How to keep the original appearance of a fur coat from a muton for many years

Mouton fur coat

Mouton fur coat is a type of winter clothing combining presentability, affordable cost and a high degree of heat preservation. But sooner or later the question arises of how best to clean the fur from various contaminants.

Safety Precautions

Many substances used to clean the muton are aggressive. In one case, negative consequences can be avoided, while in others, fur and skin of the hands may suffer. The reason is the improper observance of the proportions of the preparation of the product or in the structure of the pile (the product is sewn from the delicate fur of a young animal).

ATTENTION! Before applying the product, test it on the wrong side. Do not forget about caution when working with aggressive substances: work slowly, with rubber gloves.

Popular folk remedies for cleaning fur coats from Mouton

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Grease stains can be removed with a solution based on vinegar, which is prepared from three components in equal proportions: vinegar, medical alcohol and water. The pile is processed using a foam sponge, dried with a napkin and dried in the open air.


Glycerin helps at home to return the lost softness to the muton. To do this, take 1 egg yolk, rub with one tbsp. spoon of glycerin and add half a liter of warm water. The mixture is rubbed into the leather base of the fur, and after drying, knead. The procedure is repeated three times, with a break of 2 hours. At the end of the coat, “mezdra to mezdra” is folded, and kept for about 4 hours. Dried on a coat hanger in a ventilated area.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia

A way for a fur coat from a light muton, when there is a need to return shine and freshness. In a container with hydrogen peroxide add 2-4 drops of ammonia. The solution is distributed over the surface of the fur using foam rubber. Excess moisture is removed with a paper towel. The coat is dried on the shoulders in a room with good air access.


The fur coat is spread on a horizontal surface, and evenly sprinkled with starch. Trying not to damage the fur, rub the powder with gentle movements. The darkened starch is shaken out or removed with a vacuum cleaner at low power. If heavily soiled, repeat the procedure.

Soap solution


This method is for minor contamination on a coat of light fur. Soap or shampoo is dissolved in a container with warm water, whipped until a thick foam appears. The product is distributed on the problem area, allowed to dry and removed with a soft brush. To dry the coat, they hang it in a warm, ventilated room.


The action of starch can be enhanced with gasoline. This method is effective in the purification of a light muton. From starch and gasoline, a viscous mass is prepared, with which contaminated sites are processed, or the whole product. A few minutes after drying, the mixture is removed with a soft brush. To remove the smell of gasoline, the coat is ventilated in the open air.

Other home remedies

An effective way to purify a muton is to use wheat bran. They must be heated in the oven, and then proceed as in the case of starch: spread on the surface, processed in a circular motion, paying attention to contaminated places.At the end of the procedure, shake the fur coat, carefully knock it out of the lining, use a brush to remove the bran particles from the pile.

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Dry way to clean the fur

The dry method is used when it is necessary to eliminate pollution quickly. To remove dried street dirt, it is enough to comb the fur coat with a soft brush. If there is no result, stains can be removed with a mild vanish solution. It is applied to the problem area, and after a few minutes pass again with a brush.

How to clean the lining and collar

To clean the lining, lay the fur coat on the table with the fur down. The fabric is treated with a sponge dipped in soapy water, then wiped with a damp cloth, and finally with a dry material. To prevent the product from deforming, hang it on its shoulders at room temperature.

The collar of a fur coat is polluted the fastest. Therefore, it will have to be cleaned more often. To do this, choose one of the known methods.

Specialized household chemicals

Latex gloves

BIO products are recognized as harmless and effective for removing contaminants. They are sold both in sets and individually.

In addition, drugs are produced that help maintain the initial appearance of the fur by enrichment with useful substances.

If it was necessary to remove a greasy stain from a mouton coat, an aerosol for cleaning suede and velor will help.

Secrets of Cleansing the Light Mouton

For a light muton, methods using starch, a mixture of starch with gasoline, and bran are suitable. The same effect can be achieved with the help of semolina. Effective method using shampoo for dogs: whipped foam is applied to the fur, and after a few minutes it is removed with a brush.

Rules for the care of fur clothing

  • Use a spacious closet for storage so that the item is not squeezed by other items of clothing.
  • Avoid getting hairspray, cosmetics and perfumes.
  • Dry the fur items under the sun before seasonal storage, and place the moth remover in the packaging for them.
  • Wet fur must be shaken and dried in a ventilated room, without heating appliances.
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How to store a fur coat and other fur products

Useful Tips

  1. Do not dry the fur product on a hook in a room with high humidity. It should hang on the shoulders, in a ventilated room, at a safe distance from electrical appliances.
  2. Do not blow-dry your fur, it can damage fragile villi.
  3. You can not clean the product often, without special need.
  4. Do not wet the mouton profusely while removing contaminants.

Having familiarized yourself with the material, you will learn how to remove stains without harming the fur clothes, and keep the original appearance of the fur coat for many years.

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