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Vegetables - the first stage of raw food diet

Many people are interested in the topic of raw food, where and how to start a raw food diet, the basics for beginners and recipes for raw foodists. A raw food diet can benefit the body. However, you should go on a diet very carefully, under the mandatory supervision of a doctor.

Products during heat treatment lose 75% of nutrients, including vitamins, proteins and amino acids. Fresh vegetables and fruits saturate the body with elements without which it cannot function normally.

Consult a nutritionist before starting a raw food diet, especially if you suffer from kidney stones. It is recommended to switch to a food system after the approval of a doctor.

Once at the reception, do not disclose all intentions. The attitude of medicine towards raw food diet is skeptical. Therefore, even after a visit to the doctor, you will have to draw conclusions yourself. I note the existence of factors that impede the transition to raw food. I will dwell on three main ones.

  • The opinion of the external environment, which denies the strange system of nutrition. Many beginning raw foodists, unable to withstand the temptation, return to the standard diet.
  • Lack of awareness. To achieve the goal, you need to eat only raw foods and do it right. It is about the choice, proportions and quantity of food.
  • The transition to a raw food diet is often accompanied by an exacerbation of old and the emergence of new diseases. This leads to an unbalanced consumption of raw food, in which the body lacks nutrients.

After consulting with a doctor and thinking, smoothly or abruptly switch to raw food. We will consider both transition options in detail.

A sharp transition to raw food

It seems that the right and simple is a sharp transition, when a person decides to immediately abandon the fried meat, boiled potatoes, pastries and other dishes. In reality, not everything is so simple. For many years, the body gets used to a certain diet, and it is problematic to quickly switch to another diet.

If you abruptly abandon traditional food, the body will constantly signal that he does not like food innovations. This manifests itself in the form of nausea, weakness, fever, and dizziness.

Beginners claim that this state of the body is caused by the restructuring of the digestive system. In part, they are right, but do not forget that when raw food is eaten, the body experiences a lack of nutrients. The stage is temporary, but sometimes it takes several years, during which old sores and weaknesses of the body appear.

Smooth transition to raw food diet

In order not to be in such a situation, use the smooth transition to raw food diet methodology, which provides for a gradual decrease in the amount of cooked food used in favor of raw food. The method is the safest for health, as it helps to prepare the body for a new diet and minimizes the likelihood of psychological and physical discomfort after abandoning the usual treats. As a result, the chance of a successful transition to a raw food diet increases.

The process is accompanied by “breaking” and problems with loved ones. This can be avoided if you act thoughtfully, smoothly and covertly. Refuse the usual food should be phased. At first, exclude tea, meat, bakery products from the diet.The procedure is arbitrary and manipulate the sequence of failures as you wish. As a result, maintain friendship with the body and not break.

It is possible that in practice you will have to deviate repeatedly from the chosen course. Raw foodists call this a common disruption, which is a simple satisfaction of the needs of an organism yearning for oven-baked salmon and delicacies.

Just do not confuse "gluttony" with the needs of the body. If the condition does not improve even after several meals of traditional food, the reason is not a lack of nutrients, but the lack of moral support.

On the way to the goal there will be problems with friends, relatives, representatives of medicine. To make the process calmer, it is better not to talk about raw food diet. At first, say that you adhere to a diet, the duration of which depends on the result.

Video experience and basics for beginners

Useful Tips for Raw Foodists

Now I will share some useful tips for beginners. If you are new to raw food, listen to the recommendations, which will increase the chances of success.

  1. Decide if you really need it. Only after careful and lengthy deliberation do you make a decision that will radically change your life.
  2. Take control of your thoughts. If you imagine a fried chicken, you will not achieve the goal. Get rid of such thoughts as quickly as possible, eat up a raw delicacy: bananas or apples.
  3. Moving towards the goal, forget about parties, banquets and buffets. If you can’t avoid the event, take your food with you. It does not hurt to find like-minded people. This will ease the fate.
  4. Do not consider yourself the greatest person, because you switched to species nutrition. Eat your favorite foods and do not preach a raw food diet, otherwise you will not be able to avoid trouble.
  5. It is recommended to switch to a raw food diet in the summer, since during this period the probability of a breakdown is minimal. Summer abounds with access to greens, vegetables, berries and fruits.

