Why it is impossible to celebrate 40 years - the opinion of the church, astrologers, psychics

When it comes to the fortieth anniversary, birthday people are confused, condemned and surprised by those around them. What's the matter? Why should women and men not celebrate 40 years?

I must say that this is superstition. Each person treats beliefs in his own way. Some are looking for special meaning in superstitions, others believe without reasoning, while others have big doubts about the veracity of accept. But signs for the wedding and other beliefs are still popular.

Even people who do not like to celebrate holidays do not disregard anniversaries. Some organize a big and noisy event, while others gather in the company of close people and friends.

The superstition in question has no scientific side. No one can explain why it is better not to celebrate the fortieth anniversary. Only religion and esoterics will have superficial arguments that reveal the secret of the prohibition. Let's consider the main versions.

  • In the divination on the Tarot cards, the four symbolizes death. The number 40 is absolutely identical to the four in value. This argument is not able to withstand any criticism.
  • The church has a different opinion. If you carefully study the bible, it turns out that many important events have a close relationship with the number 40, but none of them is characterized by a negative color.
  • According to historical postulates, in the old days only the lucky ones lived to the age of forty, which was considered advanced. Therefore, the anniversary was not celebrated so as not to draw attention to old age, indicating the imminent end of life.
  • The most reasonable explanation is that before the age of 40 years was considered a period of rethinking life, which was preceded by the transition of the soul to a different state. According to the belief, the guardian angel leaves a person who has reached the age of forty, since by this moment he had acquired life wisdom. There are no contradictions in this argument. But there is no evidence that jubilee festivities bring disaster.

For unknown reasons, the holiday is associated with misfortunes that differ in significance and meaning. One person pinched a finger, another had an accident, and a third lost a loved one. But such events happen not only after the fortieth birthday. This proves that belief is a terrible force that captures thoughts.

Why women should not celebrate 40 years

Photo of wax candles for 40 years

Women are not recommended to celebrate their 40th birthday, as this is fraught with unpleasant consequences. This is due to the special structure of the body of the beautiful half of humanity.

By the fortieth anniversary, the biorhythms of the body are changing and the menopause is approaching. This is accompanied by the appearance of gray hair and first wrinkles. Changes and health. Depression, stress, manifestations of aggression and irritability become commonplace. These are the "symptoms" of menopause.

It is impossible to avoid this, because the changes in the body are inherent in nature. At the same time, the celebration of the ill-fated anniversary contributes to the deterioration of the female body, which leads to the extinction of vital energy.

Some women doubt the veracity of superstition and safely celebrate their fortieth birthday, as take pictures of sleeping people. Others hesitate to play Russian roulette, because health and life are at stake.

Why you can not celebrate 40 years for men

A man lights sparklers

Celebrating a fortieth anniversary for a woman is fraught with health problems, constant setbacks and a decrease in vital energy.As for men, here we are talking about demise.

The beginning of fear was laid by the famous story of an astronaut who went into Earth orbit after celebrating his fortieth birthday. After the launch, the ship crashed, which led to the sudden appearance of problems. There are many life stories in which men, ignoring the sign, mysteriously die.

According to one version, the fortieth anniversary is the last anniversary that a man will celebrate. A serious illness, for example, california flu. Ancient superstition has no scientific justification, however, numerous coincidences prove that it works. If a man celebrates 40 years, he will release the guardian angel and begin the game with death.

Opinion of the church

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Orthodox people who honor the canons of the church are advised to heed the opinions of church ministers. According to them, the ban on the celebration of the fortieth anniversary is a manifestation of human fear.

Fear people and the figure itself 40, which has a connection with funeral things. 40 days after death, relatives come to the grave of the deceased and order a requiem.

It is noteworthy that the Orthodox Church considers superstition to be nonsense and denies the negative impact of dates on the condition and life of a person.

The clergymen argue that for men, even the celebration of the 33rd birthday, and at that age Christ died, does not cause white pain and suffering, since there is nothing offensive to higher powers. Moreover, the fortieth anniversary is less significant compared to this date.

The Bible describes many events related to 40 years.

  • After the Resurrection, Jesus stayed on the earth for 40 days, kindling hope in the hearts of people.
  • The reign of King David was 40 years.
  • 40 cubits - the width of the Solomon’s temple.

As you can see, not all events are associated with death or negative things. The church considers superstition a sin. Father recommends celebrating every year as a gift from God.

The opinion of astrologers

Astrological calendar in Prague

According to astrologers, the fortieth anniversary is a crisis trait for a person. At this moment, the planet Uranus has a huge impact on life, represented by radical changes and events.

Often people overestimate life values. The negative impact of the planet is often expressed in the form of an accident, crisis, poor financial situation, serious illness or divorce.
Forty-year-old people are influenced by the planet Pluto. It appears as financial difficultiesbankruptcy and health problems.

The end of the fourth decade of life coincides with the square of Neptune to Neptune. A person changes his life priorities, and his actions resemble erratic throwings. Therefore, astrologers recommend celebrating their fortieth anniversary in a calm and quiet atmosphere, so that middle age crisis ended more safely.

Opinion of psychics

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Psychics - Not superstitious people and rely solely on their own strength. At the same time, there are numerous signs received from grandmothers by inheritance, in which they unconditionally believe.

When asked why 40 years cannot be celebrated, psychics refer to numerology. The number 40 does not bear a negative value. Number 4 is a symbol of creation, and 40 symbolizes the transformation of worldview and mind. Therefore, the followers of numerology do not see anything wrong with this.

Esotericists claim that the belief is connected with the mystical properties of the Tarot, where the number 40 symbolizes death. On the ill-fated card there is a letter “M” corresponding to a four.

A lot of things related to the burial of the deceased are connected with this figure. Therefore, it is not recommended to celebrate the date of esotericism. According to them, the afterlife, along with otherworldly forces, is a serious thing. There is no room for frivolity.

If you are superstitious, and unable to refuse to celebrate the fortieth anniversary, I advise you to listen to the following recommendations. They will help to celebrate a birthday well without consequences.

  1. Gather guests for a different reason. Celebrate not the fortieth anniversary, but the completion of the fourth dozen.
  2. Minimize the number of guests. Invite only those who wish well.
  3. Reschedule your birthday for a few days.
  4. Organize a theme party. For example, a masquerade or a holiday in the New Year’s style.

There are many reasons why people believe or not oriental wisdom, superstition and popular beliefs. But the true reason lies within the man himself. Therefore, decide for yourself whether or not to celebrate 40 years. Good luck

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