How to cook caviar from mushrooms for the winter

How to cook caviar from mushrooms for the winter

Mushroom caviar is a tasty and nutritious snack, because the “forest inhabitants” are slightly inferior to meat in terms of protein content. For production, not only fresh mushrooms are used, but also salted, frozen, dried. Let's discuss how make caviar from mushrooms for winter.

A jar with a different snack is in every refrigerator. He opened the lid and after a minute a delicious dish appears on the table, to which the spoon reaches. A popular snack made from ground ingredients is caviar, which turns a simple slice of bread into an appetizing and healthy dish.

What mushrooms to cook caviar at home? Of any edible. After salting and pickling the hats, there are legs left - feel free to cook caviar from them. Vegetables, herbs and spices will decorate the snack and enrich the composition with useful substances.

Classic recipe for fresh forest mushrooms

Photo of fresh chanterelles

The classic recipe is for connoisseurs of a rich mushroom flavor. Try to cook caviar from chanterelles and honey mushrooms, it is considered the most delicious.

Servings: +20
  • mushrooms 2.5 kg
  • salt 100 g
  • vegetable oil 100 ml
  • onion 800 g
  • water 400 ml
  • vinegar 9% 1 Art. l
  • dill greens, parsley 2 twigs
Calories and BJU per 100 g
Calories 135 kcal
Proteins: 3 g
Fats: 12.6 g
Carbohydrates: 3 g
1 hour. 15 minutes.Video
  • Prepare the mushrooms: clean from large debris, wash, chop. Put the slices in salted water.
  • Boil for half an hour over low heat, stirring and removing the foam, then drop in a colander.
  • Chop the onion, pass in oil until golden.
  • Scroll the mushrooms with onions in a meat grinder.
  • Add chopped greens and vinegar to the resulting mass: for one can, 1 tbsp will be needed. l vinegar and a pair of sprigs of grass. Move carefully.
  • Put the mass on the banks, cover with lids loosely. Sterilize jars of caviar for 45 minutes.
  • After seaming, put the cans upside down, cover with a warm thing, let cool completely.

Recipe without sterilization

Ceps for caviar

Do not want to sterilize jars - this recipe is for you. After grinding, the mushroom mixture is stewed for some time, this protects the workpiece from spoilage.

  • Mushrooms - 1 kg.
  • Water - 1 l.
  • Onions - 4 pcs.
  • Garlic - 3 cloves.
  • Vinegar - 2 tbsp. l
  • Salt pepper.

How to cook:

  1. Pour the prepared mushrooms with water, bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes. Throw in a colander, rinse well, then put in salted water, cook for 15 minutes.
  2. Drain the broth, scroll the mushrooms in a meat grinder.
  3. Crumble the onion and garlic. Pass the onions until transparent.
  4. Combine onion and mushrooms, add garlic and pepper.
  5. Fry for 10 minutes.
  6. Arrange in jars, pour 1 tbsp on top. l vinegar.
  7. Close cans using plastic lids or roll up.
  8. Put the cooled snack in a cold place.

To prevent mold from appearing on the surface, you can put horseradish leaves on top of the caviar. They have bactericidal and antibacterial properties.

Video cooking

Tasty caviar from frozen mushrooms

Beautiful porcini mushrooms

Do you want to enjoy caviar, and only mushrooms from the freezer are available? Feel free to cook an appetizer of them. To taste, it will not yield to a product from fresh mushrooms.

  • Frozen mushrooms - 2 kg.
  • Vegetable oil - 8 tbsp. l
  • Onions - 2-3 pcs.
  • Carrots - 1 pc.
  • Tomato paste - 3 tbsp. l
  • Ground black pepper - 1 tsp.
  • Salt.
  • Parsley.

Step by step cooking:

  1. Pre-defrost the mushrooms and boil in salted water for 30-40 minutes.
  2. Pour excess liquid, leaving about 0.5 cups to preserve mushroom taste and smell.
  3. Passer finely chopped onions until transparent.
  4. Grate carrots with a coarse grater, fry over medium heat until soft.
  5. Connect mushrooms with vegetables, scroll through the meat grinder.
  6. Place cookware with the mass on low heat. Stir constantly to prevent burning.
  7. When the composition boils, add the tomato paste, herbs and spices. Mushrooms were cooked in salted water, so salt carefully, do not overdo it.
  8. Cover the dishes, simmer for 40 minutes. Put caviar in banks.
  9. Boil the jars for 15 minutes, cork and put in the cold, without waiting for cooling.

