New Year's gift for mom: a loved one deserves the best!

New Year's gift for mom

The most magical and long-awaited holiday is approaching - New Year. The main streets of the city are decorated with fluffy Christmas trees, supermarkets are filled with colorful garlands, tinsel and Christmas toys, and we all make plans: how and with whom to celebrate, how to decorate the Christmas tree, what to put on the holiday table and, of course, what give mom and dad.

Gifts for friends, as a rule, are much easier to pick up: they themselves are happy to give us a list of things that they would like to receive. It remains to weigh the possibilities and choose something from the list. And with relatives, especially parents, it’s more difficult: they often disagree with the words “I don’t need anything”, and we have to rack our brains on our own, wandering between the shelves of supermarkets and wondering what to present as a New Year's present.

Let's talk about gifts for mom for New Year 2020: what can you give and how not to be boring and banal in your choice?

Needlewomen and craftswomen

Christmas gift to mom

It’s the twenty-first century in the yard, and ubiquitous automation rules the ball, but many women since Soviet times have carefully carried and passed from generation to generation the skill of knitting, sewing and embroidery. In addition, handmade again becomes popular and fashionable, so if your mother is fond of any of the above, feel free to go for a gift to craft stores!

The choice is almost unlimited. For lovers of knitting, these are sets of knitting needles and hooks, gift baskets with balls of thread, special balls for balls. For mothers who like to sew, pieces of fabric, thread, scissors, needles, thimbles or whole huge sets of the above, and, of course, modern sewing machines. For embroiderers - hoop, canvas, floss, beads, ribbons.

On sewing and knitting affairs a huge number of magazines. If you want to provide your mom with ideas for the whole coming year, give an annual subscription to your favorite magazine.

Many women are engaged in more modern types of needlework - for example, the creation of dolls in various techniques, quilling and scrapbooking, pottery and modeling, soap making. Each of these hobbies is also new ideas that can be presented for New Year 2020.

If mom drawswill certainly be delighted with the new easel, canvases and paper, paints, brushes, palettes.

Do not forget:

any hobby, any kind of creativity is a huge number of important and necessary trifles. Present the original and functional box where mom will store thread-needles, beads, ribbons, scissors and all other items.

A profession is not only a job, but also a vocation

If a mother loves work and is happy to spend time and effort on it, it's time to ease her work and give something in accordance with the profession.

For example, excellent gift for teacher - A good table lamp so that your vision does not deteriorate when checking notebooks. Also suitable organizer, diary, a set of multi-colored gel pens, various office.

If mom works with money (financier, accountant), a great choice is a modern multifunctional calculator. If she is a cook, a set of knives or cooking boards will come in handy. If the seamstress is a new sewing machine.

List of original and inexpensive gifts

Gift in hand

On the shelves you can find almost anything.Sometimes, if there are no ideas, just go to a large supermarket, go through several departments, and gift ideas will appear by themselves. What interesting, useful and inexpensive can we give our mothers?

  1. Items for the kitchen. Tea accessories, cutlery, dishes, potholders, mats and coasters for hot dishes, a kitchen timer, tablecloths and napkins, flower vases, jugs are just a small part of what will please any housewife.
  2. Appliances. It's not so much about expensive and grandiose purchases like a refrigerator or a washing machine, but about small but important electrical appliances in Mom’s house: a new electric kettle, coffee maker, coffee grinder, mixer, slow cooker, bread machine, curling iron, hair dryer, iron, e-book and much more .
  3. If mother is an avid summer resident, then the frosty New Year holidays is the time to remind you of the long-awaited summer and the upcoming summer season. Present a bath kit, massage accessories, a hammock that will comfortably sit on the veranda of a country house, a low bench for convenient work in the garden, a watering can, a set of seeds, a summer cottage inventory, an original wicker basket for going for mushrooms and berries.
  4. A comfortable, practical and inexpensive gifts will be a cozy blanket, bedding, sets for personal care, for example: manicure, massage, cosmetic. By the way, if we talk about cosmetics, eco-cosmetics sets have become fashionable. As a rule, they are more economical, beneficial to health, because they consist exclusively of natural ingredients, and do not harm the environment.

Video ideas

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Original ideas for the New Year 2020

Beautiful toy

If you want to really surprise mom, give an unusual gift.

  1. Soft toy. Someone will say: dust collector! And someone: what a charm! If mom is a fan of big teddy bears, she will surely be glad if one such settles in her bedroom to always remind you of you.
  2. Monthly or annual subscription to the gym, pool, dancing, yoga, massage, creative workshops, computer courses or English courses. It all depends on personal interests.
  3. A one-time subscription to a beauty salon, to a photo shoot, to horseback riding or somewhere else.
  4. Tickets for a concert, movie or theater, ice rink or ice show. It is especially nice if you go with her to the performance.
  5. Holiday ticket or plane or train tickets. Give a trip - she will be grateful for the opportunity you had to relax and escape from the gray everyday life.
  6. Name thing. An apron, a decoration with an engraved name for mom, a chocolate set or a cake with her photo, it all depends on your imagination.

How to make a gift for mom do it yourself

Gift toy

DIY gifts are always enjoyable. Show your imagination: it turns out there are a lot of ideas for DIY gifts!

  1. Something tied or sewn with your hands. By the way, do not rush to declare that you, for example, do not know how to knit. There is a special technique for hand knitting - this does not require any knitting needles or experience. It takes only a couple of hours of patience and thick woolen threads. In this technique, you can knit a cozy three-dimensional scarf, blanket or rug to the bed.
  2. Sweet gift. If you have confectionery abilities - mom will certainly be glad to get a cake, pastries, homemade ice cream, preserves, pies, waffles, anything!
  3. Handmade jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches from beads and other materials. It will be great if you can create some set for existing clothes: a necklace for a dress, earrings and a bracelet for a work suit and so on.
  4. Handmade soap. Homemade soap making is becoming popular due to the simplicity of technology and the huge possibilities.
  5. Do-it-yourself decorative panel, for example, using the patchwork technique.
  6. Photo collage.A personal and pleasant gift: remind your mother about the last joint vacation at sea, about the weekend at the cottage, about a trip to nature or her birthday. Choose the best photos of spending time together, make a collage, come up with a signature, print, paste into a frame, and a truly original gift is ready!
  7. Notepad, diary, handmade calendar. Make out in accordance with the interests of mom, show imagination, put a piece of the soul, and she will certainly appreciate such a sign of attention.
  8. Home-made card, in which you can write congratulatory verses of your own composition.

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The main thing is attention and love

On the eve of the long-awaited New Year and Christmas holidays, remember: the tips and ideas listed are just the technical side of the “what to give” question, because your attention, care and love have always been and will be the most important gift for your mother.

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Spend holidays near her and other loved ones, because no, even the most expensive, fashionable, useful or original gift can not be compared with the usual human warmth and will not replace you and your mother time spent together. Holiday greetings!

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