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Over time, the car ceases to suit the owner - the family has grown, there is not enough space in the cabin, a cottage was bought, or a car with a spacious luggage compartment is required. Then you need to sell the old one and buy a new car.

Everyone wants to sell a car expensively, but quickly. The compatibility of these concepts is good luck. Usually the owner asks a lot for the goods and waits for the buyer to no avail or gives the car for a pittance almost the day after the announcement.

Consider the pitfalls and step-by-step ways to quickly sell a used vehicle.

  1. Market and outbids. Selling in a car market at a lower price or a deal with resellers. They buy at a price average 15% lower than the market.
  2. Trade-in. It helps to quickly sell a used car and leave a car dealership driving a new one. In some salons, an old car is issued as a contribution for a new one.
  3. Self sale. It brings more money, but is accompanied by a big waste of time and spent nerves.
  4. Buyback at a specialized company. There are many such firms, therefore, the search for suitable conditions takes time. I advise you to contact a car dealership, which increases revenue by increasing sales, and does not buy cheap to weld.

The main thing is to sell not quickly, but as profitably as possible. A person with experience in this field who is faced with car sales will solve this problem. He will present the goods to the potential buyer from the best side, and it is difficult for a beginner to cope with this.

My friend sells used cars. During a conversation over a cup coffeeHe shared tips. Steadily adhering to the recommendations, you correctly, quickly and profitably sell your old car.

  • Post your ad on themed forums, sites, and print media. Advanced buyers are looking for an “iron horse” on the Internet, and others, in the old fashioned way, through newspapers.
  • Success depends on a reasonable price. Look at the sites costing machines that match your specifications and specifications. Focus on the average price.
  • When talking with a potential buyer, use positive comments about the car, do not hide anything. If the customer finds a repainted item, tell the truth.
  • When a person sees a clean and beautiful car, it seems that she drives well. Therefore, before sending to the car market, look at the sink. There the car will be put in order. Dry cleaning does not hurt, because even the smell in the cabin plays an important role.
  • Do not recommend bargaining over the phone. The bargaining is pertinent only at survey. Meet the buyer in a convenient and safe place.
  • If a potential buyer wants to make a diagnosis, go to an authorized service center.
  • During the bidding, say that you are selling a used car, so traces of operation are appropriate. Tell us that a used car has flaws, and the price at which you sell is justified. To spark customer interest, lower the price slightly.
  • When making a sale, sign an agreement and hand over the keys after receiving the money in your hands.
  • "Well-wishers" is enough. To prevent annoying calls after the transaction, register your temporary phone number in advance.
Expert Advice
How profitable to sell a car! Three best ways

Below I will present a collection of tips for pre-sale preparation of the car. At the beginning of the article, I noted the importance of this process and superficially examined, however, this is not enough for a complete picture.

How to prepare a car for sale

The reasons why the owner sells four-wheeled property are different. But to successfully complete a deal and save a decent amount of time without proper preparation of the car for sale will fail.

Using a competent approach, help out more money than previously expected, and make a discount during the bidding process to interest the buyer. Everybody wantsbuy a good car, so at the time of sale, he should look accordingly.

  1. Carefully inspect the sale. A neglected interior, dirt, dust, scratches will not help. Do everything so that the car impresses the buyer.
  2. If there is a layer of dust on the panel, there is a thick layer of dirt on the rugs, and license plates decorate last year’s snow stains, neither the technical characteristics nor the price will save the situation. Before selling, clean the interior using automotive chemicals or order pre-sale preparation at the sink.
  3. The car should have a faceless look, nothing should remind the new owner of the previous owner. Remove from the salon icons, toys, stickers and objects that you used for decoration.
  4. Pay attention to the body. Defects on the surface will immediately catch your eye - chips and scratches, which during operation cover the paintwork. This is facilitated by environmental influences, mechanical washing, improper parks. How to remove scratchesI said before.
  5. Wash the car and polish using products that do not contain abrasives. The best option is a protective polish that will give a well-groomed appearance and mask defects. Remember, chemistry is not suitable for use in cold weather. In winter, apply in a warm garage.
  6. Body - the face of the car, you can not argue with that. If the surface is seriously damaged, polishing is not enough. Using professional processing can solve the problem. As part of the procedure, polish the body and cover it with wax, which will make the appearance well-groomed, as well as mask minor color inconsistencies.
  7. When preparing for a sale, do not overdo it. If the car shines excessively, this will alert the buyer.
  8. A properly prepared vehicle for sale should have a smoothly running power plant. Change candles, fill with high-quality fuel, check wiring. If the engine is accompanied by abnormal sounds, replace the gasket. Loud sound will scare away the client.
  9. Make sure that the small elements are functioning - light bulbs, wipers, heater. If you have problems with electrical equipment, contact a service center. Make sure the reliability of the fasteners of parts and assemblies. Scare a potential buyer can even trifle. What to say about squeaks and crickets published by poorly fixed elements.
  10. Safe operation largely depends on the condition of the brake pads and all kinds of filters. The cost of consumables is small, it will not hit the budget.

Following the instructions, you can easily carry out pre-sale preparation. It remains to tell the client about the merits and report the shortcomings in order to increase the level of trust.

Preparing a car for sale / Do it yourself

Presale preparation of the car will help to conclude a profitable deal and protect against claims. The funds invested at this stage are justified and competent investments.

Why you should not sell by proxy

Now I’ll tell you why you should not “sell” by proxy. This practice is common, but I do not recommend doing so. It was not in vain that I wrote the word “sell” in quotation marks, since with this approach there would be no legal sale. The car remains registered to the previous owner.

Not every owner understands the consequences of this legal subtlety. It's funny that the circuit has become popular because of its simplicity and added value. No need to stand in line at the traffic police, pay tax. People use this technique. changing cars like gloves.

The scheme delays the formal procedures that are provided for by formalizing the contract. Over time, they will have to be completed, spending more time, effort and money.

Selling a car by proxy, you will remain the owner. You will have to pay the transport tax, all receipts will be sent to your address.

If you refuse to pay, the tax inspectorate will require a debt repayment in court. In addition to tax, you have to pay a fine and penalties. Since the car is registered for you, the court will satisfy the tax authority, and it is useless to prove that the vehicle was sold by proxy. The result is financial costs.

Do not forget that after the sale, a tax return is submitted to the tax office. Since the car was sold informally, you will not receive a paper in which the date and amount of the transaction are written.

If the sold car gets into an accident or with its help outsiders commit a crime, law enforcement officers will come to visit you. Imagine what the consequences would be. What can we say about the health that will sag due to burnt nerve cells.

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Throw away thoughts about the benefits of an informal transaction, do everything according to the law. Later choose a carcorresponding to new requirements. Good luck

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