup, others have a salad, and I have delicious croutons with sausage and an egg.

  • loaf - 2 pcs.
  • butter - 200 g
  • eggs - 20 pcs.
  • thick mayonnaise - 500 g
  • smoked sausage - 200 g
  • tomatoes - 5 pcs.
  • garlic - 1 head
  • fresh dill - 1 bunch
  1. Melt the butter. On it croutons are tastier. Then I heat the pan.
  2. I cut the bread into slices 1 cm thick. I dip the loaf in melted butter on both sides and send it to the pan.
  3. I fry for about two minutes, until the bread is browned. Remove the croutons from the pan and spread on a plate.
  4. I boil eggs to coolness. So that the shell is easily removed, before pouring cold water, I pierce them with a knife in two places. I pass the cooled and peeled eggs through a coarse grater.
  5. I clean the garlic and cut off the buttocks and roots. Having dipped a clove of garlic in salt, I rub them on one side with plenty of cooled croutons.
  6. I spread the garlic slices of the loaf with garlic mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated egg.
  7. I chop the dill, and cut the tomatoes into thin slices.
  8. Crush croutons slightly from above. I put a slice of tomato on the formed platform on one side, and a sausage on the other.
  9. Sprinkle with salt and chopped dill.
  10. I spread croutons on a beautiful dish and put in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour.

Croutons with nuts and apples

I will tell you another simple recipe for making croutons with nuts and apples. I often serve them with my family for breakfast.

  • wheat bread - 200 g
  • eggs 2 pcs.
  • apple - 1 pc.
  • milk - 3/4 cup
  • sugar, hazelnut kernels and butter - 2 tbsp. each
  1. In one bowl I add milk, yolks and sugar. Mix and whip with a fork.
  2. I cut wheat bread into thin slices. I dip the slices in the mixture and fry in a pan on both sides.
  3. I peel the apples, remove the seeds, finely chop and carcass with sugar until soft.
  4. I chop and fry the nuts in a second pan. Add them to the apple mass.I am mixing.
  5. I smear croutons with the resulting mixture, put into the mold and cover with a layer of whipped proteins.
  6. Bake in the oven until the squirrels harden.

Croutons with nuts and apples are a tasty treat. I note if there is no time to prepare the apple mass, feel free to use jam or jam. It will turn out faster.

French croutons recipe

Tired of scrambled eggs? Want to quickly cook a delicious dish? Not enough thrills? French croutons - what you need!

  • sliced ​​loaf - 1 pc.
  • eggs - 4 pieces
  • sunflower oil, salt.
  1. I use a rifled loaf. If it is not, I take any analog and cut into thin slices.
  2. I break eggs into a deep bowl and add salt. With a whisk or fork, beat the eggs until a homogeneous mixture is formed.
  3. I dip the slices of bread in the egg mixture. Be sure to make sure that the slices of the loaf are thoroughly soaked with eggs.
  4. I put the pan on the stove, turn on the medium heat and pour vegetable oil into the dishes.
  5. As soon as the pan is heated, I spread the slices of loaf moistened in the eggs and fry on both sides until a crust forms.

Beer garlic croutons - recipe number 1

Garlic croutons are suitable for beer, for sandwiches or just instead of bread for the first dish.

  • Borodino bread - 250 g
  • garlic - 3 cloves
  • salt, vegetable oil

First way

  1. I cut brown bread into thin slices and fry in vegetable oil on both sides.
  2. After removing the hot croutons from the pan, immediately rub them with garlic and sprinkle with salt.

Second way

  1. I pour a little vegetable oil into the pan, heat it and add the sliced ​​garlic.
  2. Before baking bread, I remove the pieces of garlic from the pan. As a result, croutons have a less pronounced aftertaste of garlic.

Garlic croutons are the most common type of dish. How to spread the toasted bread is up to you.

Beer croutons with garlic - recipe number 2

People consume beer, snacking on nuts, crackers or seafood. My husband does not have confidence in purchased products for beer, but prefers homemade croutons.


  • black bread
  • garlic Sause
  • hard cheese
  • garlic
  • sunflower oil
  • fresh greens
  • spice
  1. I cut the bread into small pieces.
  2. I heat the oil in a frying pan and add the peeled clove of garlic. When it turns golden, I take it out of the pan and just throw it away.
  3. Pour sliced ​​bread into hot oil. I regret until all the pieces get a beautiful and appetizing crust. In total, it takes no more than two minutes.
  4. While frying, sprinkle croutons with spices to taste.
  5. I remove the finished croutons from the pan and put them on a plate. I put small pieces of cheese on top. I decorate a plate with fresh herbs: parsley, basil or oregano.

You might think that buying croutons for beer is easier in the store. I will not argue. At the same time, do not forget that croutons prepared according to this recipe are a completely natural product without any additives.

How to Make Shrimp Croutons

I bring to your attention a hearty breakfast and a delicious snack - croutons with shrimps. My family is delighted with this dish.

  • sliced ​​loaf - 1 pc.
  • eggs - 3 pcs.
  • boiled shrimp - 100 g
  • parsley - 1 bunch
  • green onions - 1 bunch
  • salt
  1. I cut the crust from slices of loaf. With a rolling pin I make slices of bread thin and even.
  2. Finely chop the parsley, onion and shrimp, mix and salt.
  3. I separate the squirrels from the yolks and whisk with salt.
  4. I mix 2/3 proteins with onions and shrimp. I smear half the slices of bread with this mixture, and the edges with the remaining protein.
  5. I cover each crouton with the filling with a piece of a clean loaf and press a little. I cut diagonally into two halves.
  6. I dip the prepared croutons in whipped yolks and fry them in a pan until they are rosy.

Learn my recipe and go to the kitchen. I assure you, your loved ones will appreciate this dish.

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My article on making croutons has come to an end. In it, I shared my experience and recipes. Sure, there are other recipes, but the options listed are the most common and popular.

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