How to reduce calves on the legs for girls

Beautiful female calves on legs

Continuing a series of articles devoted to body shaping, I’ll tell you how to quickly reduce calf on legs for girls at home. Consider effective exercises, techniques and tips of trainers.

Girls are very worried about how their legs look. Sometimes calves are extremely massive, due to excessive physical training or swelling. Even if the girl lost weight, often calves remain large. As a result, the appearance becomes rude and feminine.

The problem needs a solution, inaction leads to an increase in calves, then you will have to forget about your favorite jeans and a short skirt. The material is devoted to exercises and preventive measures. It is recommended that you exercise regularly, review your habits, and make a number of changes to your diet to balance your leg proportions.

General recommendations

To control the increase in calves and take care of the optimal conditions for reducing the volume, follow a series of general recommendations.

  • First of all, discard uncomfortable shoes, including platform shoes or high heels. Do not wear high lace-up shoes as they lead to swelling and impaired blood circulation. Choosefashion shoeswhich softly fits legs, but does not squeeze.
  • Review food. Eat sweet, greasy, salty, or seasoned foods in moderation. For a while, exclude smoked meats and spicy dishes from the diet, and do not drink water a few hours before bedtime.
  • If you are sitting on a couch or in an armchair with your legs bent, forget about this habit. This posture contributes to swelling of the legs and badly affects blood circulation. The result is large calves and disproportionate legs.
  • To achieve the goal, give up cycling, because such a sport develops calf muscles. From this hobby refuse for a few months until the results appear. If you can’t do without a bike, spend less time in the saddle.
  • Discover the middle ground on foot. You should not refuse completely, otherwise the calves will “sag” and your legs will lose their elasticity and shape. At the same time, walks are extremely useful and help to increase the tone of the body. Walk for 30 minutes a day.
  • Pay attention to aerobics and jump rope training.
  • If you try lose weight, and a decrease in body weight is not accompanied by a decrease in calf volume, slightly reduce the intensity of weight loss. Otherwise, charging will be ineffective, and after leaving the weight, large calves will remain.
  • If you are serious about fighting with bulky calves and visit the gym, temporarily forget about the simulators that helpswing legs. Otherwise, the calf muscles will continue to develop.

Moving towards the goal, observe the measure and remember common sense. Do not forget that beautiful female legs are a combination of graceful lines with a slight increase in volume in the hips, rather than straight sticks.

When doing exercises and performing a set of exercises, which we consider below, try to make a stop in time. Only in this way will you make your legs natural, harmonious and feminine.

How to reduce calf exercises

Exercise to reduce calves

If a girl has wide hips, getting rid of excess fat will help to reduce them. When it comes to bulky calves, complex questions arise. Before reducing calves with exercises, be sure to identify the root cause of the problem. In most cases, it causes overweight, but often contributes to improper weight loss, supplemented by incorrect exercises.

If the calves have increased as a result of constant training, reduce the number of strength exercises to a minimum and switch to exercises focused on muscle stretching. I advise you to use the services yoga instructor.

In the case of bulky caviar caused by excess fat, I recommend starting the process with a diet. By eliminating fatty, sugary, and protein foods from your diet, reduce weight. As a result, the load on the eggs will decrease, which contributes to their increase.

In addition to proper nutrition, carry out exercises aimed at increasing the calf harmony. The complex that I will share consists of exercises for training and stretching.

6 effective exercises

  1. Stand straight, spread your legs to the width of the pelvis, take a breath. As you exhale, climb on toes. At first, twenty repetitions are enough. Over time, increase the number of repetitions to thirty.
  2. Having taken a similar position, slightly extend the feet apart. Transfer body weight to one leg, and bend the other at the knee. After inhalation, rise to the toe of the supporting limb. For each leg, 15 repetitions. Later, increase the number of repetitions to 20.
  3. Using the starting position from the first exercise, point the socks inward, take a breath, and as you exhale, rise to the socks. The number of repetitions is 20, then 30.
  4. Get on your knees, align your back and freely position your hands in front of you. Sit down on the floor in turn in different directions, trying to press your hips tighter to the floor. A minimum of 20 repetitions.
  5. The next exercise will require elevation. Stand on it so that the heels are in a hanging position and do not touch the floor covering. Get on your toes and lower yourself, keeping your back upright. Repeat 20 times. Exercise is used by athletes, muscle trainers.
  6. Put one leg forward, and with your palms rest on your buttocks. Bend the protruding limb at the knee, pushing it forward as far as possible. During subsequent squats, the calf muscle will stretch.

I shared an algorithm for calf reduction exercises. Performing the complex and following the diet, achieve the goal for the quarter. Do not trust people who promise to help solve the problem in a few weeks.

Exercise video

How to reduce calf legs.

After achieving the result, continue to exercise. I recommend including them in the morning exercises, conducted daily. This will consolidate and improve the result.

Other ways to reduce calves

Relaxing calf muscles with massage. It is not necessary to contact a massage therapist. Rub yourself, crush and iron the problem point yourself. To prevent skin damage during the procedure, use oil. After a hard day's work or intensive training, shaking your legs will help relieve tension in your calves.

Pool access and simulator classes. An elliptical trainer or treadmill contributes to the goal. Do not eat immediately after completing a physical or water treatment.

Classes on the elliptical trainer. A sports device improves the aerobic ability of the body. Classes on the simulator are safe for joints and stretch calf muscles, which reduces volume.

Training video

Effective exercises for the calf muscles. How to reduce calves

If you dream of slender legs and neat calves, make friends with aerobics, swimming, an elliptical trainer and a set of exercises. I advise you to pamper your feet with cream, relaxing baths and massage.

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Do not forget that full legs are temporary with due attention.Be patient, follow the tips, and the legs will be perfect in proportion and volume. Good luck

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