How to do intramuscular injections for yourself, children and animals

We make an injection at home

In the article, I will tell you how to correctly give injections to the buttocks for adults and children, give their classification, share some effective tips and useful recommendations.

Not all drugs are injected into the body through the oral cavity. Some drugs in the stomach break down, irritating the mucous membrane, and are absorbed into the blood for a long time.

After the advent of disposable syringes, injections have become much easier. Injections are made into veins, muscles or under the skin. If intravenous injections involve the presence of practice, dexterity, knowledge of human anatomy, then intramuscular and subcutaneous can be easily administered independently at home.

First of all, practice on the dummy - a toy or pillow. Such a training will help relieve excitement and confidently insert the needle. Having gained certain skills, you can practice on a living person. I note that the article describes only general recommendations and any injections are best done in a medical facility.


  1. As a model, a rubber toy, an empty syringe and a needle are suitable.
  2. Fill the syringe with air or water. Pull the piston all the way towards you.
  3. Hold the syringe with your right hand on the base.
  4. On the model, choose a convex region and make an injection at right angles to the surface.
  5. After inserting the needle, carefully and slowly squeeze out the contents of the syringe.
  6. Holding the needle with the middle finger, pull out by pulling the syringe towards you.

Practice until you learn how to insert the needle to the full depths without stopping or jerking.

Injection preparation

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap. Fingers treat with an alcohol swab.
  2. Take a disposable syringe and attach the needle.
  3. Saw the ampoule with the drug and remove the upper edge with an alcohol cotton ball. So glass fragments will not get into the ampoule.
  4. Remove the protective cap from the needle and slowly take the medicine.
  5. With light pressure on the piston, release the air that has entered into it from the syringe. As a result, only the medicine remains inside.

Intramuscular injection

  1. The buttock of the patient is mentally divided into 4 parts. For intramuscular injection, the outer upper part is used.
  2. Carefully treat the entire plane of this area with an alcohol solution. Insert the needle perpendicular to the body.
  3. After drug administration, remove the needle by pressing the injection point with a swab.

Subcutaneous injection in the shoulder

  1. To expose the patient’s shoulder.
  2. Hold the upper part of the shoulder with your fingers, wipe with alcohol and insert the needle. The angle of injection is 45 degrees.
  3. After completing the administration of the drug, remove the needle, and apply an alcohol swab to the injection point.

A detailed plan for injections in the buttock

Making an injection for the first time in life is not so simple. It will take courage and determination. Doctors often prescribe multiple intramuscular injections to patients. Undoubtedly, you will not run into the clinic. There is only one way out - to entrust the task to a loved one.

I will tell you how to make injections in the buttock so that the patient’s nervous system receives minimal damage. The main thing is attentiveness and patience.

  1. Ask the patient to lie down and relax the gluteal muscles. Otherwise, pain can not be avoided.
  2. Determine the needle insertion point. Divide the buttock into 4 areas, and make an injection in the upper upper part.
  3. Treat the selected area with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  4. Saw the top of the ampoule containing the medicine with a nail file and break off the tip.
  5. Draw the drug into the syringe, then turn the needle up and gently tap on the base. Air rises, and then remove it with a light pressure on the piston.
  6. The needle is inserted sharply and perpendicularly to reduce pain. To avoid getting into a blood vessel, pull the needle slightly towards you.
  7. The drug should be administered slowly and smoothly.
  8. The needle should be removed sharply at a right angle. After the injection site, press with an alcohol swab. At the end of the procedure, the patient should lie down a bit so that the medicine resolves.

How to inject yourself

Traditionally, the injection is made by another person. But some try to do the procedure on their own.

It is necessary to ensure that the injection is done in sanitary conditions. Otherwise, you can get an infection. No wonder many people go to the hospital for injections, where cleanliness is observed. If dust gets into the needle, which is not a little in any apartment, the probability of infection is high.

Self-injection in the buttock

  1. You will need an ampoule with a medicine, alcohol, a cotton swab, a syringe.
  2. Bare the buttock and visually divide into 4 parts. An injection is injected into the upper left side of the buttock.
  3. Incise the ampoule and break off the upper part. Remove the syringe from the packaging, remove the cap, insert the needle into the ampoule and collect the medicine.
  4. Be sure to release air from the syringe.
  5. Wipe the area of ​​the buttocks with a cotton ball moistened with alcohol.
  6. Take the syringe and stick the needle at right angles to 70% of its length.
  7. It remains to slowly introduce the drug, remove the needle and apply an alcoholic cotton swab.
Video tips
How to make injections in the buttock.

Self injection in a vein

Such an injection requires experience and skill. If done incorrectly, a bruise will remain on the arm, and the injection site will be very painful. If you do not let out air, such an injection will be dangerous.

