How to buy a good car

Audi is a very good car

Before viewing a car ad, determine the criteria by which you can buy a good car inexpensively.

Criteria for choosing a good car

The main criterion is the price category. Do not buy a car for the last money, leave funds for the first service and emergency repairs. As an option - buy a car on credit.

The second most important criterion for choosing a car is condition: new or used. It is better to choose a new car under warranty. If something breaks down, you don’t have to shell out for repairs, plus there are no hidden threats that the car is stolen when purchased from an authorized dealer. If you do not want a new car, choose a used one.

After choosing a price category, determine the class, body type and manufacturer. Body type: sedan, hatchback, station wagon, coupe, crossover, full-size SUV. If you are picking up a weekend car or like sports cars, pay attention to the coupe or roadster. The station wagon is usually used as an everyday car due to its larger capacity.

Car make is an important factor influencing pricing. Each manufacturer has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cars BMW, Audi, Mercedes are more expensive than other brands with similar equipment, year of manufacture and mileage.

Pay attention to passive safety systems. Airbags and various management assistance systems:

  • ABS (anti-lock braking system)
  • EBD (electronic brake force distribution system)
  • EBS (Emergency Brake Assist)
  • ESP (Dynamic Stability Management System)
  • traction control

Prices depend on the configuration. If you are a music lover, look at cars with a good stereo system. Finishing materials are also an important factor. The leather trim has a presentable appearance, it is easy to care for, but it warms up for a long time in the cold and is not comfortable without heating the seats. In the heat, the seat will burn. The rag upholstery is more comfortable in this regard.

There are systems that, at first glance, are useless, but if you think about it, in many cases you cannot do without them. Heated steering wheel is a useful feature in cold winters. Cruise control is useful for long drive on the highway.

Checking the condition of the car

You can find a car on the car market, special sites or auto houses. If you saw a suitable option, ask the seller for basic information: year, mileage, condition, problems, the possibility of bargaining. Look at a few cars, do not rush on the first one.

Professionals advise paying attention to the condition of the body, the presence of dents, corrosion. In bright sunlight, look for matching tones of paint. If you see a difference, the element is painted.

Check the condition of the seat trim and steering wheel trim. By their condition, as by condition tire, you can verify the reliability of the run. Ask for a test drive. Listen to the car for extraneous noise. Do not forget to go to the official dealer for a diagnosis.

Do not skimp on diagnostics, it will help to identify hidden flaws and save money and time for repairs. Perform diagnostics at specialized stations where all nodes and assemblies are checked. According to the verdict of experts, evaluate the appropriateness of the purchase. If the master has found many shortcomings, and the seller does not drop the price to eliminate them, look for another option.

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When buying a car, tell your friends and relatives about your intention.Maybe friends will find a suitable offer or they will help with useful advice. Friends will talk about the problems and shortcomings of the car and, possibly, will sell it cheaper.

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