How to clean a sheepskin coat at home

Sheepskin coat on a person

Are the spots on the sheepskin coat ruining your mood? Do not worry, there are many options for cleaning outerwear at home. I will tell you how, using inexpensive, affordable means, to clean suede and leather sheepskin coats from dirt, yellowness, greasy and other pollution.

Attention! Be careful before performing these procedures at home, carefully read the cleaning methods, read reviews. Indeed, as a result of an unsuccessful attempt, one can not only remain stained on clothes, but also lose an expensive thing.

How to clean a suede sheepskin coat

Stitched Suede Slices

Dry clean

This method without the use of water or any liquid. All cleaners are applied dry.

  • Semolina. Fresh spots and glossy gloss are removed using semolina. Sprinkle problem areas (cuffs, collar, pockets) with plenty of cereal. Then, wearing a cloth glove, rub in a circular motion. Contaminated cereal is changed until it remains clean.
  • Salt. Instead of semolina, you can use salt, but you can not rub it too much.
  • Starch. Pour starch onto a stain of fat, and leave for a few minutes. Starch absorbs grease from the surface of clothing. If the stain is too large - change several times.
  • Bread. Dirt and grease from a sheepskin coat can be cleaned with a crumb of bread. Roll the bread ball and roll out until the spots disappear, change the balls.
  • Eraser. Glossy areas are removed with a stationery eraser. Rub the problem areas and then shake the clothes well. For this purpose, you can buy a special brush made of bamboo, rubber or brass.

Wet cleaning

If the suede sheepskin coat is very dirty, wet clean. To do this, hold the problem area over the steam bath, then comb the pile with a brush. And then evaluate the condition of the spot.

  • If there is a stubborn stain, take a burlap rag, pour kerosene or gasoline, then wipe the problem area.
  • We take ammonia and combine with water. Proportion 1: 4. We wipe the dirt with a solution, then we process it with a solution of water with vinegar. Preparation of the solution: add a tablespoon of vinegar in 500 ml of water.

Remember! These methods are suitable only for things of a dark color.

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Features of cleaning light and white sheepskin coats

There are several proven methods for cleaning light and white products.

  • Hydrogen peroxide. Helps to get rid of yellow spots. Mix one tablespoon of water with a teaspoon of peroxide. Process the stain with the resulting liquid.
  • Starch or Talc. It copes with stains of fat. A stain is generously sprinkled with a loose product, waiting until it "draws in" fat. If necessary, the powder is changed.
  • Soda and milk. Take one teaspoon of soda and mix with a glass of warmed milk. We wet a napkin with this liquid and go through all areas with pollution.

Advice! After cleaning, we process all the problem areas with table vinegar.

How to clean a genuine leather sheepskin coat

Sheepskin sheepskin coat

Caring for leather goods is easier, but certain skills will be required.

Important! Before using any product, test it on a small area of ​​clothing.


Cope with various pollution. We put the groats on the surface and rub it with our hand, after a while (3-5 minutes), the semolina will absorb fat from the surface. Next, remove the cereal from the clothes with a special brush.


Spread your outer clothing on a flat surface, sprinkle with starch and rub. After a few minutes, clean the mixture with a brush.

Advice! For the best effect, mix starch with semolina. Proportion 1: 1. In this way, you can get rid of stains on both dark and light things.


If the dirt on the sheepskin coat is non-greasy, they can be removed with ordinary rubber. Soak it in kerosene, and rub the contaminated places.

Kerosene and gasoline

In this way, you can even get rid of old spots. Hang the sheepskin coat on your shoulders. Using a cotton pad moistened with liquid, rub the stained area. The procedure can be repeated several times.

Tooth Powder and Ammonia

Mix ammonia with tooth powder. We clean the thing with a brush. We treat problem areas with the composition, and after a few minutes, repeat brushing.


Using salt, you can get rid of non-greasy stains. Use it the same way as semolina, but rub it with caution.


Any hard cloth will do. It must be moistened with gasoline and used as a brush.

Advice! Gasoline can be replaced with ammonia.

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How to clean an artificial sheepskin coat

  • Shampoo. Add a little shampoo to warm water. Flatten the sheepskin coat and spread it on the surface. Moisten a cloth in soapy water and wipe the contaminated area. The cloth should be microfiber. Rinse off the foam with water and dry the item.
  • Talc and starch. Talcum powder or potato starch will help get rid of fat stains. Sprinkle the stain with a thick layer of the chosen product, and leave for 2-3 hours. Clean the powder with a brush.
  • Ammonia and soap solution. Another way to get rid of oily stains. Add a little ammonia to the soap solution. Moisten a cotton pad in the solution and treat problem areas. Use a damp sponge to remove any residue and dry the item.
  • Ammonia, borax and glycerin. Difficult stains will help to remove such a solution: equal parts of ammonia and glycerin, add borax 1 teaspoon and 0.5 l of water. Mix everything. Use a cotton pad moistened with a solution to wipe the contaminated area.

General care recommendations

Sheepskin coat

  1. If you had the imprudence to wet the sheepskin coat, pat it with a paper towel without rubbing the skin. After the procedure, hang on a coat hanger and dry. When the product dries, mash it with your hands.
  2. Dry your expensive item at room temperature, away from heaters. Do not hang among other clothes. This will prevent the spread of moisture in the cabinet.
  3. If the sheepskin coat is crumpled, it will be possible to iron it with an iron through a dry cotton cloth. On the iron we set the average temperature mode.
  4. To mask stains or scuffs, use special coloring agents.
  5. Pockets, bottom, elbow folds are the most vulnerable places of a sheepskin coat, therefore they should be handled very carefully: do not keep your hands in your pockets all the time, do not carry a bag on your elbow or shoulder.
  6. Before you sit on a seat in public transport, unfasten the lower button and raise the hem higher. Thanks to this, the sheepskin coat will not stretch and wrinkle.

That's all the rules you need to know before buying a sheepskin coat. I hope they come in handy.

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