Do not forget, the world of raw food is rich and unexplored. Having plunged into it with your head, track actions and observe the activity of colleagues. Otherwise, miss interesting discoveries.

What can I eat raw foodist

Fruit for a Raw Food Eater

Continuing the topic of the article, I will tell you that you can eat a raw foodist. Consider a list of products that are popular among raw foodists.

Each region of the country is characterized by the cultivation of certain products. But thanks to supermarkets and household plots, the raw foodist does not have to starve.

  1. In the first place are fruits. They must be present in the diet of every person who has switched to a raw food diet. Bananas, pears, apples, peaches and oranges will help to cheer you up and charge you with energy and positive. A similar effect will provide Garnet, nectarine and other gifts of nature.
  2. Dried fruits and dried vegetables. Among which are dates, raisins, prunes, beets, carrots andmushrooms. If instead of purchased products on the table there is a self-cooked treat, this is excellent.
  3. Root vegetables and vegetables. In addition to zucchini, eggplant, cabbage and potatoes, the raw food diet includes turnips, carrots, tomatoes, asparagus, cucumbers, radishes and radishes.
  4. Berries are a source of vitamins.. Strawberries, lingonberries, currants, rose hips, blueberries, viburnum - an incomplete list of berries allowed to eat with a raw food diet.
  5. Nuts. If a person eats raw foods, the need for protein does not go away. Nuts help solve the problem. Moving towards the goal, make sure that pistachios, peanuts, Brazil or walnuts are present on the table.
  6. Cereal crops. Provide protein and energy if sprouted and used for food.
  7. Algae, sorrel and spinach. They contain many trace elements that help strengthen the heart. A similar effect provides romaine and lettuce.
  8. Spices. Eat basil, parsley, dill, turmeric or green onions. Spices complement the taste of raw foods and protect against harmful microorganisms.
  9. Honey - a source of longevity and youth. In addition to honey, eat bee bread, royal jelly and pollen.
  10. Wild plants. If you like exotic, eat wild plants, including quinoa and nettle. Plants are rarely used for food, but were previously popular.
  11. Weeds and wild plants. Based on them, green cocktails are prepared according to many recipes.

I add that dried fruits can not be bought, but made independently through an electric dryer. Some products are suitable for freezing. Even with a raw food diet, you can get ready for the winter.

Common Mistakes in Switching to Raw Food

In conclusion, I will consider the common mistakes made by beginning raw foodists, which have a bad effect on health and delay the moment the goal is achieved.

  • Rapid transition. The body takes time to adapt to a new diet, and rush increases the likelihood of breakdowns and stressful situations.
  • Alcoholic drinks and tobacco products. If you really decided to eat healthy food, give up bad habits.
  • Drinking a small amount of water. There is a lot of liquid in vegetables, but drink at least two liters of water daily.
  • Lack of hygiene. When eating raw food, pay particular attention to brushing your teeth. Some fruits and vegetables contain acids that destroy teeth, and toothache - an unpleasant thing.
  • Food only. Beginners are sure that a raw food diet is a panacea. This is not true. Without walking, exercise, tanning and an active lifestyle, the body degrades.
  • Food abuse. The absorption of nuts and seedlings in excessive quantities of good does not promise. So that the stomach does not feel discomfort, and the body receives the necessary substances, eat a little of everything.
  • Ignoring hunger. Remember, a raw food diet is not starvation. If the stomach requires food, then satisfy the whim. By limiting appetite, you impede adaptation to a new diet.
  • Thoughts on food. Do not think about food - this will lead to anxiety, and people seize stress. Just in case, keep raw food in the refrigerator in the refrigerator.
  • Salt and spices. They increase appetite, give rise to a desire to taste the delicious. Do not use them with a raw food diet.
  • Lack of attention to oneself. Listen to the sensations and track the reaction of the stomach. He may not like some food.
  • Refusal of traditional food. If there was a desire to eat a piece of pollockmake this retreat. After losing one battle, you win the confrontation.

On this note I end the article on raw food diet. You know how to act to achieve a goal and where to start. There will be obstacles in the form of disruptions, but do not be afraid of this. Such difficulties were encountered by anyone who refused traditional food.

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Even if you fall, do not give up. The experience gained will contribute in the future. Maintain a positive attitude, which is considered an indispensable factor in worldview.

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