How to make wine from grapes at home

Grape Red and White Wine

Vintage wines from shops and supermarkets no longer surprise anyone. Here homemade wine comes into play - without dyes and preservatives, from selected grapes, tasty and healthy. The process of its manufacture is short-lived and gives room for imagination - you can mix different grape varieties and create a unique taste of the drink. No wonder many connoisseurs claim that homemade wine is much tastier than purchased.

Choose the best grape variety

Bunch of grapes

For the preparation of wine at home, it is better to choose technical (wine) varieties. These are Isabella, Merlot, Muscat, Cabernet, Dove, Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay and others. The wine from these small berries, tightly adjacent to each other, will turn out to be refined, with a pleasant taste. You can also try table varieties - "Pretty Woman", "Moldova", "Delight" "White", etc., but some connoisseurs indicate their lack of aftertaste. Grades with a high sugar content are also good: Crystal, Friendship, Stepnyak, Platovsky, Regent, Saperavi, Festivalny. The colors of the berries are blue, red, white. You can mix them and experiment with tastes.

The easiest homemade wine recipe

Wine and cheese

For beginners, for the first preparation of wine to be successful, it is worth paying attention to the simplest recipe, which is designed to receive six liters of a fragrant drink.

Servings: +20
  • grape 10 kg
  • sugar 3 kg
Calories and BJU per 100 g
Calories 85 kcal
Proteins: 0 g
Fats: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 9 g
6 hours 0 minVideo
  • In enameled dishes, crush the grapes with your hands or a mortar, in small portions until the juice appears.
  • Cover the mass with gauze and leave to roam in a warm place for 4-5 days. Stir twice a day with a wooden spatula.
  • When the crushed grapes rise, throw it in a colander and squeeze through cheesecloth. Pour the resulting juice into clean jars, add sugar and mix thoroughly.
  • Wear a clean latex medical glove on the throat of each can, in each finger of which to pierce several holes with a needle and fix with an elastic band in a circle.
  • Leave the wine to ferment for 2-3 weeks indoors at room temperature. Important: watch the glove when it is blown away - the wine is ready.
  • When the drink becomes light, it stops bubbling, and the yeast settles, carefully strain into clean bottles and cork. Yeast should not enter the container.
  • Bottles are stored in a cool place for one month, if you transfer the wine to other bottles three times to leave a residue in the previous ones. After that, it should be infused for a month in a cool place, and will be ready for use.

Despite the simplicity of preparation, the resulting wine will please with its taste and bright color.

Interesting and original recipes

All recipes in the basis contain a number of general recommendations for preparing for cooking. So that the berries do not begin to roam prematurely, sort them out in a timely manner and crush them with a mortar or hands. Enameled utensils (pot or bucket) and bottles in which wine will ferment should be clean.

Grape cake after processing berries can be used for cooking chachi.

Wine with currants and raspberries

Currants and raspberries

One of the proven original wine recipes with the addition of currants and raspberries.

  • 1 cup raspberries;
  • 1 cup of currant;
  • 10 kg of grapes;
  • 2.5-3 kg of granulated sugar.
  1. Grate currants and raspberries with sugar.
  2. Remove the container with the mixture in a warm place for 4 days.
  3. Mash selected grapes with your hands or with a special mortar.
  4. Pour the berry mixture with the resulting juice and cover the dishes, let it brew for 72 hours, stirring occasionally with a wooden spatula.
  5. For three subsequent pick and squeeze popped grapes.
  6. Dissolve one kilogram of granulated sugar in 10 liters of boiled water. Pour the resulting mixture with grape juice into bottles, close with a medical glove on top and leave for 7 days. After pouring 700 grams of sugar into bottles on top.
  7. The resulting wine is stored for two months in a cool place.
Homemade wine from currants, grapes, raspberries ... ..

Dry grape wine

  • 10 kg of grapes.
  1. Sort and wash grapes. Put in a warm place for several days until the cake rises.
  2. Strain and pour into clean bottles.
  3. Place a rubber hose in the cap of each bottle and lower its end into a jar of water. It is important to prevent oxygen from entering the bottle.
  4. The wine is considered ready when it becomes transparent.
TIP! If the wine is excessively dry, add a little sugar.

Royal wine

Wine Glasses

You can surprise relatives and friends with wine according to the recipe even with the time of Tsarist Russia.

  • 5 kg of grapes;
  • 75 g of cloves;
  • 100 g of cinnamon;
  • 10 g nutmeg;
  • 10 g of ginger;
  • 15 g of wormwood;
  • 8 g of capsicum;
  • wooden barrel.
  1. Grind all of these spices into powder, put in a linen bag, tie, tie a small weight or a small weight to the bag.
  2. Wash and squeeze the grapes with your hands until juice appears.
  3. Pour the resulting juice with a cake into a barrel, lower the linen bag with spices to the bottom.
  4. Place the keg in a cool, dark place where the wine should wander for 30 days.
  5. The wine is ready when the sediment ceases to appear. After that, it can be poured into clean bottles.

Red wine in Russian

Glass of red wine on the table

Attention will also be attracted to the original domestic recipe for red wine.

  • 3 kg of grapes;
  • 400 g of sage leaves;
  • 10 g of cloves;
  • 10 g of cinnamon.
How to cook:
  1. Dry the sage in a natural way.
  2. Mash selected grapes with your hands or a mortar.
  3. Place crushed sage leaves in a rag bag, tie and attach a small load.
  4. Pour grape juice with a cake into a bottle with a narrow neck, into which a bag with sage leaves is dropped.
  5. Wear a rubber medical glove over the throat of the bottle.
  6. Put the bottle in a dark place for fermentation.
  7. Drain 0.5 liters of wine and crush chopped cloves and cinnamon into it.
  8. Boil the mixture for three minutes, then add to the container of boiled water and wine with spices, soak for a week.
  9. Strain the drink and bottle.
TIP! If the wine turns sour, you can add sugar.

Is it possible to make wine from grape juice

Grapes on a branch

The answer will be yes. Indeed, with the help of grape juice, you can easily prepare a tasty and aromatic wine.

  • 5 liters of grape juice;
  • 1.5 kg of sugar.
  1. Pour the juice with the cake into a large container and keep in a warm place for 3 days, stirring twice a day.
  2. Squeeze the mass, pour into bottles, leave to ferment for 40 days. Important: once every 2 days you need to add the remaining juice.
  3. Filter the resulting drink and pour into clean bottles.
  4. You can add sugar (200 g per 10 liters) to raise the degree.

OUT OF EXPERIENCE! You can mix juices of different grape varieties.For example, an interesting taste is obtained by mixing merlot and cabernet.

This is a fairly simple recipe, and the wine will turn out to be tasty and aromatic.

Video recipe
Homemade champagne from grape juice: how to put wine

Useful Tips

  • Good wine starts with the right harvest. The grapes are harvested in dry weather at the end of September or at the very beginning of October, until the first low temperatures. After collecting, they do not wash the bunches themselves, but immediately sort out the berries, removing rotted ones.
  • All dishes must be dry and clean. The ideal material is wood or glass. The dishes are washed with baking soda and scalded with boiling water. Do not use lead or copper containers.
  • If there is not enough strength, add vodka or alcohol (from 2 to 15 percent alcohol per volume of finished wine). Fortified wine is stored longer.
  • When a precipitate appears, immediately transfer the mass to another bottle. When the precipitate ceases to precipitate, then the wine is ready to drink.

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Home-made wine will appeal to everyone, without exception. The simplicity of recipes and aromatic grapes are the key to success in home winemaking.

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