Do not use frozen mushrooms with an expired shelf life: fresh ones are stored for no more than a year, boiled ones for no more than 4 months.

Dried Mushroom Caviar

Champignons for caviar

Mushrooms after drying do not lose useful qualities. From dried, you get caviar with a rich aroma. Chefs recommend taking tubular species - white, oily, boletus, boletus.

  • Dried mushrooms - 2 kg.
  • Onions - 400 g.
  • Tomatoes - 600g.
  • Vegetable oil - 300 ml.
  • Salt pepper.


  1. Put dried mushrooms in boiling water. After half an hour, drain, rinse, cut into pieces. Boil in salted water for 30 minutes.
  2. Grind the mushrooms with a meat grinder and fry in oil for half an hour.
  3. Chop tomatoes, chop finely bow. Fry vegetables separately from mushrooms.
  4. Combine the mushroom mass with the vegetable mass, add spices, simmer for another 15 minutes.
  5. Put caviar in jars, sterilize.
  6. Place the blanks in the refrigerator or cellar.

How to cook caviar from champignons

Champignons on a cutting board

You don’t need to go for mushrooms with a basket to the forest, all year round they are easily found on store shelves. They have a delicate structure, so they cook faster than others. In this recipe Champignon Do not boil, but fry, which makes the taste more saturated.

  • Champignons - 2 kg.
  • Onions - 4 pcs.
  • Carrots - 4 pcs.
  • Vinegar - 4 tbsp. l
  • Bay leaf - 4 pcs.
  • Salt pepper.
  • Vegetable oil for frying.


  1. Wash the champignons, dry, cut into slices.
  2. Grate the carrots on a fine grater, crumble the onions. Fry vegetables with butter until soft.
  3. Add mushrooms, bay leaf, salt and pepper. Stew for 10 minutes, stirring regularly.
  4. When the mass has cooled, remove the lavrushka. If a lot of juice comes out, drain the excess.
  5. Grind the mass with a blender, pour vinegar and mix thoroughly.
  6. Put caviar in banks. Sterilize for 15 minutes, clog.

In appearance, caviar from champignons is similar to pate. Ideal for sandwiches, both independently and in combination with herbs, grated cheese, chopped egg. Fans of mushroom sauce will be able to cook it themselves with caviar from champignons.

Useful Tips

To make the taste of mushroom caviar meet expectations, and jars of appetizers stood all winter, experienced chefs recommend.

  1. Do not use different varieties of mushrooms if you are not sure that they are combined.
  2. From fresh, choose only high-quality specimens, without rot and wormholes.
  3. Gruzdy and rowers considered conditionally edible. Soak them in water with added salt (1 tsp) and citric acid (0.5 tsp)
  4. In order not to get poisoned, be sure to boil mushrooms.
  5. Be sure to sterilize jars and lids before use.
  6. The best way to store cans is under plastic lids. Keep them in the cold.
  7. If you plan to keep in a normal room - use metal covers.
  8. Throw away jars if you notice a swollen lid or bubbles appear in the caviar - this means that bacteria causing botulism multiplied in the product.
  9. Do not store an open jar for more than 5 days.
  10. If caviar is prepared for use in soups, main dishes or pies, it can be frozen. Fold it in bags or special containers and place in the freezer.

In the summer, the kitchens of the hostesses turn into billets. Popular wisdom says: "In the summer, one day feeds the whole year."On a winter day, a jar of mushroom caviar becomes a real lifesaver, turning into a snack, a filling for a pie or pizza, dressing for soup, addition to the side dish.

Mix it with butter, cheese, egg and herbs, and every time there is a new snack on the table. Caviar dishes diversify the menu of believers during fasting. A sandwich with fragrant and nutritious mushroom caviar for breakfast will be a good start to a new day.

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