  1. Prepare a syringe, cotton swab, drug vial, alcohol, belt or tourniquet.
  2. Once you have scored the medicine in the syringe, be sure to drag your hand over the biceps harness.
  3. Run a little fist and tap on your hand to find the biggest vein. It is good to wipe it with alcohol.
  4. Take a syringe and aim. Not only pierce a vein, but also insert a needle into it a little.
  5. After getting into the vein, loosen the constriction and slowly introduce the medication.
  6. At the end of the procedure, attach an alcohol swab to the injection site, straighten the needle out, bend the arm at the elbow joint, hold the cotton swab and wait a bit.

Injections in some cases are given to the shoulder, groin and even stomach.

How do injections to children

Sometimes a child’s treatment involves the intramuscular injection of drugs. I recommend that you contact a professional nurse.

If the opportunity to invite a qualified physician is absent, the ability to give injections is useful.

If the doctor prescribed the offspring, you need to go to the pharmacy and get everything you need. The list of things includes:

  • a drug
  • cotton wool
  • disposable syringe
  • medical alcohol


  1. Treat hands using soap or disinfectant.
  2. Intramuscular injections are usually done in the ass. To determine the injection site, divide the child’s buttock into 4 segments. Injection into the upper outer part.
  3. Keep confidence and calm. The ease of needle entry depends on this.
  4. If the preparation is liquid, open the ampoule, unpack the syringe, attach the needle and collect the medicine. If the medicine is powdered, pre-mix with water.
  5. Remove air bubbles from the syringe. Shake the syringe and lightly push the piston. If a drop of the drug appears at the end of the needle, remove it with a swab.

Injection Technique

  1. Gently massage the buttock. Massage with warm hands without straining the massaged muscles.
  2. The injection site must be wiped with a cotton swab.
  3. With your left hand, collect the skin of the buttocks in a small fold.
  4. With a sharp movement, insert the needle at a right angle. 75% of the needle should enter the buttock.
  5. Press with your thumb on the plunger and slowly administer the drug.
  6. Attach an alcohol swab to the place of entry of the needle, quickly remove it and cover the resulting puncture with a swab.

Useful intramuscular injection tips

In most cases, people are interested in where to inject. Intramuscular injections are done in the buttock. Sometimes the medicine is injected into the front muscles of the thigh.

It is important that the patient lies, so the muscles relax and the needle penetrates painlessly. As the muscles contract, the needle may break or bend.

  1. Wash hands thoroughly.
  2. Shake the ampoule, knock on the tip and wipe with a cotton swab.
  3. In each crustacean with ampoules there is a nail file. She sawed the neck of the ampoule in a circle and, having pressed a little, break off the end.
  4. Take a syringe, attach a needle, remove the protective cap and take medicine.
  5. Hold the syringe upright with the needle to the top. To air bubbles rose, just tap on the syringe with a fingernail. Press lightly on the piston until a drop of medicine appears on the end of the needle.
  6. The injection site should be treated with alcohol.
  7. To prevent the patient from feeling pain when the needle is inserted, stretch the skin at the injection point a little.
  8. It is recommended to enter the needle with one confident movement almost to the base.
  9. When administering the medicine do not rush.
  10. Pull out the needle and press an alcohol wad to the injection site.
An injection in the buttock and thigh

How to inject a cat at the withers and intramuscularly

If a domestic cat or cat is ill for quick treatment, injections to the withers or thigh help. The procedure described below is also suitable for dogs.

Useful Tips

  1. Need to cope with your fear. The cat will easily feel nervousness. If you are focused and calm, the animal will also calm down.
  2. In most cases, cats are given intramuscular injections or withers. In the first case, an injection is made in the back plane of the thigh, in the second - in the crease at the withers.
  3. The procedures are more convenient to do together. One person should hold the cat, and try to calm her, and prick the second.
  4. It is better to inject with an insulin syringe, because it has a sharp and thin needle. In order not to frighten the cat once again, fill the syringe in advance.

Subcutaneous injections at the withers

Talk about subcutaneous injection. If you have prepared well in advance, filled the syringe, blew out air, made sure that the dosage is correct, you can begin to look for a place for an injection.

  1. Dip a cotton swab in an alcohol solution and wipe the injection site.
  2. Grab a fold of skin at the withers, pull it slightly, wipe with an alcohol solution and insert a needle. You can enter the drug.
  3. You need to be careful and not rush. Only in this case you will not pierce the withers, and the animal will not receive pain.

Intramuscular injection

Intramuscular injection is made more difficult. In case of an error, you can hit the bone with a needle.

  1. Feel the femoral muscle well. Clasping her hand, you will feel that it is as if separated from the bone. Insert the needle into this muscle.
  2. Depth of introduction and a half centimeter. The animal must be kept, since intramuscular injection is very painful.

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The article has come to an end. When injections, be sure to observe hygiene and use only new syringes. After injection, throw them away with needles and do not reuse. Take care of your health!

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