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New Year 2020 is one of the most anticipated holidays, on the night of which everyone, without exception, receives a charge of positive emotions and a sea of ​​fun. And for the majority, this is a symbol of the beginning of changes and hope for the best ahead. That is why all the women of the world are carefully preparing for the celebration and want to look stunning, while setting the rhythm for the coming year. In addition to a chic outfit and beautiful makeup, it is equally important to choose a hairstyle that will complete the look, making it unforgettable.

What hairstyle to do on the New Year's Eve of the Metal Rat

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When choosing a hairstyle for New Year's Eve, remember that beauty, simplicity, restraint are important aspects. Usually, ladies strive for something universal and practical, so as not to worry whether everything is in order with the hairstyle and not to correct it constantly. And of course, in addition to beauty, it should be stable, not too sophisticated and easy to create. These types include:

  • curls;
  • unusual tail;
  • various options for braids;
  • elegant bunch.

Any of the hairstyles can be done using different techniques, each of which has its own tricks and features.

Hairstyle Trends in 2020: Stylists Opinion

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Every year, stylists experiment in creating spectacular images and try to improve hairstyles for girls and women. They never stop there and release the best into the world of fashion. Regarding the options on New Year's Eve 2020 for the year of the White Metal Rat, stylists agree on a common opinion, which consists of a few simple tips:

  1. Whatever hairstyle you choose for the holiday, it should emphasize the existing advantages.
  2. An equally important point is the choice of clothing for the celebration and accessories that complement the outfit. Hairstyle should be in harmony with the image as a whole.
  3. Choosing also follows from where the celebration will take place: in the family circle, with friends, business partners.
  4. For greater elegance, the New Year's hairstyle should be decorated with any accessory, for example, a bright satin ribbon or a hairpin with stones is ideal.

Stylists offer a wide selection of hairstyles for lovely ladies, it remains only to choose and adhere to the above recommendations, and then everyone will be delighted, and the holiday will be held in the best colors.

A step-by-step plan of the best hairstyles at home

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To create an elegant hairstyle, you do not have to visit a beauty salon. Thanks to step-by-step instructions, you can create your own holiday image yourself at home. I bring to your attention several options for each hair length.

On long hair

A bunch

Easy to create and quite elegant with the right outfit.

  1. Collect a pile of hair in the tail at the desired height. If desired, you can create a pile of top locks.
  2. Twist into a tourniquet (braid), roll into a tight or volumetric bundle.
  3. Fix the resulting structure with studs or varnish, decorating with a comb, a hairpin with rhinestones.

Smooth hairstyle with a simple ponytail

  1. Extend hair with an iron, collect in a low (high) tail.
  2. For a greater effect, wrap the base of the tail with a strand, ribbon, scarf.
  3. The final touch is fixing with varnish or gel.
  4. Optionally, you can straighten the front 2 strands on the sides.

For girls with waist-length hair, different variations of weaving look very festive - French braid, Swiss, spikelet, a bundle of small braids. You can use bright ribbons. The main advantage is the ease of creation, the safety of the structure for a long time.

Basket with curls

Consider the creation of fashionable weaving for New Year's Eve 2020:

  1. Separate the locks of hair on the sides and stab for convenience.
  2. Create a pile on the crown.
  3. From the side strands, braid with a non-taut fishtail, forming a wreath.
  4. Fasten free locks of the resulting wreath in a tail.
  5. Wind tail curls on medium waves. Done!

Video lesson

Christmas hairstyle for long hair from Natasha Naffy - All Things Hair

On medium hair

Average hair length - the most common option among girls, is the most convenient for creating images.

Retro style

For a New Year's Eve, a middle-aged hairstyle is ideal for medium hair. Creating it is easier than ever:

  1. Using a curling iron, make tight waves or curls in the style of the 30s and fix with varnish.
  2. To add zest, use as a accessory a rim with veils, flowers.

French bunch

Hairpins and hair roller are used.

  1. Process the hair with foam, comb back and to the right, fix with invisibility.
  2. Roll curls around the roller until it is pressed against the head.
  3. The final step will be fixing with studs and professional varnish.
Hairstyle for the new year. A bunch of curls. Hairstyle for the New Year. A bundle of curls

Hairstyles for short hair

Initially, before creating a spectacular hairstyle on short hair For New Year's Eve, you need to take care of the haircut. It should be stylish, fresh and professionally executed.

The most trendy year of the Metal Rat is styling with the effect of wet hair. As a variety of bob or square, hair can be laid in waves in the style of the last 30s or create a Greek image with a circular rim.

Anyway, the owners with a short haircut have a lot of options for experimenting, most importantly, include fantasy. For example, you can divide all the hair into several layers horizontally. To each curl, make a pile at the roots (from the face, laying back) and smooth slightly. At the end, fix the hair with varnish.

If you are the owner of an asymmetric haircut, then the long part of the hair can be twisted a little towards the face, a short comb back. Complete the creation of hairstyles with varnish.

Video lesson

Hairstyle for NEW YEAR / BIRTHDAY. SHORT HAIR TO THE SHOULDERS! Hairstyle for short hair

Fashionable hairstyles for children

When choosing an outfit and hairstyle for a child for the New Year 2020, consider age. For little girls, a bob to the shoulders will be the best haircut. She practically does not need styling. At the same time, you only need to decorate your hair with a ribbon or bandage, a neat hairpin. Such a hairstyle in combination with a lace dress is ideal for meeting the holiday.

In girls with long hair and quite thick bangs, ways to create hairstyles at times increase. For the New Year's matinee, laying curls in a high bundle decorated with a comb or ribbon is ideal. Alternatively, you can simply collect the hair in a high tail, complementing it with a beautiful hairpin or elastic.

More spectacular options for little girls are one volumetric braid or two pigtails. In such braids you can weave bright ribbons to match the dress. This image is very stylish, while the hairstyle does not interfere with the baby in outdoor games.

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Now you know which hairstyles are relevant and stylish for the New Year 2020.And it becomes clear that it is not necessary to rush to an appointment with the hairdresser, because they will not be difficult to perform independently at home. The main thing is to initially think over the image as a whole in order to truly shine and be in the spotlight on this beautiful night.

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