How to choose fashionable shoes

Fashion sneakers

The range of stylish models is breathtaking, so to look fashionable, you need to know how to choose the right shoes.

Spring Fashion Shoes Collections

Catchy and defiant shoes are in fashion. The catwalks show amazing images that combine feminine sophisticated clothes with unusual shoes. Shoe products in spring have high and thick heels, straps, fasteners and laces, intense colors and dazzling jewelry.

Let's talk about fashion trends. Guided by this information, you can choose and buy shoes.

  1. Fluted sole. The revolution was made by shoes with grooved soles with a thick heel, which is combined with the platform.
  2. High and thick heels. In the spring, the 80s style, which is characterized by disco shoes, will again become popular. High-heeled sandals and products combining a heel and a platform became the novelty of the season.
  3. Yellow. Designers, developing spring collections, paid special attention to shades of yellow. Sneakers, sandals and shoes of sunny shades will appear on the market.
  4. Lanyards and lacing. Collections consist of models with buckles and straps. Open spring lace-up boots are in fashion.
  5. Figured cutouts. Closed shoes with curly cuts will become the highlight of spring. A woman who dares to purchase such shoes will look original and beautiful.
  6. Snake print. In the spring, floral patterns on shoes and a “snake print” are popular. If you want to look stylish, buy sandals with a thin heel with a pattern that imitates the skin of a python.
  7. Textile inserts. The next trend is textile inserts. In the collections of designers there are beautiful ankle boots with knitted elements. Such shoes will create a charming and individual image.
  8. Royal style. Delicious sandals with shiny elements and jewelry are considered the favorite of the spring season. Such shoes look royal, especially if made of suede brown, black or blue. True, only her can buy millionaire.

I am sure that these tips will help you look fashionable and beautiful in the spring. The main thing is the desire to go shopping.

Summer trends

The summer season is represented by a large number of trends. Some trends deserve attention, which we will talk about. Time does not stand still. One season replaces another.

Designers offer an assortment of patterns and colors, reviving old trends. How do they plan to satisfy the wishes of fashionistas in the summer season?

  1. Lace-up sandals. Relief texture, bright colors, intricate weaving are unusual products from which it is hard to tear your eyes away.
  2. Flat sandals. Beautiful, versatile and comfortable shoes will suit a beauty who likes an active lifestyle and beach holidays. These sandals allow you to walk around the city, forgetting about fatigue and discomfort.
  3. Wedge sandals. Designers have relied on woven sandals. They offer many options. Increase growth and emphasize the harmony of the legs.
  4. Sparkling shoes. Metallic materials have been successful in the fashion industry. Designers prefer gold and silver, azure and burgundy shades.
  5. Shoes with straps. Thin straps are at the head of the list of stylish decors. They adorn the sole or gracefully grab the ankle.In some models, these elements are repeated.
  6. Sporty style. Summer models are characterized by contrasting inserts, woven leather, unusual shades and metallic fittings. The jewelry is represented by mother-of-pearl leather, pony fur and a checkered print.
  7. Heeled shoes. Heel is always relevant. He makes shoes feminine and stylish. Numerous models are available to fans of the massive and contrasting heel.
  8. Pointed toe shoes. In summer, shoes with a long toe are in fashion. Designers presented a series of exquisite products.
  9. Shoes with a bow. The little bow that adorns the shoes looks naive and flirty. Thanks to this element, the designers created romantic and playful shoes. Usually the bow is located on the ankle or in the area of ​​the toe.
  10. Metal gamut. Actual chrome, copper and other metals. Shades that shine in the sun are in trend. Shoes made in such a color scheme are combined with divine robes - formal dresses.
  11. Bright shoes. The classics are appropriate, but in the summer season only catchy shades achieved attention. Intensive paints are considered relevant - green, burgundy, sand, yellow.
  12. Sewing. Products from mesh materials, decorated with sewing. Shoes with ribbons, inserts and twine will go on sale.
  13. Slippers Imagine a summer without slippers? Unreal. They are used as casual or beach shoes. For decoration, designers used buckles, flowers, feathers and fringe.

Summer shoes are striking in variety. Any fashionista will pick up stylish shoes and complement the summer look.

How to choose autumn shoes

In the fall season, shoe trends will continue to amaze with a variety of styles. In the fall, cult and classic models will remain relevant.

  1. Chelsea Classic shoes from the 60s. It used to be used for horse riding, now it is present in all collections of shoe brands. Complement the usual office outfit, shorts, dress, jeans.
  2. Treads Designers offer an interesting option - low-heeled boots with a pointed toe. They are combined with voluminous dresses, sweaters and coats.
  3. Biker boots. Rough shoes, combined with various clothes - white T-shirts, leather leggings and other elegant clothes.
  4. Jockey style. Boots in this style are classic. They are combined with strict jeans, shirts, jackets, a poncho and tops. Such shoes are not ashamed to wear even on New Years corporate party.
  5. Pointy Ankle Boots. If I'm not mistaken, we already tried to fit it into the evening wardrobe. This time I propose to consider them as an alternative to pointed boats. They are combined with jeans and tight trousers.
  6. Suede boots. Boho-chic style boots are a trend of the fall season. Hollywood stars appreciated the presented shoe trend. Wearing boots is recommended with a leather jacket and leather leggings. Do not disregard silk dresses and accessories.

Fashionable shoes in autumn are presented in a more modest assortment than spring or summer counterparts. But to create an image, the listed options are enough.

We choose the right winter shoes

It is customary to choose summer shoes by design, and serious demands are made on the choice of winter. In the cold season, you have to deal with slush, frost and damp. Designers know this, therefore, when creating shoe novelties, they were guided by this. The result is a bright and stylish shoe that can be protected from the whims of winter, even if you meet New Year in China.

Let's talk about fashion trends.

  1. Designers have paid maximum attention to convenience. This fashion trend is tracked in all winter shoes, whether it be boots, boots or ankle boots.
  2. If you like an elegant style, don't be upset. The heel-column is relevant. He will make the image confident and feminine.
  3. Winter is accompanied by slush, snow and ice. Therefore, the height of the heel varies between 5-16 centimeters. If the lower threshold is practical, the upper bound is extreme.
  4. Not ignored and stilettos. You cannot call it comfortable, however, stylish boots are present in the wardrobe of all fashionistas. Some girls highlight the beautyrather than leg safety.
  5. If you like originality, shoes with a non-standard form of heels are what you need. Only a brave girl will buy models with sloping heels. There is no beauty without sacrifice. The highest level of shocking is considered to be heeled shoes that resemble screws.
  6. Even the shape of the wedges received a number of changes. Previously, it was made cast and solid, now with holes, gaps and jumpers.
  7. If you are a fan of elegant shoes, the designers have prepared for you boots that will make the image sexy.
  8. Stocking boots and wide-legged models remain relevant. Such shoes are made of leather, suede, satin and velvet.
  9. The decoration is represented by embroidery, rivets, lacing and straps, fringe, inserts and decorative elements.
  10. Regarding color solutions, I will say that they deserve special attention. Stylists preferred burgundy, emerald, purple and bright red shades.

Fashionable winter shoes are diverse and shocking.

What shoes are always in fashion

The most common women's shoes are shoes. Usually they are worn in spring and autumn, but they are also suitable for the summer season, especially if it is not hot outside.

What kind of shoes are recommended to wear? I propose to consider fashionable styles, to pay attention to the color scheme and the materials from which women's shoes are made. This is enough to get an idea of ​​fashionable models.

Colors and shades

  1. At the top of the list are noble, restrained and calm shades. In a period when there is still no heat on the street, such shoes are relevant.
  2. The standard colors are brown, gray and black. Do not cheated with love and burgundy tones.
  3. Some fashionistas will not surprise you with such colors. Knowing this, designers delight them with silver, mustard, blue and olive shoes. Black and white - a classic, without which nowhere.
  4. For summer shoes, printomania remains relevant, and for spring and autumn, monophonic options or models combining several colors are suitable.
  5. Fashion designers offer models in a metallic shade. Some products imitate animalistic textures - imitation of snake and leopard skin.

We figured it out. Switch to materials.


  1. On top of the leadership is smooth leather with classic suede, textiles, patent leather and rubber. The decoration is represented by a fur trim, polyurethane and plastic.
  2. Stylists adhere to minimalism, but some festive shoes are decorated with velvet, gold embroidery, rhinestones and a scattering of precious stones.
  3. For the decor of everyday shoes use metal elements. The main trend is the combination of materials in one model with respect to contrast.


Finally, I will consider popular styles. Fashionable shoes from fresh collections are distinguished by geometry, design, sensuality and outrageous.

  1. Laconic forms have high-heeled pumps with a closed toe. Not without original innovations, including heels, screws and an open cape.
  2. A striking alternative to such shoes is shoes on a low run. This model has a dark color, the original finish made by clasps and straps.
  3. There are no shoes with a zipper in the collections. Straps are present in all collections. At the same time they fasten in front, side, or behind.
  4. Designers tried to reanimate pointed shoes. Elegant slippers with sharp toes are in fashion. The highlight of the season was the finish of the toe in different colors, which enhances the emphasis.

Global shoe brands have worked hard to present a stylish assortment of shoes. For each fashionista, a “shoe” is provided to taste.

Shoes are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is everyday, smart, classic, mischievous or elegant. Getting lost in colors, materials and styles is easy.

In the article, I talked about how to choose fashionable shoes in order to make the image unique and stylish. Good luck

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